THE TOMORROW PEOPLE-The Slaves of Jedikiah

Chase - Posted on 15 November 2009


A boy named Stephen Jamieson walks in an open market, possibly in Shepard's Bush. He's being watched by two motorcycle thugs. He's also being tracked by a blond impish girl and a black boy who is atop London Bridge and who vanishes as he jumps off it when questioned by a policeman. Keeping track of the boy and girl is an older teen named John. The girl is Carole and the boy is Kenny. Stephen collaposes when they try to telepathically contact him. As he's taken to a hospital and his mum is called, Stephen is stalked by two motorcycle thugs, we later find out are Ginge and Lefty. The doctor finds nothing wrong with Stephen who is falling asleep, something John says is dangerous. He sends Carole to Stephen's bedside to calm him. She starts shouting at him that he might die if he doesn't listen to her and come out of it. He does. She explains that he is now one of the next step of human evolution called Homo Superior. They don't like to call themselves that so they call themselves the Tomorrow People. They are the only hope for mankind. They are peaceful and can't kill. It makes them vulnerable. Carol guides Stephen through his mind to open it and fully break out into one of them, images in his mind unfolding (this will become the opening credits for all future episodes with variations). After this, Ginge and Lefty break into the hospital, quite easily, pose as doctors and surgeons and get into Stephen's room. Carol disarms Ginge and takes his gun snake device but is stunned by Lefty, the smaller of the thugs. Stephen is stunned also even though he knocked the snake gun out of Ginge's hand with a kick of his bare foot. The men take Stephen out and load him on and steal an ambulance. Carol is called and she wakes up and teleports (which the TP call jaunting) back to the Lab, the secret base of operations of the Tp. They link when they get a call from Stephen. They want to amplify it and find him. John asks Stephen to recite a nursery rhym in order to complete this but an older, strange and alien man is listening in on them both. He seems to hynotically order Lefty to re-stun Stephen, which he does. Stephen stops transmiting. John calls to him telepathically but gets no answer.

Review: There's plenty right with this first episode. The makers of the remake should have gotten all of this right when they redid this show in 1991 but instead they got it all wrong and made a totally different series altogther and just called it THE TOMORROW PEOPLE. The Lab's mystery and the set is great; the jaunting and the terminology; the youth of the TP and frankly I would have made them younger than Carol and John, who both look too old; the hijinks of Kenny and the rebel feel; the psychedlic look; Stephen's sweaty look at turning into a Tp; the entire suffering of Stephen as he becomes one of them; and a human and alien enemy. Of course there's a lot wrong in this show and there always will be something wrong. Carol is in hysterics a lot of the time and just as John tells her to go easy with Stephen, she starts shouting at him, "You'll die if you don't listen to me!"  Sammy Winmill who plays Carol might be a pretty blond in the right light but she's terrible as an actress and she has maybe one good scene...the one where the explains the TP to Stephen. Equally barmy is Kenny, who can't act but he does not get a lot to do. The idea of Kenny, a super powered younger Tp is a good one but his potential is never really realized. Equally barmy is Ginge and Lefty. As henchmen, I'd guess they were okay but as they slowly become allies, they really are a detriment to the series and they only feature in three stories, all from the first season of three stories. That said there's more right than wrong: the music, stock or not is fantastic; Stephen's illumination at the start is horrific in a way and mysterous; the Tp are introduced in a mysterious way, not all at once with huge info dumps; the whole idea is a fantastic one for flights of fancy and super heroism, setting up the series in style and with imagination. There is hope for the future and that's one of the best things about this series. It doesn't turn us into Toclafane or some such nonsense. It gives us hope. Nick Young might be likable but Peter Vaughn Clarke as Stephen really shines. He really makes me believe in him, even if his acting is a bit inexperienced. He also looks really good and draws you in. And there's that incredible theme tune that rivals even Doctor Who's theme tune. If any show could rival DW as a series, then this should have been it.        



Stephan is taken to Bentham Hall, an abandoned estate where the chubby villain known only as Jedikiah, as found out by TIM, the Tp biotronic computer. TIM also finds out using Carol's tip of a news article that Jedikiah is supposedly an Eastern reilgious leader, sounding more like a cult. Kenny, being told by John that his strong telekinesis might be a lead in to mind using the snake gun that Carol got off Ginge, jaunts to a bridge to try the technique. Kenny loses the gun when a policeman startles him and he drops the artefact into the Thames. He's upset with himself when Carol tells him about the news article and TIM traces it to Bentham Hall. In the meantime, Jedikiah tries to question Stephen and when Stephen becomes uncooperative (almost at once) Jedikiah warns him but is himself warned off threats by a mysterious voice.  The Tp use some other technique to recap (handy on a soap opera type show with cliffhangers) and realize the artefact snake gun had only one eye, leading to the talk about a Cyclops. In the meantime, Stephen tries to escape again but it stopped by Jedkiah himself. Jedikiah is told by the Voice to leave as Stephen is put into THE machine. Stephen seems to get brainwashed by the Voice and he sees a one eyed thing as well as Jedikiah. The other Tp appear at the house and rescue Stephen but are attacked by the motorcycle gang...who can't catch them. Stephen is given a teleport belt or a psi power booster that enables TIM to teleport Stephen back to the Lab. Once there, they introduce him to TIM and to the Three Ts (telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis), and the fact that TIM can be turned off and can cook. Carol goes home after Kenny does. Stephen tries to sleep but worries about what he will tell his parents. John offers to go talk to them, telling Stephen he cannot function without his own parents' help. John jaunts to the street where Stephen lives and knocks on his door. He talks to Mrs. Jamieson about what's happened. Stephen, after eating, tries to return to sleep. Jedikiah has sent Ginge and Lefty to go after Stephen, them knowing somehow where he is. Stephen's brainwashing comes into play and he turns TIM off and opens the Lab a smiling Ginge...Lefty at his side.

