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  • [POSSIBLE SPOILER] Retro Console Room & Ep 1 Villain?   5 years 50 weeks ago

    Well it doesn't suprise me about RTD revealing something but perhaps he's not as GONE as everyone thinks he is and is doing things from the supposed sidelines. Who knows? Frankly I hope they bring back the Hartnell Console Room, it was big and best. One thing I always HATED about the new show is the console room. I like the console but hate the console room: it just is so ...I dunno, boring. I also hate how the TARDIS interior is underused. Daleks? What again? Is my thing. Also: they were so wimpy in JOURNEY'S END, why bother? And not only that, they killed only people, besides Harriet, who were underplayed, underscripted and what did that matter? I also hope TORCHWOOD is cancelled. It's an awful show with awful messages and if RTD is totally out of the DW universe for now until his writer's block leaves, I'll be happy.

    Another thing that wn't surprise me is if we hear very soon that Bessie will be making an apperance...and Romana and the Rani and.. 


  • State of Decay   5 years 50 weeks ago


    The DVD text tells us how this ep has lowest ratings of the season and in general the season had lower ratings than last season. This is a shame as this ep is really very good and well done and deserved better ratings. In fact, with FULL CIRCLE, the season just picked up all round.  One thing I don't get is that the Doctor told Romana last ep about how to kill a vampire and then in this ep she tells Tarak the ONLY way to kill a vampire is a wooden stake to the heart but the Doc already told her about beheading.

    I'ts interesting how the script changed from script to action and in many ways it is bettered here. It's also interesting to note how at Romana's request, the Doc takes off and goes to the TARDIS, leaving her and Tarak to rescue Adric. Mostly due to, he says, billions of lives at stake (or is that in the script?) but anyway he leaves them to it...and in the next ep, Adric is correct in his evaluation of the Doctor...even if he is bluffing, BLUFFING understand. The Doc clears off! But not true, not entirely as he is gathering info, knowledge to stop the vampire

    The cell scene is rich. Yes, it's a lot like the Atlantis cell scene with Jo and the Third Doc, but there it's more like he's her uncle or something but here, it's more like they are boyfriend and girlfriend or something. And the Doc looks so proud of his finally being able to say something to a female that's SLIGHTLY romantic...that it smacks now of...well, of his being like Rose says, " gay."  Yeah, that's another issue but really, for a being of 450 years or so, you'd think if he were able to, he'd really be off with a girl, if he wanted to. Maybe he is gay and just fighting agianst that and trying to win the hearts of a girl, esp one of his own race. Who knows. The scene, is, very well played and both Tom and Lalla do a great job all around to make it differnet and not boring and they succeed. Tom gets some tom foolery in and it's marvelous to (the door hitting him, the "I'm a not a great one for swarming", and many others.

    Tarak getting killed was a surprise. There are also allusions to Macbeth and Hamlet I think. And I like the way the walls of the cell and the surrounding corridors are in a strange way. A bit about how the Doc got out of the castle via the tradesmen entrance was cut out.

    The cliffhanger. Once again, and I"m sorry about this but once again, in his one brief scene i this ep, Matthew does a phenomenal job. The script offered him waking up right away and offering and "Adric cheeky grin" but he opts instead for more believeable groggy waking up and is disoriented, almost still hypnotic. Is he already a vampire? Has he already been bitten by one of them? Maybe he had, who knows? But this scene is tense and the cliffhanger exciting. I thought they were trying to make it look like Romana was stabbed by the knife but who knows. One thing: in trying to tone down the fight scenes, they did that and made it just fine wthout the nastiness but in this scene, by toning it down somewhat, they made it more...scary or seeing no blood on the knife, it works that Zargo is a vampire...and I love how the vampires move at their prey, and move in general...almost ballet like. The attack on Adric by Camilla is fantastic and Adric throwing of the knife at Zargo pretty good. That was probably a left over from when Leela was the companion in this script/story outline but whatever. Too bad they didn't continue Adric's knife abilities, it would have given him the edge he needed but in fact, I like it that he's not that violent or able to defend himself so well.

