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  • A message to the fanbase from Torchwood CoE Day Three writer, James Moran   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Oh, and James' episode was my favorite of the week!

  • A message to the fanbase from Torchwood CoE Day Three writer, James Moran   8 years 10 weeks ago

    ... all the threats and hate-speak. It's a fictional TV show people. If you can't understand that, you have problems. Sure, some of the things that happened made me upset, but to me that's what made it such a great season. The fact that it was challenging, engaging, and even upsetting shows how great the scripts were, to me at least.

  • ENLIGHTENMENT   8 years 10 weeks ago


    Another bloody awesome episode. Turlough continues to impress after last ep even if here, he's a bit of a cowardly villain again, turning in Jackson and the mutiny plot. He's at last taking a stand against the Black Guardian, even if it is suicide. Striker and his officiers are bloody good "villains" who are not villains and Eternals who are bored (not a new idea in general but still interestingly plotted out here) are a new idea to DW which is full of savaging invading monsters and powerful energy beings etc. The effects are adequate. Mariner remains to be a great ally/alien being. The callousness of the death of the humans as felt by Striker and Mariner is interesting. Only the Black Guardian gets a bad scene and that's short and his laughter is just laughable, "Nyah nyah nyah,"  he says and vanishes. But even he can't ruin this story. The deck sequences are well done and the cliffhanger exicting. What more is there to say? Davison is marvelous as he tells off Striker, the Venus episode is well done, the ship exploding adding another layer to the mystery, and the prize not yet known. Added to that the taking of the TARDIS and this Doctor once again underestimating his adversary...and another sterling performance by Janet Fielding...she's just wonderful in this and seeing this, I wish she could continue well into the future. It's amazing how good she is and good she makes Tegan. Now that Nyssa's gone, the regulars are just acting up a storm. Truly well done.    

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Thanks.  This is what I was trying to say, but your words are much more elloquent.

  • A message to the fanbase from Torchwood CoE Day Three writer, James Moran   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Whether I liked how things turned out or not, I thought the story was brilliant and certainly kept me interested. 

    I do continue to worry about fans of anything making violent statements to those involved in the process, whehter its writers of a TV show or the manager/owner/coach of a sports team.  Recently, the regents of the University of North Dakota voted to change their mascot.  Most received personal, violent threats regarding this action. 

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    I never said that happy endings do not have a place. Of course they do. It would be dreadful if every dramatized story ended the same way, be it positive or negative.

    While Torchwood is a spin off of Doctor Who, it is not Doctor Who, it is Torchwood. It was always meant to be post-watershed show aimed at an adult audience. While both are science fiction series and live in the same universe with cross-over characters, yet they stand on their own with their own identities and as their own shows in their own right.

    Much like the case was with the Lou Grant show being a spin-off of the Mary Tyler Moore Show (or Trapper John, M.D. being a spin-off of M*A*S*H). Both shows centered around characters in the news business (or medicine). One character/actor starred in both series. Though they are very different shows. While I am sure it shared some of the same audience, I am also sure that some of their respective audience was unique to their respective series. The same could be said about Torchwood and Doctor Who as well. Or for that matter, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who.

    So I disagree, a dark ending for Torchwood is quite appropriate for Torchwood. Hell, it would be quite appropriate for Doctor Who as well at times. Take it from me, life is not full of happy endings all the time. There is no reason why that can't be reflected at times on "family television" as well. I would say perhaps it doesn't happen often enough on Doctor Who, though it does happen from time to time with stories such as Earthshock and The Girl in the Fireplace for example.

    In life, there will be times when choices will have to be made which comes down to choosing the lesser of two or more "evils" sometimes. Do you keep your family member on life support, unresponsive with a horrible quality of life or do you agree not to resuscitate them? Sometimes there are no happy endings, just endings. Or endings that are less painful than others.

    In the end, television and film for me is art and escapism. I wouldn't want every story to be dark, but at the same time, it can't all be living happily ever after all the time either. The heroes can't always win, where's the drama in that, there has be at sense that we could loose a character, there may be consequences. Torchwood: Children of Earth is an example of that.

    I am also not saying that it is impossible to find this in American productions, no at all.. just look at the recent re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, though that could be argued that it was too dark, too often. I got tired watching Jericho for same reason... I want to escape the darkness of my life for sure with the entertainment I choose to digest. But with that said, it can't be all lemonade either.


  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    I'm sorry I just have to throw my two cents in on what Frobisher did. I think it's too simple to call him a "bad" or "good" person for what he did. I think it's more accurate to say he was just a man, a human being doing what he thought was best. As viewers I think it's easier to sit back and judge him saying that if only he had fought back his family would have been ok. But he knew nothing about what was going on with Torchwood and Jack at the time. He had just been told point blank to give up his children or they would forciably be taken. Here is a man who knows the resources that can be used to track down those who are running from the government. And with what was going on at the time everyone was desperate to just get rid of the 456 and also cover their own butts. Frobisher was a man backed into a corner and he saw no hope. He didn't want his kids to suffer under the 456 and he saw there was little that could be done if he tried to fight back. Knowing what he did at the time he thought it was the best. So I don't think he is somebody who needs to be judged for what he did but somebody you just need to feel sorry for because of his fate.

