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  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Rich Johnston used to run Lying in the Gutters for He always has inside info, and is rarely wrong. It does happen, but only once in a blue moon. I would definitely trust Rich's information.

  • daveac vblog   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Thanks Dave...

    I changed the embed code to reflect a scaled view of width=550 and height=438 to better fit the current forum size.

    Looks like a good show, I am watching it as I type this, but most likely I will watch the whole thing on my Apple TV than on the website.


  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   6 years 17 weeks ago

    I'm just about to finish Keys of Marinus so will post on it soon! Is it ok to post images here?

  • Thank You Louis!   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Now that Outpost Gallifrey is leaving us, this will, hopefully, become the new hub of Dr. Who fandom.

    Filling the shoes of Outpost Gallifrey are some pretty big shoes to fill. It will be interesting to see what happens in the wake of OG going away. As Shaun said, the community is there. That is not going away. Where it congregates will change. I am not so sure there will be a central hub that will replace it. Instead, there may be many smaller hubs throughout the net that will take on the role. Anything is possible though. I am not sure any one site could serve the needs of everyone, not our site or any other. It would be like having only one channel on our TV.

    Thanks for the comments about the site and the work that went into it.



  • Thank You Louis!   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Thanks Brigid,

    thanks for sending the message out on myspace..... i would have never known LOL.

    Well, I am glad the message did some good. We hope you can spend more time here without the fear being spoiled. We try to label everything as "Spoilers" if we feel they are spoilery.

    Thanks for your feedback on the site, it is appreciated.


  • Thank You Louis!   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Thanks Chip! Yeah, the forum here as I noted elsewhere is really part of the core CMS (Drupal) which behaves more like the rest of the CMS's article/story or page with comments system tweaked to be more like a forum.

    There is a 3rd party module that will make it look more like a traditional forum. Though I don't see any actual 3rd party forum modules to replace it. Our previous site didn't have any built in forum as part of the CMS, so it was entirely a 3rd party forum module for it.

    The advantage of using the core system is just that, it is part of the CMS itself, so there is no compatibility issues, no patches to the CMS to make it work, one user account for everything, themes are designed to work with them, systems already in place to deter spam will work within it, and so forth. There is truly a host of benefits.

    On the other side of the coin is that it is not a full feature forum with all the aspects and functions one usually expects from one.

    Now there are 3rd party modules that will enable stand-alone forum software packages to work within the CMS. So in a sense it would be dealing with two 3rd parties to achieve a forum that would be like a traditional forum that most people are accostumed to most likely. But it is two 3rd party software code and the original CMS code you are now dealing with - three pieces of software working together as one.

    The problem there is making it all work, making it so that visitors can access it using their existing accounts, making the look of it fit into the existing theme, incompatibilies (it could break when the CMS is updated which happens on a regular basis), other 3rd party utilities in place to safeguard against spammers may not be able to work with it, there may be 3rd party costs involved, and so on.

    So I have been looking at options to see what might work best for the site and not make me pull more hair of my head in the process.



  • Thank You Louis!   6 years 17 weeks ago

    the site looks great. everything is easy to find and it's nice and clean looking. thanks for sending the message out on myspace..... i would have never known LOL. have tried to stay away for the fear of too many spoilers HAHAHA. trying to be patient and wait for the specials coming to bbc america..... so *blepping* hard to do LOL.

  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   6 years 17 weeks ago

    The floaty head in the title used to freak me out when I was a kid.  I guess I've never been into the disembodied-head use in any format (including The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - and yes, somehow when I was a kid I associated that tale and the Doctor's floaty head together).

    Still - I'm all for changes!  And definitely hoping that we see other rooms in the Tardis this time through!

  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   6 years 18 weeks ago

    I've heard rumors that the opening title sequence was being redone for the new Doctor (Matt Smith) but I haven't heard anything definite.


    If they keep the old titles then all that would change would have been the name in the credits. However the show will have used the same sequnce for three Doctors. A change is needed (more than just tweaking the music theme), and it's overdue anyway.


    I hope it's true because it would send a message that the show is getting back to it's roots and there is a "new producer in town".

  • Randomizer and Firefox   6 years 18 weeks ago

    OK. After some tests I see that the Randomizer will change in Firefox if you are sitting on a page for while before refreshing the page (i.e. going to another page or submitting a form/posting).

    By turning off caching of the blocks on the site-side, it will fix the issue with Firefox, but then we loose the benefit of speed of caching here. Since it not a real biggie and is perhaps limited to just Firefox, I am going to turn caching of the blocks back on here from the server.

    It will still work, just not with every refresh on Firefox (at least the Mac version of Firefox, I haven't tested others yet).


  • Celebrate 24 Years With Us   6 years 18 weeks ago

    I hope lots of people will be able to join us, for what should be a fantastic night :)

  • Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?   6 years 18 weeks ago

    Who is Rich Johnston? I think it would be very cool if they did show Matt Smith's face in the opening credits as is the tradition with Doctor Who, but we don't know if it is happening or not. I don't understand why this is spreading over the net as it is because someone on a blog posting says something to the effect that 'I believe this is happening' when Matt Smith takes the role.