    It's odd that the Tardis has a magnetic card system. Back in the 1980s or late 70s maybe it was not that old fact, computers used huge stacks of data cards but  today it makes it look so outdated and older than ever. Which works for something like the TARDIS which is an old Type 40 even by Gallifrey standards. Even so, Tom and K9 make the best of the long TARDIS scenes. There seems to be something on the floor near the Tardis door, something yellow. Did K9 pee? :)  There's also a mike or two that alledgedly appear but I didn't spot them really. 

    In the novel, Ivo's son's body was dumped outside his door, drained of blood. Now that doesn't make sense. If the vampires wanted to keep the peasants in the dark about such things, why do that? Apparently Ivo's son's part was written out so that Adric could take over the role he would have played in the story.    

    All things said and done, again, another great ep.             


  • daveac vblog   5 years 50 weeks ago

    Hey Dave, 

    Nice work on the re-launch of your vBlog. The new camera seems to be working well for you. I still need to catch up on the latest show (047).

    Thanks for the shout-out about our new (regenerated) Gallifreyan Embassy website as well.



  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   5 years 50 weeks ago

    [Some spoilers] though I knew all of them before ever watching this story.




    Well I enjoyed this story, paricularly from Episode 3 onward. I really loved the bits on The Empire State Building and the Marie Celeste. It was curious that Peter Purves made a cameo as the farm boy from Arkansas before appearing in the latter episodes as Steven Tyler.

    I guess this made hime the first companion, that appeared as another character in Doctor Who before becoming a companion. I guess many original viewers may not have noticed since a month elapsed between his appearances, a different accent was used and he was sporting a beadrd. As far as I can tell the list of reurning actors who became companions (travelled in the TARDIS at some point) is:

    Peter Purves - Morton Dill then Steven Tyler

    Nicholas Courtney - Bret Vyon Then Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart

    Lalla Ward - Princess Astra then Romana

    Eve Myles - Gwyneth (Cooper?) then Gwen Cooper

    Freema Agyeman - Adeola (Jones?) than Martha Jones

    (and Finally)

    Karen Gillan - Soothsayer and now New unamed Companion

    Had any of the other companions appeared in the show as another character prior to their closer association with the Doctor?

    Back to the chase, I was slightly disturbed that the Dalek's time machine not only travelled in time but was also bigger on the inside than the outside. In Doomsday, this was an atribute that was claimed to be 'Timelord Technology'.

    As a Dalek enthusiast I noticed that that this was the first time that slats appeared on the shoulders, previously they had bands. In this design a lower band was present in addition to the slats.

    There also seemed to be a fair number of new dalek appendeges, Seismic detectors, electrodes etc. This adds a bit of interest and completely dissappeared in the Pertwee through McCoy era's but has been seen again in the revived series.

    I quite enjoyed the Mechanoids, but there appearance seemed very brief considering the number of them that seemed to be built and the effort that must have gone into them. I suspect that this was Terry Nation's attempt to make a new 'villian' that was as popular as the Daleks. I must say that I found their voices particularly hard to understand and had to go back over some of the dialogue to determine what was actually said.

    I found the leaving of Ian and Barbara rather abrupt at the end, but enjoyed the end section where it was established they got home safetly and were enjoying themselves. In my mind they got married and lived happily everafter. I must be a sucker for David Whitaker's books were there was a much stronger attraction going on between them.

    The Doctor's reaction was completely in character, though it was nice for him to finally admit he would miss them. His relationship with Vicki is touching and I will be sorry when she eventually leaves.

    I also enjoyed the walking fungi, the effect was pehaps a little cheesy but at least they tried.

    Overall, a good story, if a little bitty, there was really three sections to this, however the story stretched things used lots of different locations and sets, monsters and characters. Many six parters seemed stretched reusing sets and creatures, this seemed the exact opposite tearing through many locations, monsters and costumes.

    Overall, one of my preferred stories so far.

    So onwards to the Meddling Monk, another story of which I am completely unaware, but is spoken of with high regard, so I am looking forward to it.

    Hopefully I'll get though it on my 2.5 hour flight from Chicago to Austin which I'm waiting to get on to.