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago


    although your agruement is good, it should be remembered that both Donna and the Doctor knew that Pompei would be destroyed by Vesuvius. The Doctor had already told Donna that they couldn't save the people (help them flee etc). What turned that story on its head was the point that the Doctor had to make the event occur through action. The time line was already established and the alternative was even grimmer.


  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    I hated you.

    Thanks for proving me right.

  • Russell T Davies In-Route to America; Torchwood Future Uncertain   8 years 10 weeks ago

    The notion that the BBC needs to check the ratings is laughable. But then, the way the BBC operates in general is pretty laughable.

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    I agree with you, Louis, that is true. However, STAR WARS did end, the entire three part thing, on  a happy note. And yes, some stories do end horribly and tha'ts okay but TW was relentlessly ending on downers almost every story and that's not okay IMO for me personally. ANd for a spinoff of DW it's most inapprorpriate IMO

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    r u talking TW here? That's probably true for Torchwood ( I do pretty much hate everything about TW) but I don't get more angry about EVERYTHING (again DW wise or TW?) or all and I don't get knickers in a twist at everything....and I don't hate everything "That much"...just TW maybe...

    As for DW I've already gone through how much I like vs how much I hate. I like:

    all of season 1 except for the second Adam story

    all of season 2 except for NEW EARTH

    all of season 3 except for DALEKS IN MANHATTAN/part2 AND the last two Master episodes

    all of season 4 except for PARTNERS IN CRIME/ STOLEN EARTH/JOURNEY'S END

    as for the Xmas specials I only like CHRISTMAS INVASION but all of the others have some good moments with the exception of PLANET OF THE DrEAD. NEXT DOCTOR is pretty bad too but love the opening moments with the xmas feel to it.

    I like almost every Sarah Jane Smith episode.

    I hate almost all of TW (like the Whale ep though). 

    Yes I also HATE TIME CRASH and that special done on Barrowman's show

    and I hate the crap 2 min skit on that comedy show on SHOWTime, ( can't recall the name of it)


    SO yeah I hate alot but I think if you count, I actually like more than I hate


  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Chase why do you even bother?

    You seemingly get your knickers in a twist at everything that ever happens, most people either ignore you or fight you, and then you just get more angry about it all!

    For god sake - I'm all in favour of opinions and I don't think it's a rule you have to follow the majority of opinions expressed (on the contrary), but when you seemingly hate EVERYTHING so much......

  • CIA Info & Updates   8 years 10 weeks ago

    CIA - in 70 mins - POSSIBLE CHANGE to Open mic topic!

    If people in the room are happy to ie. have SEEN it - we might cover Torchwood 'Children of Earth'

    Cheers, daveac


  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    I hated your Godless, heaven less, there is no paradise or redemption universe right frm the beginning. I hated Owen who never gave a damn about Tosh or ...anybody really execpt his getting off...I hated Tosh's cowardly ways and groveling ways, I hated Gwen's using Rhys and her selfishness, partially redeemed now, I hated Gwen's saying she was going to abort, I hated Ianto's non peronsality,  I hated Jack's callous attitude toward love and his leaving em all the time and his stupid way of dealing with things off the cuff...if at all...I hated Ianto's and Jack's bi sexuality because, although bi is fine, RTD's reluctance to make a good gay character and stick with him being gay was annoying. I hated your dark depressing endings where the guest stars die, no one seems happy, and the team is not with each other mentally or emotionally. Most of all I hated how you were a part of the DW Universe, turning what is a sometimes down show wiht a mostly optimistic outlook into a gutter sewer show of death, nonfaith, and evil. Goodbye for riddance TW, I hope you are never brought back and I hope the novels, audios, and comics for TW all end and never return. Goodbye TW, I had high hopes for your stay in one spot setting and was seen to have those hopes dashed with boring stories, cold characters, ripped off plots, and gut tearing deaths and destruction and little else. Goodbye forever, may you nver be allowed to kill another child character again.  May you never "grace" another DW story be it televised, comicbook ized, novelized, etc. Goodbye and stay dead like the dead do on your show...please don't come back as a zombie...I hated you.    

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Re the naysaying; I'd LOVE to feel about day 5 the same way I felt about days 1-4. And it isn't that I dont think it was any less spectacular, well produced, acted etc. I just didnt like the way it's story panned out.

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    I didnt mention it in either of the posts I've made (and I meant to) - but the whole selection process for the children reminded me of World War II and the Nazis and Jews.

    I've no idea, but I suspect that was the aim of the writers/producers. A sort of Sophie's Choice scenario.....

