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  • Dodged a Bullet??   7 years 18 weeks ago

    Jekyll was a phenominal show! I had no idea where it would end when I watched the first episode. That show (as well as his DW episodes) is proof, to me at least, that Doctor Who is in very capable hands with Steven Moffat. I didn't have that big of a problem with the accents though, I just sat back and enjoyed the show. Just pure brilliance!

  • American Accents   7 years 18 weeks ago

    What about James Marsters? I thought he was from England until I heard him in interviews. His accent is impeccable though. Maybe that's why he rarely plays American roles. And Hugh Laurie is a master of accents. He can switch back and forth between so many, it's crazy.

  • American Accents   7 years 18 weeks ago

    Actually, Henry Van Statten was portrayed by New Orleans born Corey Johnson, and Lazlo was played by Ryan Carnes who was born in Pittsfield, Illinois. Also, Linda Marlowe is Australian. If there was something wrong with their accents, it's not because they're Brits. Also, John Barrowman is American, and Peri's accent was horrible.

    I just wanted to clear things up a bit.


    - Carl

  • American Accents   7 years 18 weeks ago

    Although not a British series, the British actor Jamie Bamber played Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. If I did not hear his natural speaking voice myself, I would had said he was an American actor if I didn't know otherwise.

  • American Accents   7 years 18 weeks ago

    I'm also an American, and while I agree with you in general, I disagree about Tallulah. I thought her accent was right for the character: It was broadly stereotypical and caricature-like, which I think worked for her. Something more subtle would have been inappropriate.

  • Seven Million Hits on GE 2.0   7 years 19 weeks ago

    I can't believe you kept track of it all. Thanks. It's interesting. 

    The stats on the previous site will continue as it stays up and running as an archive, but obviously the numbers may slow down.


  • Users Online   7 years 19 weeks ago

    have you got rid of the 'Users Online' or has it moved?

    I thought it was just using up real estate on the website. I didn't think it served any real purpose for visitors on the site unless we offered a chat room so you can see who was on the site to chat with at that given time. Since we currently don't offer a live chat feature, I am not sure how useful it was for people. 

    By removing it, it freed up space for other blocks in that side bar.

    I myself use it to see when the traffic is low before taking the site offline temporally for maintenance.

    There is also the matter of privacy for some. Since there doesn't seem to be a way for visitors to opt out on being included in it or not, it could deter some from participating on the site. Of course if you are not signed in or if you sign out, you only show up as a "guest" in it.

    Does anyone else miss it or had found it useful?




  • The Big Screen   7 years 19 weeks ago

    I remember watching Doctor Who on a big screen full of like-minded fans way back in February 1985 at a Doctor Who convention in King of Prussia, PA with Colin Baker and John Nathan-Turner (JNT). As JNT was known to do back then, he brought over some new never broadcast in the US Colin Baker stories. This was new material for everyone there, so it made it even more exciting. It was shown in a large room projected on a big screen with every seat taken of course. It was very theatrical. 

    Of course there have been plenty other times since then, but none captured the same exact vibe as that time being that it was all new fresh new material and having Colin Baker and JNT there at the con only added to it.




  • Doctor Who Motivational Posters   7 years 19 weeks ago

    I will have to keep an eye out for that TARDIS console in the Thunderbirds.

  • 9 needs more love.   7 years 19 weeks ago

    No posts here yet? For shame!

    There are more posts on the 9th Doctor in our previous site. Things are just picking up here. Thanks for getting the ball rolling here.


  • Air Date for Torchwood S3   7 years 19 weeks ago

    I believe that is the true for BBC America as well. They are also launching their HD channel.

  • Another Forum Option   7 years 19 weeks ago

    I was reading up on a method of making the forums appear and behave much like a traditional forum. It is an option perhaps, but seems a little complex initially to set up as from what I can see it is not "a one button" solution, but something that may require several modules and some tweaking to accomplish what it needs to do. Still, it may be a way to go, I still need to investigate it further.




  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 19 weeks ago

    Yes I see what you mean. I must say I enjoyed it far more, indeed almost all of DW, I enjoy far more when I see it as a pack of related episodes rather than unrelated stories, Thus the last time I watched it was in order, more or less iwht the stuff around it and thus I see what you mean. I was more into Barbara, Ian, Susan and this Doctor. Watching it  isolated, it's not as good and that can be said about MOST DW, if not all. Even CITY OF DEATH, well maybe not CITY OF DEATH but I get what you mean. It is like one long story, which is why I feel the bad stuff (I won't go into my list again) brings it all down, especialy when there's so much bad stuff in a row and it's teh fault of one writer or so...



