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  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   5 years 41 weeks ago

    A curious little story this with a lot to recommend it and a few parts that left me scratching my head in bewilderment.

    I liked:

    ·         That the story didn’t ignore the departure of Susan and that the Doctor was shown to suffer some kind of emotional fallout

    ·         Vicki, for the most part, but I have yet to really see what makes her different from Susan: both young, both slightly out of phase with the twentieth century. Still Maureen O’Brien does a good turn.

    ·         The cliff-hangers – both of them were great and I love it when one story segues directly into the next.

    ·         I rather liked the Koquillion look and the theme to the appearance of the aliens on Dido or was the mask supposed to be a representation of the ‘sandy’ creature?

    ·         Bennett’s reason for doing what he did – it was believable and, therefore, helped the story to ring true.

    Head scratching moments:

    ·         Why have a mystery story when there are only two suspects (one of whom you know will be joining the regular cast)

    ·         The Doctor knocks on Bennett’s door, hears Bennett tell him not to come in and responds by breaking the door down for no apparent reason. ??!!

    ·         Who were the two guys at the end – were they survivors from the planet? Where did they suddenly appear from? I thought at first that they were some kind of effect of the judgement room, that it brought out the guilt from those judged there – manifested the victims physically. But then I saw them ripping up the control panels at the end and realised I was wrong. Preferred my idea.

    Still good to see a new companion – the first of many and nice to break the historical/scifi pattern by having two scifi stories in a row. 7 out of 10: Enjoyable but really not on a par with the previous story.

    Now, I can finally go back and start reading Doctor Whoovie’s posts!

  • Live from .........   5 years 41 weeks ago

    Live from ................

    Captain Jack's Body Bag

    a lump of concrete

    the 456 'guild pilots tank' on Dune in Thames House. (was there a tocliphane with a body in there too?)


  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    Because John Fay wrote it?

  • Live from .........   5 years 41 weeks ago

    … from the 456 tank in Thames House.

    … from the smouldering ruins of the Torchwood Hub.


  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago


    P.S. What became of the Weevils? Did they all perish in their holding cells when the Torchwood hub exploded? They are still some roaming the streets I suppose. Not that I am missing them by any means.

    It would appear after the destruction of the Hub that all the weevels are being effectively contained in the 'Poll' Section of the Gallifreyan Embassy. Laughing



  • Primeval being axed?   5 years 41 weeks ago

    I think that the question mark in the Primeval has been cancelled headlines comes from the fact that ITV are not commissioning a new series, however since they don't own the show and it has been relatively successful, there is a chance another channel may pick it up. SKY? BBC?

    I am watching it on America, so still have a few episodes of Season 3 to watch. I would say that it is successful in certain ways (e.g. my wife watches it religiously, and she HATES Doctor Who and Torchwood) in a similar manner that she loved Voyager but hated everything else Star Trek.

    My comment would be for the third season, is that to many of the original cast have dissappeared to quickly (in unrelated incidents) and I am losing my vestment in the team. No Steven, No Nick, No Claudia/Jenny. The only thing that makes me tune in is some resolution about whatever Helen is up to. Unfortunately I think that this will be as illusive as the underlying alien conspiracy in the X-files. 

  • From the Beginning: The Second Doctor   5 years 41 weeks ago

    I amonly two episodes into 'the highlanders' so far. Too much fantastic Torchwood to watch this week.
    I am enjoying it, reminds me a little of 'the romans' in terms of 'farce' and has the added bonus that Kirsty is  played by Hannah Gorden.
    As you say the Doctor is up to slap stick playing a German and a 'old lady' so far. The bit where he overcame Grey was good, but then so was the other farcical part where Polly and Kirsti overcome Ffinch when they lure him into falling in the pit (Though I'm a little confused how the girls suddenly managed to get out the pit after having been stuck there for quite some time). Jamie hasn't really stood out yet, but there's time enough left, I guess. Two episodes to go, probably catch them tonight or tomorrow.


  • Mawdryn Undead   5 years 41 weeks ago


    A few notes before the main thing: once again Nyssa and the Doc leave the TARDIS doors open TWICE in this story. Turlough has one moment of greatness here as he is laughably impressed by the Doctor's skill. other than that he's a terror and a terrible companion. The Doc does have his hands full with all that's going on in this story but still, he should have noticed how awful Turlough is. The Brig, Nyssa and Tegan do. The two Brigs meeting and solving the problem for the Doctor is interesting, however conveient. As the Doctor said briefly, perhaps all this is being influenced by some cosmic ---uhh, influence. Certainly not the Black Guardian? I mean he wouldn't want the two Brigs to meet and solve this as he so much as says to Turlough. The BG communcation thing is cracked is it? I guess that meant Turlough thought he would be free of the BG, the BG being pretty effective visually if not as a villain who can't do anything himself, besides blustering to Turlough that he will destroy them all...he really can't. His face in the painting is interesting as is his takeover of Turlough's dream earlier in the story.