REVIEW: We get a lot more Tp firsts here as well as standards. We fully meet TIM and are told that inside him are bio chemicals and that he's alive in the tubes and coils and bubbles. The Lab is better lit and we see a lot more of it. Despite what it might have looked like in reality, this set is huge looking and looks amazing on screen, just what dreams are made of and escapist fantasy sci fi. Carol continues to be annoying and rants and raves and goes hysterical ("Come right up and see the TP!") while Kenny...we learn hardly anything about...and when he leaves later in the season...well, not really. We only find out a bit more about him in THE BLUE AND THE GREEN when he's already gone off Earth. The actor tries but he's pretty awful and I can barely understand a word he says. Nick Young comes across as innocent and charming and a strong leader with caring overtones. We also get the first real bondage scene and the first torture/brainwash scene. To Stephen of course, who's still in his PJs. Who's clothing does he get in the Lab? They seem a bit big for him but they're nice and blue. We also get what is not unique to this show...lots of location work and it's always nice to see another country and the locations...alot of streets in the city, towns, and that forest and lake outside Bentham Hall. It all looks so expensive and grand to be honest, in contrast to the interior of Bentham's Hall's studio look. Ginge and Lefty: not really good. Ginge, at times, can be menacing and the other motorcycle groupies are menacing for reason of fact that we don't know about them and they don't seem as stupid as Ginge and Lefty. The mystery of the one eyed thing and the voice is good. More should be made of Stephen's parents. We never see his mum again. We never get to see his dad at all. Still, it is the first parent scene we get and probably one of the best. There's also a feeling of real news items and events used such as cults and psuedo religions. This ep is not bad at all and again Peter Vaughn Clarke, despite almost no experience, comes across as genuine and sincere and charming...              

The next ep's resprise will eliminate some shots and use different shots. It is almost as if they reshot it or redid it but I don't think they did. In DW's early days and in most of all of DARK SHADOWS, they reshot or restaged the reprises rather than use the old, it appears to be different takes or an edited version, in the next shot, the shot of Ginge smiling at the door is fact, Stephen doesn't seem to open the door at all but just shut TIM off. 



One thing about this show is that while DW did the reverse, this show started off with one overall title for the episodes of a story and moved later on into separate titles for each individual episodes of a story. In any event, this one moves just as fast. Carol wakes up and finds that she cannot contact TIM or Stephen or jaunt very far without the extra boost from TIM. She jaunts using short hops to John's bedroom and wakes him up. We get our first shirtless scene in the series and I must say Nick Young is nothing to look at from the neck to the waist. Not impressive. Anyway, John starts to figure all sorts of bizarre theories: that Stephen isn't human, isn't the real Stephen, that the motorcycle gang isn't from Earth. There is a mention of an alien race that the Tp have slight contact with and that he, Carol, and Kenny have visited (in fact, he says they all have been there but that can't be possible since Stephen just broke out and there wasn't any time episode wise for Stephen to go there but perhaps John doesn't consider Stephen one of them yet). Carol hysterically rules John's theories out ("Oh he can't be one of those!) when John claims that Stephen might be against them and Carol thinks TIM might have been turned against them but John claims that isn't possible. John tries to communicate with TIM via a crystal and Kenny does the same much later when he wakes up. This is the first and only time we see John's bedroom. Wonder if Carol can say the same.   

The pair jaunt toward the Lab which is in an unused underground railway station. Ginge and Lefty have Stephen there, Lefty making good knots. Jedikiah has Ginge plant psi traps all around the location. When Carol and John come up against one, they jaunt away, fearing it is a trap. The trap causes them to jaunt only half way and they both end up stuck in psyedelic hyper space, the space between space, between on micro second and another, no where nad everywhere. John predicts, accurately, that falling asleep is dangerous in hyper space. It rejects their bodies and starts to disintergrate them and the sleep makes it happen faster. Just as he warns Carol, she begins to fall asleep but he's falling asleep first. We see her image blur and it's most disturbing. John found out about this from the slight delay it took them to jaunt from one place to another. When they jaunt they pass through hyper space at one end and come out another. One of the properties of hyper space is to make one fall asleep. Carol tries counting...