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   5 years 50 weeks ago

    Kind of forgot about this when I was typing before but I found that Vicki's language was pretty acronistic in this episode. After all the talk about teaching machines etc. Her descriptions and expectations about 'dusty' museums and Attendants telling you not to run or touch the objects, seems to place her in a late 20th century time frame in England. I thought it would have been better if it was Barbara or Ian who had made these type of observations/comments.

  • daveac vblog   5 years 50 weeks ago

    'Excuses, excuses, excuses! Stop whining and taste the wine.'

    Not much Dr Who news this week - sorry (more excuses)



    Or go to site my using the first link in my Sig below.

    Cheers, daveac

  • State of Decay   5 years 50 weeks ago



    Just awesome. Their first meeting with Zargo and Camilla is just fantastic and Zargo's beard has to be seeen to be believed. Anyway the dialog is littered with references to other things but it all fits and doesn't seem at all goofy or silly. "There are guards, many guards,"  and more. I just love it.

    A note about Matthew Waterhouse. Say what you will but he does a FANTASTIC JOB in this episode, trying to bluff Aukon AND later as Adric is totally under the hypnotic spell of Aukon and Zargo shoves a knife near his eye...Matthew doesn't flinch, doesn't move, doesn't hesitate in keeping in the trance state. That's brilliant acting, sorry. It just is.

    The whole language idea is well transmitted to us and visually while the Doctor and Romana chat and sit and figure out who the three who rule are. It's noted during the commentary and the text stuff that Tom and Lalla while filming these scenes as well as the very creepy scenes as they climb the rocket shaft and find the bodies (gruesome looking ones that Lalla and others in the crew complained about but which should have been given more air time really but it wasn't totally necessary), that Lalla and Tom had a lot of tension between them. He doesn't look at her. Mind you, when seeing this ep for the first time, it wasn't noticable and it just is the Doctor being the Doctor and Romana being Romana and relating to  a strange alien. Even for a Gallefrean, the Doctor is strange. Love Romana's memory and recall of the names and info. Just lovely, the entire scene, the entire ep really. Their characters just relate so well even if they weren't at the time. At one point, Tom refused to help Lalla down. Later, when tensions eased, Tom made as if it was his idea that helping her down (in a different scene) would be a nice touch. The director had previously asked him to help her down in an earlier scene a short time before and Tom said somethig like, "She can bloody well get her own self down."

    The blood in the rocket fuel holder is just inspired. Tarak is a sort of male Leela and except for the beard, would make a great companion. Someone once said that this season had many beards on display. Also: many men after Adric. This might be the first. Adric has Aukon after him however it might have been that he had men after him in FULL CIRCLE too. Even the female vampire is after him.

    The ep ending is very good too with Aukon meeting the Doc and Romana and a close up on his eyes. And oh yes, the bat thing in the first ep was good too. More coming I think in ep3. The heartbeat was also a nice touch.

    Just a great episode, again. A lot going on and alot of explanation and movement and great sets. Great dialog. This is how DW should always be! IMO of course.     


  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   5 years 50 weeks ago

    Good point Troy. Only they didn't have the Doctor purple faced, or winking or silly looking but that is a good point about the face showing up in Troughton's time!

    CURSE OF FATAL DEATH was funny but...with most things DW, for me is a matter of timing. CURSE came after the failed TV MOVIE and I believe several other internet failures to revive me, it seemed like a giving up by the creators and/or BBC to ever have DW return seriously. Yes, it was funny and in hindsight, pretty good but at the me, it was strange and not funny at all...just yet another mocking of the show at a time when it was down down down, the show I mean. The show had been knocked so far down it wasn't funny and in my mind, it would never come back and then this...made me think it would never come back the way I wanted it to come back and how I knew it could took until 2005...some six more years before that happened and before RTD created a masterpiece return...and I REALLY mean that.        

    Addition: oh, almost forgot: they can leave the theme song and the opening the same for five more years IF they can deliever on scripts, dialog, plot, acting, and characters and NEW ideas with some real emotion behind it again...a very tall order which has not been met since maybe TURN LEFT or MIDNIGHT. So for me, if they keep the theme and opening the same I don't care as long as they can deliever on the rest of that...which I'm extremely doubtful right now...  