    I don't really get all the technobabble as to why Nyssa  and Tegan should age and more inappropriately why they should go back to their younger selves. I used to think this rined the story and in doesn't as I watched it recently. In fact, the entire thing is not as bad as I recall save it does get a bit confusing. The Brig, at one point, is on his way back to Earth in the transmat. I guess he decided to return himself to the ship.

    Ahh yes the Ship. When watching this, this time, I thought this is what the TARDIS should look like...all luxury and equipment mixed together rather than just bland white walls with roundels. I mean I like th TARDIS in and out but this ship is really nice and the TARDIS should like more like this inside and bigger than it is now. I also tend to think of the ship from the movie version of HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, a nice white, comfortable ship.

    Anyway the Doc is willing to give up everything for Nyssa and Tegan and even the Brig. He does forget and leave Turlough on the ship, that's ready to blow up...did I miss something or did that auto destruct come on without anyone knowing about it except Tegan later on or were we the viewers given some advance notice of it? If not, that's bad. We should have had some idea and the tension would increase. If yes, then I just didn't hear it or missed it somehow. Either way, too bad Turlough didn't get blown up. I guess they were going for a comparision to EARTHSHOCK's ending.  Even Tegan felt they had to get Turlough off there. But to leave the Brig flat on his back in 1977 on the grass is a bit...stupid for Nyssa and the Doc to do.

    I'm not sure there's much more that could have been added to this story but for some reason I felt more drama could have been gotten out of the Brig's nervous breakdown thing or Turlough's just coming on board but maybe not? 

    Well, watching it this time, I realize the story is not as terrible as I thought it was. There are a alot of badlly placed musical cues. I don't think Mawdryn and his crowed are terrible theats but I'm VERY glad they are not rampaging monsters with laser weapons again nor mutant creatures as the script keeps saying they are and the others say they are. Basically they are mutated humanoids  but not monsters in the DALEK-CYBERMAN sense, thank goodness. For that this is  a nice change of pace and DW should do this kind of thing more often it seems. I guess looking at back then, made me angry that the Doctor would "sacrifice" everything for Tegan and Nyssa and never even batted an eyelash to go back and help Adric off the freighter. Then he takes on Turlough as if he helped a great deal. 

    The Doc's a jerk.      

  • 'Wet' Your Appetite for The Waters of Mars   5 years 41 weeks ago

    I found the same clip on Digital Spy yesterday.

    I put a link to the digital spy story in this thread:


    I also mention that the name of the creature is called 'the flood'.


    If the youTube link goes, you have this as a back-up.

  • Primeval being axed?   5 years 41 weeks ago

    I didnt know about this - and (even including it's faults), I thoroughly enjoyed Primeval. That said; I've still not seen the conclusion to series 3.

    I remember Mad4plaid once described Primeval as a guilty pleasure. Whilst I absolutely know what she meant, I thought it didnt do a lot of the individual episodes true justice.  

    Given the fact they killed off the central figure in the last series (and replaced him with Jason Flemying no less), I'm even more surprised.

    That's very sad news.


  • From the Beginning: The Second Doctor   5 years 41 weeks ago

    I'm anxious to know what you think of the HIGHLANDERS. TBH I loved the novel when I read it but I think that the novel took out a lot of the slapstick, the so called humor, and the silliness of it and accentuated the action, the violence and the death. In fact, in the novel I believe Jamie knives the main baddie down by stabbing him in the stomach and then dumping his body over into the water. The tv ep has the baddies dumped in the water and they either drown or swim away, frankly it sounds like they swam away. I also read the archive in the DW magazine, then called Monthly I think and this sounded great.

    The reconstruction and the audio were not so much. I can't understand why. THe Doctor goes undercover with much slapstick and perhaps for once for me there is too much slapstick, too much humor and it's all just...sort of there. Both Ben and Polly have much to do but again, none of it is terribly memorable. Ben gets captured along with the Scottish prisoners including Jamie (who really does almost nothing here so I can't imagine why they took him on as a regular companion), gets dunked in the water  as punishment, gets away again...Polly goes through her own comedic storyline forcing a British soldier to do what she wants...none of it is interesting though and I found myself falling asleep watching this. Usually the Recons get me more into a story, this one just didn't.

    Overall I found this one the weakest of the Troughton stories without even the so-bad-it's -fun of THE UNDERWATER MENACE (which I like a lot despite what everyone else says about it). Yes, I wanted to like THE HIGHLANDERS more than I did but I really can't. The basic overall set up in ep1 is very, very good and Troughton's Doctor is very unusual in this, with that long hat, a pipe maybe? and his coat and his blatant refusal to see the danger as danger in this. His joy at being reconnected with his companions, especially Polly is someting that can't be contained though and he's really very good. He also makes some points for banging a bad guy's head on a table, although I dn't know if the bad guy is really that bad a guy.

    I can't wait to see or rather read what you think of this one. I supposed wiht the location stuff it might be good.       

