The Podshocker's Guide to Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery

Administrator - Posted on 15 February 2011

Doctor Who Podshock at Gallifrey One's Catch 22It is that time again. When Doctor Who and Torchwood fans from all over the globe converge in Los Angeles for the annual Gallifrey One convention. This year, it is Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery, taking place on February 18-20, 2011. 

As the official podcast for the annual convention, we have been covering the event leading up to it, we are holding a Meet & Greet at the same hotel, recording a live show on stage once again, giving you extensive coverage of it, and more. 

Here is a quick guide to where you can find some of our information pertaining to the convention. See all the links before for details on each.

First of all, if you are going to Gallifrey One this year, be sure to listen to our annual Doctor Who: Podshock preview shows for the event. This year, it spans two episodes (236 and 237). These serve as great resources for new attendees and veterans of the event alike.

Doctor Who: Podshock 236Doctor Who: Podshock 236 - Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery Preview Show (Part 1). Our West Coast DWP Correspondent, Joshua Lou Freedman who has been attending Gallifrey One since the very beginning joins us as we highlight some of the programming that convention has to offer as well as some of the outside activities, perhaps giving you some information that isn't on the convention website.
Doctor Who: Podshock 237Doctor Who: Podshock 237 - Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery Preview Show (Part 2). We welcome once again Shaun Lyon of Gallifrey One itself to shed further light and details of the convention and bring us up to date of the latest of what this premier Doctor Who and science fiction convention has to offer you this year.
Doctor Who: Podshock Meet and Greet at Gallifrey OneIf you at the hotel on Thursday evening, the night before Gallifrey One begins, after the success of last year, we will be once again holding a Doctor Who: Podshock Meet & Greet. The fun starts at 10pm PST at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel (the same hotel as Gallifrey One) in the lobby (AKA "LobbyCon"). RSVP:
Doctor Who Podshock Live on Stage at Gallifrey OneDoctor Who: Podshock once again this year returns to what has become a tradition on Sunday afternoon at 2pm PST, our Live on Stage Recording of Doctor Who: Podshock at Gallifrey One! Our special guests this year include Gareth Thomas, Ian McNeice, Tracie Simpson, Cush Jumbo, Paul Kasey, plus TWO SURPRISE DOCTOR WHO GUESTS!* 
Have a Heart or TwoSponsor Us at Gallifrey One. Help bring us to Gallifrey One. We are seeking individual donations and corporate sponsorships to help pay the expense of bringing Doctor Who: Podshock to Gallifrey One. We can only do this with the support of our listeners and sponsors and advertisers.
We have badge ribbons! Ask for one at Gallifrey One(while supplies last)Get your ribbon! If you have attended Gallifrey One before you will know of the tradition of collecting ribbons on your badge. They attach to the bottom of your registration badge and throughout the course of the event, you may collect several of them streaming down. We know you are cool and we want everyone to know that Podshockers are Cool! Be sure to ask us for a ribbon (limited to supplies on hand).
Doctor Who Podshock Post Gallifrey One Meet UpThe party doesn't end after Gallifrey One is over. Join us for our Doctor Who: Podshock Post Gallifrey Meet Up on Second Life. It's our seasonal meet up and party on Second Life taking place the week after Gallifrey One on Sunday, February 27th. Reunite with friends from Gallifrey One the previous week or if you couldn't make to the convention, now is your chance to join in on the fun with fellow Doctor Who and Torchwood fans.
Doctor Who: Podshock 238If you have a long flight or drive to Gallifrey One, you will want to load up on podcasts perhaps to listen to on the way. In addition to DWP 236 and 237 previewing Gallifrey One, here's a couple more if you haven't listen to them already. Doctor Who: Podshock 238 includes a conversation with Daphne Ashbrook (Dr. Grace Holloway from the 1996 movie). Daphne will be returning to Gallifrey One this year and we speak of little of it in this episode.
Doctor Who: PodshockAre you a Podshock Supporting Subscriber and attending Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery? Be sure to let us know how we can reach you at the convention in case something comes together in which we can extend the invite to you. There's nothing planned as of yet, but sometimes things come together at a moments notice. If so, we will let you know and invite you to come along.
Doctor Who: Podshock 235Sarah Sutton and Matthew Waterhouse will be among the guests at this year's Gallifrey One. We went into the archive and dug up two interviews from both them recorded in the 1980s in Doctor Who: Podshock 235. See what they had to say then compared to what they have to say now at Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery.

These are just some of the Gallifrey One 2011 related offerings. There had been others and there will be more from the event itself as well what will follow. For information and details on the convention including ticket and hotel information, visit

We will see you there in person or virtually. Be sure to wear your Doctor Who: Podshock shirts and get your ribbons.

If podcasts aren't enough for your long trip to Gallifrey One, consider some audiobooks from Audible. Download a free audiobook. Start your 14 day free trial with today. You can get some great Doctor Who audiobooks and help support our show as well.

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