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Administrator - Posted on 22 September 2015

Lee Shackleford, Host

Lee ArrivesLee Arrives

Lee Shackleford is a writer for stage, screen, and radio with more than 150 produced scripts to his credit. His best-known works are in the deathless realm on Sherlock Holmes: he wrote and starred in the off-Broadway hit HOLMES & WATSON, then was the writer responsible for getting Data back into a deerstalker hat on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, and most recently created the webseries pilot HERLOCK.

But for all the time Lee has devoted to Sherlock Holmes, science fiction is his first love. Thanks to the proliferations of fanzines in the 1970s, Lee was a widely-published writer and illustrator of STAR TREK fan fiction. (He still dresses up like TREK characters from time to time.) His first professional sales as a screenwriter were all science-fiction movies. All of these are, alas, as yet unproduced -- but Lee's modern adaptation of Karel Čapek's groundbreaking play R.U.R. (ROSSUM'S UNIVERSAL ROBOTS) was produced off-Broadway in 2013, and has become the most widely-produced version of the Čapek play.

Klingon LeeKlingon LeeFor years Lee's experience of DOCTOR WHO was confined to the Tom Baker era, because the Fourth Doctor adventures were the only ones shown on the PBS affiliates in Lee's vicinity. (In fact, he met Colin Baker at a convention in 1986 and *didn't know who he was.*) But the advent of widely-circulating videotapes and the early internet quickly brought him up to speed, and soon Lee was a diehard and devoted Whovian. He made sure his son Ian grew up with a deep and abiding love for DOCTOR WHO. Lee likes to claim he named his son after the First Doctor's companion Ian Chesterton. It's not true, but it makes for a good story.

One reason Lee is delighted to be a part of DOCTOR WHO: PODSHOCK is that it gives him a chance to get behind a microphone. An actor with a long list of stage credits, Lee prefers voice acting. He enjoyed playing occasional roles on the radio drama series for which he was Head Writer: the radio soap opera Bodylove.

Lee teaches Playwriting and Screenwriting for the University of Alabama at Birmingham -- and he does this online, so he gets to live in North Carolina with his beautiful and brilliant wife, the noted media psychologist Dr. Karen Dill-Shackleford.

Lee writes on DOCTOR WHO-related forums as "Professor Chronotis" and often wonders why so few people get the reference. Perhaps if he called himself Salyavin ...

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