    And it might be better if they just left it alone and not put the face in. Why? I don't think Power of the Daleks smacked us in the face with Troughton's face right away. In fact I don't think it came until THE FACELESS ONES but I could be wrong. As much as I want David to go (and trust me, I LOVE some of his performances), he has an extremely loyal fan base (and not just screaming gushing girlie girls who might just be swtiching over to TWLIGHT at this time). To rub Matt's face in the viewers' faces...might not be wise. At least not right away...I predict he might actualy start in the specials but who knows?    


  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   5 years 50 weeks ago

    I thought The Curse of Fatal Death was hilarious.

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   5 years 50 weeks ago

    HI Chase,

    Yes, Boba Fett (in ESB and RTJ) was played by Jeremy Bulloch who was Tor in the Space Museum. A Quick check of IMDB reveals he was also Hal the Archer in the Time Warrior.

    I watched it on the plane by ripping them onto my ipod touch before I travelled. As documented earlier I have been watching most of these early episodes on my ipod whilst working out at the gym. Though i could have just as easily put them on the laptop (though the batteries would have only made it through the crusade, I think.

    It did strike me whilst watching this thar Moroks did indeed seem very like Morlocks.

  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   5 years 50 weeks ago

    I'd like to point out one thing about the face in the title sequence. It's older than you think - the first time it was used was during the Patrick Troughton era.


    With the exception of William Hartnell, Paul McGann and the "new" series Doctors all the Doctors have had their face or a variant of it (in Jon Pertwee's case - his whole body) in the titles.


    When the series returned with Christopher Eccleston I half-way expected to see it returned then - mainly because I was so used to it being there for such a long time so it was a surprise when it didn't happen, but that didn't take away from the show.

  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   5 years 50 weeks ago

    I'd like nothing more than to be proved wrong. I like Matt Smith already and think if given good scripts, he'd make a GREAT Doctor and Moffat certainly has a good track record but I just can't help but thnk of the &^%# we've gotten recently, some of it from him. And didn't he also do CURSE OF FATAL DEATH?

    TO be honest, I think RTD has had writer's block since MIDNIGHT but truth is he can't just stop writing, he has deadlines...or had them. IF that were the case, he should have leant out the stories to other writers. There's no way he can think his recent stuff is good.  And why does every story have to be "the stakes are raised" and "everything's in danger"?

    Anyway nuff rant,I just hope that DW does come back strong in story and character just like it did in 2005 but I have STRONG doubts.

    I also strongly believe the "rest" was a BIG mistake, one of many. 

    Oh and now we're getting a cartoon because the first one was so good and a scene on Sarah Jane Smith because they don't have enough aliens on that show. 

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   5 years 50 weeks ago

    A young Boba Fett? The actor?

    What do you mean you watched this on the plane? How?

    Just wondering.

    What struck me about the novel the CRUSADES was how dangerous the past seemed especially to Ian and Barbara, and the tv story gets there in a few scenes but then...just peters out somehow in ep4 or the later part of ep3. It all just...sort of ended. I liked the novel though and the tv episode. It was not bad. DW was then, truly a time travel show. Some of the supporting cast got too much time I thought, including Glover and Marsh, with DW threatening to sideline the main cast and become some kind of Shakespeare like play which it could not be, of course. I'm glad they tried it and sometime they still should try something like this again. I'd give them credit if they did but no, nowadays, we'll get the insect bugs from the planet Frogasdealiaprkcoriscus. Anyway not a bad story but a little slow. I do like how they played up the intrigue and how the Doctor uses his wit and mind to trick Richard's right hand man. But Richard himself...was really a villain in some of the things he did. None of that was played up. It should have been I felt. The Doc and Vicki have a grand old time in a way. The novel was darker and rightly so.

