Tennants Final 2 Episodes Preview

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DrWho001 - Posted on 15 November 2009

[Admin note: As with many previews, this may contain what some may consider to be spoilers]

Here is the preview for the Christmas Specials, please be aware it contains the end titles for Waters of Mars:


looks totally awful

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Looks totally awful? Why do you say that? With or without the trailer I can't wait for this pair of stories!!!

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Firstly thanks to Louis or whomever sorted out the embedding of the video.

Secondly I am looking forward to it.  I think (without spoiling Waters) the way things went in Waters has set it up very well.

Edit: I also hope to up to youtube the 5 minute preview which will air thos Friday during Children In Need.

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Its my opinion, just from things I have read and pieced together that the Doctor is going to pay some sort of price for doing what he did in Waters...and he will in the end pay the ultimate price in some way...possibly saving Donna or through some other cataclysmic act that will leave him without his memory or with missing parts to it

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