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Recent comments

  • Thank You Louis!   5 years 11 weeks ago

    The new site looks glorious -- I love everything about it. Well done, Louis, as usual.

    I especially love the new masthead. I think when we all saw the photo of the three of you in the TARDIS we hoped this was where that photo was headed -- so thank you for obliging us. :)

    If you're interested in some nit-picking from a curmudgeonly old professor... you currently have the Embassy forum section headed " about to celebrate it's 25th anniversary..." The possessive form of "it" does not have an apostrophe. Despite what one often sees on the internets.

    It will be fun to see how fast these forum categories fill up now!

  • Forum Test   5 years 11 weeks ago

    Humm, this will take a touch of getting used to.

  • Forum Test   5 years 11 weeks ago

    Hi there. Well this is very exciting, my first post on the new site. Just letting you know I was Shockeye07 but have changed to Mr Smith (new site, new name) sadly not John Smith, complete with new picture. Looking forward to exploring the new site. Good work fellas.

  • Forum Test   5 years 11 weeks ago

    The WYSIWYG editor has been installed since the original message in this test thread. To access it, if it does not automatically appear, click on the "Input format" disclosure triangle and choose the Rich Editor option.

    It even has Tongue out smiley faces, although, not a huge collection (I will see about adding more at some point).

    What I have noticed is this built-in forum software doesn't offer the ability to automatically quote the previous message. Egads! How can that be? Sigh.


  • Forum Test   5 years 11 weeks ago

    If it is too narrow, there may be a makeshift solution that could be implemented that would free up about 150 more pixels that could be used for the forum. We will see how it goes though.

  • Thank You Louis!   5 years 11 weeks ago

    Thanks Dave. There are still plenty of bumps to be ironed out though. All in time, I suppose.

    While there are plenty of features that the new CMS offers we are using now here, there are still some that our previous offered not present here which I miss. In the end the pros are outweighing the cons, and who knows where things will go from here.



  • Forum Test   5 years 11 weeks ago

    My first post in new forums.

    So thanks for all the hard work Louis!

    Cheers, daveac

  • Forum Test   5 years 14 weeks ago

    There is also a way to make the forum look more like a traditional forum with the avatars on the left side, etc. It may be a complicated module to install, I need to look into further.


  • Forum Test   5 years 14 weeks ago

    This is Louis replying to a reply.

    I know Dave is going to hate the new forum. "Too narrow" he is going to say. I think it is approx 550 pixels.. This theme is a fixed width one only. Sorry.

    I had to disable the WYSIWYG editor module for the time being because it caused a conflict with another module. There may be a solution, but I haven't tried it yet.


  • Forum Test   5 years 14 weeks ago

    This is just me replying to my own message to see what the comment thread looks like. There is a module that can be installed that will make this look more like a traditional forum, though it may take some doing in setting it up, I need to read up further on it.

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