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   5 years 41 weeks ago

    - Ian 16             - Zoe 14                   - Romana I 9          - Barbara 11  
    - Donna 15         
    Vicki 4                   - The Brigadier 21     - Stephen 5 (-2)
    - Jo Grant 20 (+1)- Tegan 3
                     - Victoria 8             
    - Polly 3             
    - Sarah Jane 19  
    - Ben 6                    Harry 18               - Jamie 21               
    Leela 18  


    18. Liz                   19. Nyssa               20. Captain Jack     21. K9 
    22. Rose                23. Peri                  24. Ace                 25. Martha
    26. Turlough           27. Romana II        
    28. Mickey            29: Adric
    30. Susan               
    31: Grace               32: Dodo              33: Mel


  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    This has just been a sensational 4 days so far!

    I think Torchwood really got going in series 2 - but this is step up again.

    I love the way we're being introduced to a dark issue in Jack's past. And on the subject of Jack, whatever I may feel about him when he's not on Torchwood or Doctor Who (I find John Barrowman quite irritating), Captain Jack is one of the best characters in the whole history of Who.

    Also (& I've not been here for a while, so I've no idea if anyone has mentioned something similar yet) I wouldnt be surprised if there was very special surprise guest in edisode 5.


    Fantastic wonderful stuff.

    I hope it's ending matches it's build-up.....

  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    True that... and what happened to Myfanwy? (the Dinosaur)

    I'll be sad if she died too T_T

  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    Not made by me.... this pretty much sums up what most of the young female Torchwood fan community is saying right now.

    Yes I know he didn't write this particular episode, but the decision would of been his to make.

    This is the first time ever I've ever cried watching anything, actual physical, vocal, painful, crying.


    I recorded myself watching this episode, in case anything like this happened, so if you want to hear what a fangirl's heart breaking sounds like RTD, allow me to send it too you.

    I can't think, I don't know what I throught of this episode, a part of me wants to give this a 1, simply because of killing Ianto but any story that moves me so much deserves a 5.

    I have nothing to say about this episode... I simply can't and don't want to think about it anymore, my heart has broken.

  • 'Wet' Your Appetite for The Waters of Mars   5 years 41 weeks ago

    Also see the BBC One Autumn Showreel on the site. It contains some more quick clips from The Waters of Mars.

  • American Accents   5 years 41 weeks ago

    ITs more easy than British.

    Information about different types of insurance services offered and links to other company sites.


  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    I actually felt that this was the weakest episode so far, at least the first half hour. But, having said that, I can't wait until tomorrow!

  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    I want to say great episode, because it was, but at the moment (writing quite literally five minutes after I finished the episode) I'm still in shock and haven't quite recovered yet. RTD's got a thing about breaking our hearts, I think he likes it. What did I say about the universe making me a liar? I know, don't say it. I'm just going to go sob in a corner for the next three years now. See you at the 12/12 apocalypse.

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 3 'Day Three'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    Re: Ianto, I REALLY doubt it, considering I don't think Torchwood could survive on just Jack & Gwen, as much as I love Torchwood. However, the universe has a way of making me a liar, and if it does happen I'll join you and sob like a baby! D:


  • Children of Earth DVDs in the wild?   5 years 41 weeks ago

    That is sucky.


  • My dac100 YouTube site hi-jacked by aliens!   5 years 41 weeks ago

    Classic! Thanks for the "warning" -- Looking forward to it, mate.


  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    Wow is all I have to say. I can't believe this one ended the way it did. I know I had a few tears. No matter what people say about RTD's writing with the last couple of seasons of Doctor Who this proves he still has high quality stuff in him. Hopefully he keeps it up for the end of his Doctor Who tenure. With the way things have gone I really hope this isn't the end of Torchwood, I know I'm itching for more now than the five episodes they are giving us this year.

  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    It was nice to see Nick 'voice of the Daleks and Mr Big Finish' Briggs playing a cabinet member (Rick Yates) too!

    Yes, I was delighted to see Nick Briggs as well. Good to see him on screen, speaking with his own voice.


  • [SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'   5 years 41 weeks ago

    Wow. Yet another triumphant episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth! Day Four puts you back on the edge of your seat, I position I was last in with Day Two.

    Unfortunately, I had to remove myself from the Twitter stream until I saw it because of spoilers on the loose. Even those tweeting about spoilers on Twitter are just as bad as those doing the spoiling in the first place!

    So I knew something was up for one particular character ahead of time. Not the nitty gritty details, but enough to guess what was coming.

    Be that as it may, it was still a thrilling episode. So far the whole mini-series is very theatrical.

    My only real problem with this episode was the Government giving in too quickly. I know that was the point in painting them to be weak self-serving no-back-bone politicians, but it would had been nice to see at least a few wanting to fight the threat before giving in so quickly. What did Zod say in Superman II? Ah yes, "No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly." I felt they all did kneel too quickly here.

    Still, a fantastic episode in the story. It all concludes tomorrow, with Day Five. Looking forward to it.


    P.S. What became of the Weevils? Did they all perish in their holding cells when the Torchwood hub exploded? They are still some roaming the streets I suppose. Not that I am missing them by any means.

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