  • Warrior's Gate   7 years 19 weeks ago



    As one can see from the text script changes, the dialog is made better, the story moves faster and there are more explanations and less "gore" especially with the hair off the burned Sagan. Pity the entire crew had to die as some of them were very funny but as they are slavers and two of them at least kicked and threw K9, they desrved it. True, that some of the story is  a bit...confusing. I would guess that the Tharils (the female one looks rather nicer than the males) had their garden at the nexus point between the universes at zero zero, the slves the human ones made the Gundun stop them and then the Tharils became slaves on many planets...but in E Space I guess. I'm not sure whereRovrik and his men come from, I guess they are also from E Space. The Tharil burned was Lazlo, not Biroc. I always thought like Lalla, that her leaving scene was rushed and terrible but in truth it's not and it's not sappy and sad, it's just her doing her duty. The scene wehre the Doc tells her off about her having to take orders and it being high time she accepted orders and then she repeating the same thing to Adric is very funny and much better than the whole scripted parts that were drpped such as "Come on" and the handing over of K9 to each to the other. Tom does a GREAT job in the slave/wine/dinner scene and JNT had a good point in keeping Tom on one side of the mirror later on. I would say the mirrors, and i"m not sure about this, indicated passing through different times within the same place. Another thing great about this entire story is the camea angles which the dirctor was at one point fired for but then rehired a half hour later. They need more time and money to make DW not less. The camera work is wonderful. This is how it should be.  The artwork is great too and not sure why there is black and white bits but it's nice to look at. Ahh, yes Adric: again he seems to want to take care of himself and I'm glad that bit is not dropped, it makes him real and makes him seem like he has to change thanks to the Dr and Romana and he is the one who makes the realizatoin about the damaged bit at the ship that the two can sabotage but accorindg to Biroc they didn't have to. Not sure why after the slaver ship blows up thanks to the backblast backlash that bounced back...there are half formed images of the Tharils moving outside like ghosts but they are alive and perhaps have their powers back. Adric also seems to almost save Romana and at least, unlike her, did not get caught again. Matthew looks great in this story by the way and so does Lalla. The fight with Rorvik was ...well it made the Doctor look really wimpy but I guess he doesn't always win every fight in fact, this Doctor didn't often win every fight. The last time he won a major fight was...ewll, never mind. He did. He won and lost. Romana's hitting Rorvik with the clipboard over the back was...pathetic though, the only tihng in this story that was.

    Another GREAT story despite the strangeness but I say if there is some internal logic and some explanatoin, the strangeness is not so bad. I loved it and wished they'd do more of this kind of thing and they do: KINDA and SNAKEDANCE for one and ENLIGHTENMENT for the other. Pity the season is about to end but then I thought, for a brief time, that the Fourth Doc and Adric would go on for a few more seasons and have great adventures. Alas, it was not to be, for JNT then went back to a more trad female companion PAIR!WTF? WHY?     

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   7 years 19 weeks ago
    - Susan 10          - Zoe 11                   - Adric 7               - Captain Jack 10
    - Ian 10             - Liz 10                    - Nyssa 10              - Martha 10
    - Barbara 10        - The Brigadier 10       - Tegan 10              - Donna 10  
    - Vicki 10           - Joe Grant 10            - Turlough 8          
    - Stephen 10      - Sara Jane 10             - Peri 10        
    - Dodo 8            - Harry 11                  - Mel 6       
    - Ben 10            - Leela 11                  - Ace  10 (+1)          
    - Polly 10           - K9 10                     - Grace 8
    - Jamie 13          - Romana I 10           - Rose 10
    - Victoria 10       - Romana II 10           - Mickey 8 (-2)
  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   7 years 19 weeks ago

    Yes, you can vote more than once...but only once every 24 hours.  I've posted here more than once in 24 hours, but that was to 1) cast my daily vote and 2) to do a correction.

    Have fun!

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 19 weeks ago

    It is interesting that both of you think that the Aztecs has very few flaws, and now I tend to agree with you, but I didn't always think this. Why, well I think it is because it is a character driven story.

    I bought this on DVD when I saw it cheap several years ago. When I watched it I was not at all impressed. I think the main reason was that since it was a character driven episode and I had not watched (or read) any first Doctor stories for about 2 decades (except for Dalek Invasion of Earth), I was not really interested/vested/familiar with the characters of our travelling heroes.

    When I re-watched it recently, having viewed the series from episode one placed me in a different mindset when I saw this and had plenty of background and interest in the TARDIS crew.

    I am interested to know whether your opions were formed after seeing this in the series as a whole context, or after seeing this as part of a random collection of episodes.

    I think that the random release method for the classic DVD titles causes this kind of problem all the time. I much prefer when consecutive stories are released together and the is some kind of continuity of viewing available. e.g The beginning boxset, New Beginnings boxset, Key to Time, Trail of a timelord, E-space trilogy etc.