    SPACE MUSEUM: a strange one. It starts out like TWILIGHT ZONE and when do any time trap things ever make sense. Watch the old 1960s movie TIME TRAVELERS and you will see an endless time trap that goes on over and over and over, a brilliant media presented time loop in a way. Here, the story keeps that going and I'm not sure it's ever fully resolved seriously or in a good way but whatever. Ian gets very militant here and good for him. These aliens were so evil and blood minded. Vicki also instigates a riot...and in a fun frolikcing kind of way until one of the allies she is with, a young man gets killed. That scene struck me and struck home that DW is still a dangerous show with danger all around and that anyone could get killed and this would come out a lot later in the Hartnell stories but that poor young guy that helped Vicki just got shot before her and our eyes. Scary and sad. Of course, she reacts but two scenes later he's forgotten I think. SM has a bad rep but truth is, it's not that bad at all. And most of it makes sense even if there are some cliches. I love that Barbara wants to rescue someone in a gas filled museum and that she seems to be the stronger one when compared to a young man alien. This might be one of the first "let's start a revolution" stories. The sets are bizarre and appropriate and I love Hartnell in this one more than in most. He's always good but here he's just terrific, trying to bluff the Moroks and ...hey, notice THE TIME MACHINE thing there? Anyway when he realizes he's in over his's just great. And for once in this era, the humanoid aliens seems very deadly and ruthless.       

  • Full Circle   5 years 50 weeks ago


    Faster paced, more colorful, better music, and a better story with three companions, yes FULL CIRCLE comes to an end. I'm not too sure about the evolution stuff going on and it is a bit confusing but the story is rather fast paced and entertaing. Tom looks like Tom again and his hair is curly, his nerve going on strong, his jokes funny and his out Doctor outrage at the experimentation on the marsh child just so very good. He also is keen on revealing the secrets of the starliner and even smiles when one of the Deciders realizes the marshmen can find a way back in once they're gone.

    Varsh's death is sad, no getting over it really. Tylos also dies a hero. The scenes of the marshmen attacking could have been so much more violent and upsetting as they attack the inner chamber.

    Another interesting thing is how Romana seems to be the Doctor's conscience at one moment. He is about to leave the starliner people to their fate but she is in front of him or to the side, telling him about millions and thousands of years of evolution going to waste and then and only then, just as he's about to leave them to their fate...and that would include alll the others , Adric, Keara, Login, etc...does he stop and teach them how to fly the ship. I like the scenes where the Doctror and Romana teach them, give them the book to read about the rest and hurridedly leave...excellent. JNT is making some great descions here....nixing a long scene of the Doc and Romana teaching the starliner people how to fly. He also stops, rightly so, an epilogue in the novel that would have had the starliner promptlly crashing again and having the evolution stuff happening again all over...a really stupid ending that JNT stopped. Hooray for JNT. No, really!

    Adric is a great companion in this and his loyalty, his courage, his willingness to make mistakes and his the Doctor, "Sometimes,"  to the Doctor;s question, "Do you think it's right to loot other people';s property" is very funny. He has many of these moments so in a way he's the best of Leela's inexperience (and if he's partly somehow marshman her savagery) and the lower end of ROmana's intellegence (notice how he one ups her in smarts by suggesting they can just look out the door). Still, he seemed to close the door from the inside while trying to stop Tylos from shutting the inner doors...and then he accidentally starts the TARDIS away from Romana. I love Tom's "What is this Noah's ark?" comment when everyone comes out of the TARDIS and the short hop joke.

    We also get to see a companion's bedroom, perhaps for the first time ever. We saw some bunks in some of the Hartnell eps and maybe Vicki's room or Barbara's or both but I can't recall it being so elaborately decorated. Of course either the posssessed Romana or the marshmen mostly wreck her room. It is clear to see Adric and the Doctor's warm touching care for Romana in a few short scenes.

    We also see a BBC camera get between the Doc and Adric in the lab just as the marshmen break in...

    There are those that say Varsh could have made a better companion. It's hard to argue with that but I doubt it. He's somewhat more in the traditional mold of companion and would have been more a hero. It might have been interesting if after Adric died, the Doctor somehow got Varsh as a comp instead of the wet Turlough...Richard Willis is nice to look at, did I say that? Anyway, you can see a lot more of  him in THE FEATHERED SERPENT but mind you, it was 1976 so he's a lot younger there and looks completely diffrent and acts with Partick Troughton.!!!

    FULL CIRCLE is a resounding success and if DW could have stayed this way...instead of detriorating slowly over time...ahhh well...          