    As I said, I think it would be lovely if it did, I hope it does, and I hope Rich Johnston's right, but I don't know how he would know any better than any one else or does he have some sort of inside track in the production that I am unaware of currently?


  • new trailer   6 years 18 weeks ago

    I guess that CoE is not being used in it's standard context here

    Oh, Church of England, I thought you meant Corp of Engineers.


  • new trailer   6 years 18 weeks ago

    I guess that CoE is not being used in it's standard context here

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   6 years 18 weeks ago

    Okay, I might be opening myself up to the wrath of all here, but I have to start by saying I hated this.

    This has to be the most boring story I have watched in the Hartnell era to date. The costumes and sets were obviously
    ground breaking at the time and they were trying do do real sci-fi, as had never been done on British TV before, however it seems to me that the narative was just pants.

    I had to watch the third episode about three times before I made it through without falling asleep.

    In the making of documentary, they said that the 'grubs' had been added to the story at the last minute to try and add some more narative. I think that was the problem, there just wasn't enough story in there to support a 6 part adventure, perhaps 4 parts would have been better.

    Although it wasn't stated on any of the material I watched I suspect that the cost of costumes and scenery was such that they had to make it span 6 episodes so that they could afford to do it.

    Anyway, I hated this one. Any other points of view?

    Now it's on to the crusade, which I have listened to as an audiobook read by William Russell, but have never watched.
    Look forward to some more Loose Canon reconstructions.

  • Thank You Louis!   6 years 18 weeks ago

    thanks for making the new site look great. keep up the great work with podshock.

  • (SPOILER) Possible Weddings in "Doctor Who"?   6 years 18 weeks ago

    Thanks for the tip.

    It doesn't automatically show up so I had to find it.

    I also used it on the links so I could hide the story titles.

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   6 years 18 weeks ago

    The Romans is great fun! And almost unique, in fact, in that it really is Doctor Who as an out and out comedy/farce! And its such fun!

    Anyone who hasn't seen it is in for a treat when it shows in on DVD (in the US!) shortly! Hooray!

  • (SPOILER) Possible Weddings in "Doctor Who"?   6 years 18 weeks ago

    BTW - On another website message board - a source who has in the past been very very accurate and responsible, claims to have deliberately started this rumour nad spread it around the internet to see if the tabloids would pick it up!

    Guess what? They did :)

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   6 years 18 weeks ago

    This was a great story. Yet another story which I was completely unfamiliar.

    I was surprised how this switched between farce and deadly seriousness (slavery, tongues being cut out, Rome burning to the ground).

    This story was great light relief showing nicer, more gentle side of the Doctor. I found Vicki likable in this story, as I did not take to her character particularly in the Escape.

    Costumes were great, but the sets were a bit lackluster, just drapery for the most part.

    I felt let down by some of the Story. The galley part was pretty weak and then the arena scene versus the lion just never materialized.

    It was most amusing although 'all road lead to Rome', the paths never crossed.

    What surprised me most was the fact that Tavius was ultimately good, I was sure bretral was coming at any moment.

    Nice to see Doctor Number One doing some swordplay.

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   6 years 18 weeks ago

    I quite enjoyed this story even though it was short and simple.
    Again, I was not familiar with the story, but given the fact that I knew Vicki became a companion, it was clear that Bennent couldn't survive to the end of the tale. I therefore guessed the key point of the ending, pretty early on.

    I liked the Koquillion costume (seem to have seen it a lot over the years) so was ultimately dissapointed to see that the Dido species were human (I would use the phrase humanoid, except that they weren't, they were definately human).

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   6 years 18 weeks ago

    I have commented on this story previously (website V2) but remembered something that struck me as odd when I watched it.

    The TARDIS landed with the front windows open! This was obious on a) the model used for materialization and b) on the full size prop used with the actors in front.

    This struck me as very odd, as it meant it was deliberate (actually making a model with the windows open).

    Equally odd, was the fact that the windows were shut at the end of the story when they are leaving Susan behind.

    Are there any other instances of the TARDIS windows being open?. I can't think of any, but am not familiar with most first Doctor stories which follow this one, or many of the second Doctor Stories. This being the reason I decided to try and watch everything through from the beginning.

  • Threaded or Flat   6 years 18 weeks ago

    I have been investigating other forum options. There may be some good news possibility in terms of third party options... if they work properly within the CMS here and if it is not too complicated to implement. I need more time to investigate and research it.

  • new trailer   6 years 18 weeks ago

    The trailer was posted on our previous site (2.0) last week. Here it is here:

  • (SPOILER) Possible Weddings in "Doctor Who"?   6 years 18 weeks ago

    The thing is that RTD really likes to do two things...

    Tie things up nicely and surprise the audience.

    I mean, the amount of times they've suggested they were going to do something and on paper it sounded awful, but when implemented it worked perfectly and the oddness either disappeared or enhanced the story.

    I guess it's a testament to the man's skill as a writer.

    So what I'm saying is, while I'm in your camp that I'm not convinced about it I'd have to say I have the utmost confidence in the man to do a superb job of it if things do go in that direction.

    Plus I guess he'll want to go out with some kind of bang and while weddings aren't exactly a "BANG" for us blokes, they certainly are with a certain number of ladies.

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