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   8 years 10 weeks ago

    - Ian 16             - Zoe 14            - Romana I 9          - Barbara 10 
    - Donna 15         
    - Vicki 1 (-2)     - The Brigadier 22   
    - Stephen 4
    - Jo Grant 20       - Tegan 3
             - Victoria 8              
    - Sarah Jane 20 
    - Ben 3               Harry 18         - Jamie 23 (+1)       Leela 18  

    17: Polly
    18. Liz                   19. Nyssa               20. Captain Jack     21. K9 
    22. Rose                23. Peri                  24. Ace                 25. Martha
    26. Turlough           27. Romana II        
    28. Mickey            29: Adric
    30. Susan               
    31: Grace               32: Dodo              33: Mel

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    My friends and I sat and watched all five hours last night (it was only supposed to be three and then the next two today, but we couldn't leave it there).  I think the first three eps were the strongest; but when the fifth ep went to credits, we all just sat and stared at the screen for a long time.

    HOw can they bring this show back after this?  It was all brilliant, don't get me wrong, but its like they brought the show to BBC One to kill it off. 

    After reading the comments above, I wanted to just add a few thoughts:

    I don't think Frobisher was a coward when he killed his family: that was the strongest move he made the entire show.  He was a coward when he covered up the actions of the gov't in 1965, "killed" off the people who could help and did not involve UNIT in the problem from the start.  At the end, I really believe he thought all was hopeless and he saved his family from what really was a fate worse than death.  If he had taken other action earlier, it may have turned out differently, but he did not see a choice at that moment.

    The lady on the Gold Committee (wasn't that what the PMs committee was called?) turned out to be one of the evilest people in the room.  Yes, the PM was a piece of work.  But it was she who wanted to protect her own and get rid of the lower 10% (sort of a "not one of us" mentality), and in the end, when Spears lets the PM know he's in deep doo-doo, she all the sudden decides that she'll be leading the government from the shadows?  She was just as guilty as the PM - what right did she have to take the high-road?  Scheming Opportunitst.

    Jack's daugher told us from the start that he was dangerous, that she kept his grandchild away from him for just that reason.  It is so sad when your worst fears are realized.

    Again, while I don't know how Torchwood can come back from this, I hope we haven't seen the last of the tortured soul that is Jack Harkness. 

  • Does anybody else think...   8 years 10 weeks ago

    They're waiting for a bus.

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Who else is sick and tired of all the naysaying towards Torchwood right now? 

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Don't know quite what to think about this part other than, my god it was grim.
    Call me silly, but I like dark sci fi, but this was well and above dark, especially for Torchwood... and if this is the end of the series, frack, I don't want to end with such a depressing ending.
    I loved Torchwood, I really really did, not for the storylines, because let's face it they were very often bad, but it was the characters that made me love this show.
    I loved all the characters, I had my favourites of course (Jack and Ianto mostly, as well as Rhys, PC Andy and Gwen to some extent) so to have their stories end like this, I feel very very depressed.

    Alot of Torchwood fans wish they hadn't seen this series... as brilliant as it was.

    I wasn't expecting even a remotely happy ending after Ianto died, but I seriously felt so so bad for Jack in this whole episode and that just looking at him made me want to cry.

    First Ianto died (which was essentially his fault), then he had to say goodbye to Gwen (for the first time), sacrifice his grandson, and also essential lose his daughter forever.

    It was too too much pain and angst to put on one man, that watching him was painful... but some of that was all down to John Barrowman's performance in this, which was bloody brilliant.

    So... I really don't know what to think of this series, it was brilliant, but I'm almost in the camp where I wished I haven't seen it, as a Torchwood fan... it's broken my heart, and it's going to take me a while to get over it.



  • Russell T Davies In-Route to America; Torchwood Future Uncertain   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Meanwhile Kai Owen (Rhys Williams in Torchwood) has said the following in an article appearing in the Coventry Telegraph (11 July 2009):

    "I think anything Russell T Davies does is genius but fans can be assured that Doctor Who has been left in very capable hands."

    "As Russell created Torchwood, he will be staying with that, as far as we know."

    "Like the fans out there, I cannot wait to see what Steven Moffat and Matt Smith bring to us in the next series of Doctor Who next year."

    Source: Torchwood star excited for new Doctor Who - Coventry Telegraph

  • Russell T Davies In-Route to America; Torchwood Future Uncertain   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Why am I suddenly reminded of Monty Python's Holy Grail? All I can see it 'RUN AWAAAAY RUN AWAAAAAY!'

    Mind you, I can't blame him.  All those rabid Ianto fans are enough to make you want to cower behind your sofa, without the help of the Cybermen.

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Euros Lyn did a wonderful job directing Children of Earth. It was consistent and helped to really tie the entire story together. There may have been a few things I may had done differently, but all minor stuff really.

    Kudos to him and the production team as a whole.


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