    We learn from the DVD that ANdrew Smith submitted a story line where aliens hiding on Earth in the 1800s are cloning to try to get Rutans off their planet. They make the Sontarans and the Sontarans win the battle and then take over the planet! One of the battles is to take place on the Marie Celeste (THE CHASE had that happen already with the Daleks). We learn a lot of other things from the DVD text info also.  


  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   5 years 50 weeks ago

    This was another new story to me and was not quite what I was expecting. The whole time slip thing seemed very woolley to me, and just convenient to the story, rather than making sense. Still fairly enjoyable, of the last three stories I think I have enjoyed it the most, since I hated the Web Planet, and the crusade seemed slightly weak when compared to the novel of the same title.

    I spotted a young Boba Fett in there though.

    It strikes me that the Doctor has a closer relationship with Vicki than he did with Susan. I must admit I thought she was going to leave at the end of this story, I was suprised when she boarded the TARDIS. Her character has really grown on me after a rocky start in 'the rescue'.

    Altough the Doctor seems to have really mellowed and I have started liking him more(the change seems to have happened for me through DIOFE/The Rescue/The Romans), I have realized that Ian and Barabara are about to leave and for me they (particularly Ian) are still the real heores of the show at the moment. I wonder how I will see it once they are gone? Although I know Peter Purves will join, he is a Blue Peter presenter in my mind.

    Anyway, 'The Space Museum' seems to be a solid Sci-fi story which seems a little derivative today, but may have been highly original in its day.

    I have been traveling from TX to Belgium, so watched all of  'The Crusade' and 'the Space Museum' on the flight. Managed the first two episodes of 'The Chase' as well but need to catch up on the remaining four in the next couple of days. 


  • view recent forum posts?   5 years 50 weeks ago

    Sprry disregard, found it - DOH!

  • Doctor Who: Podshock 1st Virtual Meet-Up   5 years 50 weeks ago

    I actually remember visiting this place back then in SL.  It looks so "funny" or dated now.

    Tongue out

  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   5 years 50 weeks ago

    I am very much in-line with carriertone's original post & opinion. If there were ever a show where I embraced and/or even anticipated change it would be Doctor Who.

    ...perhaps the Doctor & his companions where diapers/depends with TARDIS technology built in?

    Tongue out

  • Pete Pixel at Second SL Meet Up   5 years 50 weeks ago

    Look at him getting down!  I had a great time @ the SL meet-up and 'Pete Pixel' really helped out a lot showing me the ropes of SL and how it worked. He also gave me a fab tour of 'Katrina' aka Cardiff Bay, The Doctor Who Experience including the Doctor Who museum & 'New Gallifrey.'

    Thanks James! Wink


    -'Bullitt Swords' (SL alias)

  • The Big Screen   5 years 50 weeks ago

    You haven't lived until you have watched Doctor Who (or any of your favorite television shows) on the big screen with an auditorium full of apreciative fans.

  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   5 years 50 weeks ago

    you sir, are bitter. I can't wait for the Moffat era to begin. His stories were some of the best every season, and now he's running the show!? Awesome! How is bringing back the Doctor's face to the credits even slightly "gloss"? I think the next few years are going to be all about substance, if "Blink", "The Girl In The Fireplace", and "Silence In The Library" are any indication.


    - C

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   5 years 50 weeks ago

    This was another enjoyable story with two episodes recontructed by Loose Canon. In contrast, with previous stories this seemed a little rushed in 4 episodes. I recently listened to the audiobook of David Whitaker's novel of this story (read by William Russell) which was greatly expanded over the televized material. The added background on the novelization significantly adds to this story and I would recommend reading or listening to it.

    When starting out on this excercise to watch everything from the beginning, I had thought that watching the historicals would be a chore whilst the 'sci-fi' episodes would be the highlights. The more I watch, the more I realize that in general the historicals are of very high quality and the futuristic/sci-fi episodes are often the poorer ones.

    I was slightly disturbed to see all the 'blacked up' English actors in this story, but I guess that is just a sign of how times and attitudes have changed in the last 45 Years. Julian Glover and Jean Marsh were pretty good but seemed to be only in the story for a few minutes.