    Conversly, I am not so kean when they release boxsets of non-continuous but 'themed' stories. e.g. Beneath the surface, Davros collection, bred for war etc.

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   7 years 19 weeks ago

    Yes, you can vote as many times as you'd like but have to leave a day between each vote.

  • 9 needs more love.   7 years 19 weeks ago

    I agree but I never forgot the power, the joy (EMPTY CHILD), the mystery (the Dicken's ep), and the love and care (FATHER'S DAY) that this Doctor has. In my mind he's tons better than Tennant's Doctor. I love the Chris months that we got and almost all the spinoff stories. I might be committing sacriledge but I also think Rose works better wtih this Doctor although I love how Tennant's Doctor drops all the hate that seems to stem from him toward Jackie and Mickey. The low point for me is the ep where the Doctor kicks Adam out of the TADRIS. I hated him in that one and hated his character in that. The original, which I bring up every chance I can, is that Adam wanted to save his father from a disease and that's why he sent the info back from the future....leading Rose to make the same mistake about trying to save her father in the very next ep aired. That would make the Doctor even more of a bastard.

    Anyway yeah, I'd gladly rewatch every story but that one where Adam is kicked out. And the Doctor's jealousy is annoying but if anything that amplifies in Tennant's time as he sees every male as a male rival for...what? Female affection?

    As for ALIENS OF LONDON I think it's saved by some strong scenes between Rose and the DOctor and the Doctor and Jackie and the Doctor and Mickey. THe actors all save it. I just watched some of that and feel it was one of the strongest for their relationships. He gives Rose the key. He comptemplates how dangerous it is for Rose and how awful his life is when he has to make desciions. Of course the cop out is that he lets Harriet make the descision for him...basicaly alleviating his guilt for possibly killing Rose...and her and himself. ANd he's sohappy about that...that is stupid but Jackie's question to him, "Is my daughter safe?" is jsut great. I also like her, "Since that man walked into ourlives, I've been attacked in the streets, I've had creatures from the pits of hell in my own living room, and my daughter disappwear off the face of the Earth!"  She's great in this. Then later Mickey reveals he can't accept the offer of coming with the Doctor---the Doctor actually asked him to come! Then the Doc covers Mickey up and this is a nice touch.

    Chris just handles all of this wonderfully. I love his power in the second to last story. His "NO" to the Daleks, his tv debut on the game show in the confessional booth, his kiss to Capt Jack, his kiss to Rose, his jibs at Jack for revealing the Tardis forcefield, and his confrontation with the Emperior. He is both strong and caring, syjmpathetic...he doesn't want to commit wholesale murder and I love him for that. He just can't do it... and the way he lies to Rose to get her to leave and then his look after th TARDIS departs. His look as Capt Jack takes his side in the debate with the Emperior. His regeneratin scene...he's just good in just about every scene in eveyr ep

    I also like his closedness in the early eps, END OF THE WORLD where he refuses to tell Rose about himself until the end. Then he does. His care for Dickens and his chastisement of Rose for not seeing things from an alien POV...of course, she's right not to trust the aliens in that and he's so wrong but never mind, how was he to know the Gelf were bastards?

    And this Doc seems quite at home with children, old people, monsters and aliens, ugly or beautiful, and is full of temper for the most part. he also tries so hard...

    Can't say that for the Tennant Doctor. When confronted with an ugly monster, he just calls it ugly.

    And the Chris Doc has a tremendous sense of humor: such as when he suggests Jackie is not coming with them and laughs at that, when Rose calls him gay, and when he says 900 years of traveling through time and space and I've never been slapped by someone's mother or even "he's been defrocked" in EMPTY CHILD and almost everything he says in EMPTY CHILD including "I've got special powers in me nose" and "I've traveled with a lot of peopple but youre settin new records for jeopardy friendly". He seems to come up wtih quips on the spot and quickly even during danger. "I'm really glad tthat worked because it would have been terrible last words." but then RTD was strong in the writing and commissioning of good scripts with good dialog, knew what he wanted in the characters and why. And RTD did'nt write them all. So much better than what we have today. and you're correct DALEK made the Daleks DANEROUS AND EVIL AND MENACING again and made me feel the Doctor was justified in his anger and his new guntoting ways (not really new as Pertwee, Tom Baker, Davison and Colin Baker all carried guns in their time and don't even get me started on how manipulative and war like the 7th was and if the novels can be considered, the 8th Doctor has more blood on his hands than all the others). Still it's a powrful scene but one thing that bothers me the Doc, this Doc and the Tennant Doc are just thinkingt about themselves, their planet, their people,their family...which seems SO WRONG when compared with the older Doctors who cared more about the people they were with than Gallifrey.    

