BBC America Promos for Doctor Who Specials

Administrator - Posted on 15 November 2009

Three promos currently being shown on BBC America for the last few Doctor Who specials coming in December starring David Tennant as the 10th Doctor including Waters of Mars and a short Inside Look with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner.

(via @mcfangirl and "theproselytizer" on YouTube)

Troy Baker's picture

I noticed on all three of the ads it said THREE PART TELEVISION EVENT" below the "DOCTOR WHO" title logo.

Does that mean that the two-part regeneration story will air the following two weeks as well, or will they be broadcasting the previous two specials with it?

I know what I'm hoping for!Wink

Louis Trapani's picture

A few people have asked us this so far and at this point, all I know is what BBC America announced a couple weeks ago at the time they announced the Waters of Mars date, that the following to specials will be broadcast on BBCA "during the holiday season" and that the dates would be announced in early December.


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