  • Full Circle   5 years 50 weeks ago


    The Doc's in trouble in the marsh and later in the starliner. I guess he's gone to help the Decider if he could or see what he could do to stop the problem but he really doens't have to get involved nor does he have to send K9 off to follow the marshmen. It's quite tragic that the marsh child follows the Doctor inside the starliner and the starliner people are not at all friendly. Some typical but funny Tom-isms: after the three stuffy deciders introduce themselves, he says, "And I"m the Doctor"  and "Why can't people just be nice to one another for once. I mean I"m not an alien and you don't want to drag me into a swamp." A beat and then, "You do."  I love how he just shakes up this entire culture. And they deserve it. There's some secret going on and at the time I should have expected some PLANET OF THE APES like revelation but I didn't. It's not unlike FACE OF EVIL or UNDERWORLD in this aspect.

    There's a square purple paint spot where the Tardis was standing. Still, some of these outdoor shots, brief as they may be are some of the most well lit, beautiful outdoorsy scenes ever shot for the series. Despite the sound effects of something akin to a lift off the marshmen have taken the TARDIS into the cave, carrying it. Now it's been carried or taken before and the weight has never been an issue but it is here. And K9 is silly here, just getting his head knocked off iwthout defending himself. I HATE that the production team sees fit to get rid of him in these violent ways, just make him in the Tardis recharging if you have to. Up to the beheading point, he was really quite useful.

    The violent antipathy between Varsh and Tylos (who was supposed to be tougher in the about going against type) was played down...way down to the point of non existance and truthfully it could have added something to this ep and others. The doors to the TARDIS don't seem to operate togethr, meaning interior and exterior. Adric slams one of the outer doors shut but enters the open interior doors. Why he did that? Panic over the spiders? Romana was still outside.

    JNT was correct in not making the giant spiders of the original story. He'd seen a Blake's 7 ep (HARVET OF KARIOS or something) and rightly realized giant insects were not to be done correctly on tv yet, not by the BBC anyway. Instead, we get these smaller spider insects and while they are disturbing, if seen in a scene too long, they look really fake. Even so, Romana's fate in the  cliffhanger is pretty upsetting but why pick up a fruit/egg to hit the things with? And her earlier, "They're only spiders" is silly. They look menacing from the moment we see them and they should to her. I guess they were trying to emphazise the antagonism between teh Marshpeople, the Starliner people and the spiders...

    another good ep, carried by Lalla at her best, Tom as his best, and the production and direction at their best, even with the young cast...if Doctor Who had gone on like this for ten more years, I would have watched it regularly and loved every moment of it. Romana, the Doctor, Adric and K9 made quite a watchable team and into trouble every minute and with interesting mysterious stories and new cultures to see in conflict...all that was needed was a bit more trips into history...this was just great and so promising for the future. Little did I know I should have enjoyed it while I could. It was all about to get ripped away from me and the audience to bcome something so different too fast.

    for now, this ep stands as another strong one, entertaining and not yet too demanding but colorful, fast paced and very very watchable unlike LEISURE and MEGLOS and a lot of what was to follow (even some Davison stories were just...blah!). for me, this season is shaping up finally to be something of value and something different to DW before it.            

  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   5 years 50 weeks ago

    I dn't know how to take this info. It reminds me of the JNT days when there was so much wrong with the show and he's come out and say, "And we've changed the music and we have a new opening titles sequence"  rather than, "ANd we've got a new script editor and a good story."

    In that context, i'ts worrying because it might mean we've entered the JNT phase of the new show: all gloss and no substance but who knows? Next thing we'll hear "we've plenty of top notch guest stars who've not been in DW yet"  and "I want to kill off K9... again"  

    And oh yes, we're getting another animated story because THE INFINITE QUEST was so good. (?)! 



    Whatever, right now until Matt starts DW is dead to me. It's so sucky   

  • Forums   5 years 50 weeks ago

    Now that the Doctor Who forums are closing down this month were are all those users heading too? Does anybody know?

    Actually, it is next month (31st of July) which it and Outpost Gallifrey are going away leaving solely dedicated to the annual Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles. 

    Where the existing forum participates go is really anybody's guess at this point. Some may already participating in other forums already - in which case perhaps their activity in those other forums will increase. Some may seek out new forums. While others are hectically creating new forums in hopes to be the new home of those in question. 

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