    This Doc was certainly damaged but he heals and for me, he's probably the best Doctor right under Tom Baker!            

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   7 years 19 weeks ago

    are people allowed to vote twice? It looks like some people are.

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 19 weeks ago

    Yes there's little to point out bad about the AZTECS. It has tension among the crew, historical danger, and good costumes. The sets, however could be better and I feel it would have been improved if it had been in color...maybe. FEATHERED SERPENT had a fresher feel to it but then again that was made in 1976 and 1978. This was as good it could have been given the time. Ian's fight was not as bad as I first thought it was and in having viewed it recently it was quite good. It would have been better if we could have seen the faces during the battle but maybe that was to cover up the stuntmen? The background during the fight was what it was: some kind of mural painting or something. It made the fight look like part of a stage play. This is where recent developments in effects and computers help or would have helped. I like Barbara's dilemma and which of us wouldn't want to try to do what she did? And it doesn't end "all well it ends well" so her meddling did nothing but cost a good man to have to run away and hide...if he survives. The Doc is so understanding in that last scene and I love how the characters have to work together to get back into the tomb and the TARDIS. The whole thing is well acted and well done. And the efforts to get back to the TARDIS fail and fail until it ..well, doesn't. The Doc is pretty funny in this and in that last scene I wondered why not get in the TARDIS and have that chat, it was much too dangerous maybe to stay outside but in the tomb. In any event, later the Doctor feels that some history can be changed so that rather negates some of the impact of this but on first viewing and aside from future events for the Doctor, this is very, very good. If only historicals could have kept this up and even today there are none. NONE. No real historicals done on DW. There are always aliens and monsters. I guess they want to keep ratings so they stay away from this. And the historicals need to be done accurately not for comedy. This is the way to do it. For another example watch THE MASSACRE.

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   7 years 19 weeks ago
    I've amended my score for Harry earlier which I forget to add to:
    - Susan 10          - Zoe 11                   - Adric 7               - Captain Jack 10
    - Ian 10             - Liz 10                    - Nyssa 10              - Martha 10
    - Barbara 10        - The Brigadier 10       - Tegan 10              - Donna 10  
    - Vicki 10           - Joe Grant 10            - Turlough 8          
    - Stephen 10      - Sara Jane 10             - Peri 10        
    - Dodo 8            - Harry 11                  - Mel 6       
    - Ben 10            - Leela 11 (+1)           - Ace  9          
    - Polly 10           - K9 10                     - Grace 8 (-2)
    - Jamie 13          - Romana I 10           - Rose 10
    - Victoria 10       - Romana II 10           - Mickey 10
  • CIA Info & Updates   7 years 19 weeks ago

    CIA on TalkShoe at 2pm EDT

    Today's topic:-

    'Super hero films are all the rage but are comics heores being over used or is this just great for the fans?'

    Cheers, daveac


  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 19 weeks ago


    Ahh, the Aztecs. What’s not to love? This was the first Hartnell story that I ever saw and I was struck then, as now, by its freshness, excellent supporting characters and just sheer good story-telling. I have to agree with Doctor Whoovie about the sheer quality of the historical adventures and am really hoping that, even if for just once a season, Mr. Moffat will reinstitute this tradition (I mean to say, not every single time period in history can be under threat of alien invasion, can it?).

    The Aztecs shows us how just by becoming embroiled in the politics of the time period visited, the time travellers can become caught up in adventures and situations as exciting as the pure sci-fi episodes (if not, as in the case of these early stories, more exciting). I love the educational aspects of the episodes which are not shoved unsubtly down your throat but introduced as and when they should naturally arise in the narrative. The Doctor’s carving of a wheel which puzzles those who see it, for example.

    Of course, the Aztecs is Barbara’s story. And about time too as I have felt that she has been underutilised up until now. Here we see how a history teacher might actually act when she has the chance to change history. But we also see the full extent of her  strength of character and resolve. This is Barbara’s story but that is not to say that the other three main characters are ignored. Each play a strong role in the main story. Susan’s 1960’s school girl refusing to accept the way in which the Aztecs treat their women, Ian’s rivalry with Ixtar, the Doctor making mistake after mistake (one of which leads him to get engaged!). All leading up to an exciting climax during which the crew escape by the skin of their teeth!

    Anybody wanting a good starting point to get you into the First Doctor could do worse than to begin here. 10 out of 10!

  • Tin Dog Podcast   7 years 19 weeks ago

    1) Give us your own Who-Horoscope - learn a little about the TDP host

    2) Tell us:  Who is your favorite Doctor? Companion? Bad Guy/Alien? Episode? One-off guest star?  Special Effect?

    Anyway - whatever you decide, thanks for the podcasts!

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