Jedikiah explains hyper space to Ginge as Stephen listens. Jedikiah claims it makes star travel possible and time travel possible. In this ep, Stephen thinks it is a load of guff. Stephen tries getting Ginge to help him but to no avail. Kenny wakes up and immediately realizes that Carol, John, and TIM are out of contact: he seems to always wake up and say good morning telepathically to them. Kenny jaunts directly into the Lab. This is the only time we see his bedroom. Stephen warns Kenny but Kenny's power proves strong. He destroys the trap completely and closes the door on Ginge, "Hard luck."  He also dives out of the way of Lefty, who hits his head on a wall machine and falls. Stephen is wearing what we later find out is a psi dampner device on his head (and his image in the credits for season one---all 3 stories---contains this device on his head). One of them puts TIM bakc on. Stephen remembers the hyperspace coordinates but TIM can't find the pair at them so either they have moved or Stephen remembered them wrong. Kenny goes outside to deal with Jedikiah---for some reason Ginge and Jedikiah were waiting outside the Lab doors on the steps---with Ginge sleeping on the steps---for intruders. Jedkiah has also been in contact with some alien voice again. Kenny moves to stop Jedikiah who has a ---laughingly---ray gun (that looks like a kid's toy or worse)---but Ginge uses another snake stun gun on him.  At the same time, a recovered Lefty attacks Stephen from behind, despite TIM's warning. 

TIM finds Carol and John and jaunts them back into the Lab just as Jedikiah has burned a hole into the door and found entrance.  As Stephen knocks Lefty off his back, John pulls the TP stun gun on Jedikiah. Jedikiah calls them fools and fires his gun...which seems to freeze John, Stephen, and Carol in some kind of mist....

REVIEW:  Interestingly more firsts: the first time we see John and Kenny's bedrooms (and the last for both I think), the first shirtless scene, the first (I think) scene of the psi dampner (although Stephen might have had it on in the last ep), the first attack on the Lab and the first time we see the exterior of the Lab's railway station...right out to the front street. It is also the first time we see hyperspace.  We also get explanations of hyper space, brief mentions of the Sophorstrians or Zophastrians who feature a bit more in the comics of LOOK IN and are details more in the novels...I think as a race of old men who are peaceful and won't intefere at all...and at another time as light creatures who not humanoid at all...or both. Nevertheless, these aliens may have built TIM or given John the ability to and they help the TP from time to time and are visited by them. In fact, in the spinoffs by Roger Price who wrote the TP also or rather almost every story but one or two...these aliens contacted John right away to help him as a newly emerging homo superior. Erm...anyway this ep has some action and the music is just as good, giving us the second time the theme song is used in slow motion or played at a slower speed during the episode. In fact, each time the theme song is played during the credits, it seems somewhat altered in some way. In THE DOOMSDAY MEN we even hear a lightning bolt like thunder crash clapping as it starts in one ep. The imaginative series that this is, sets up more adventurous ideas and situations. Nick Young, I feel is still too old but he's nothing compared to the miscasting of Carol and Kenny. Again, Kenny has potential as a super TP with advanced powers despite his young age but this ep and maybe one other (where he actually helps raise Stephen and John from being...uhm, dead) are the only two that detail just HOW powerful and confident he really is. Peter V Clarke is once again charming despite being a victim for most of this and his acting is improving...not that he needs it too, he's just great to look at and listen to. He's a cross between an angel and an elf and is interesting unlike Carol and Kenny's portrayers. Jedi's ray gun is very silly looking, like a home made ray gun a child might make from nick nacks.

Still, the kids in this show seem to talk like real kids. Kenny says, "Hard luck" and Stephen says, "Smashing" in the 2nd ep and they seem to talk like real people might. Once more though, Carol's hysterics almost ruin this ep but not quite. Focusing on her more often might be a mistake as we shall see in the second story THE MEDUSA STRAIN. It's also interesting that Ginge doesn't turn ally right away or at all in this ep and still seems mean, despite his "stupid" status. And Lefty's even stupider status.

The one thing this show has above almost ALL other sci fi shows is that the kids are in charge of themselves...most of the time. In LOST IN SPACE, as much as Will is the center showcase, he's usually paired up with Dr Smith and/or has to obey his father or mother or Don; Barry in LAND OF THE GIANTS is the only child and therefore cast into the background, even Wesley on NEXT GENERATION saving the ship a few times isn't really in charge of himself or given choices  that these kids have to make. And that is what sets this show apart from all athe others: the TP are usually on their own and usually have to save the Earth or time or whatever by their own decisions and choices. It would have helped add to that asepct if John weren't so OLD in the first place.  I have no idea (although I used to know) how old Nick Young was at the time this started but I"m thinking it was 17 as is the age of John. But he looks, IMO, much older, at least in this 20s and it does the show a disservice. Most TP fans would disagree with me and most find John their favorite character. I think he should have been younger, at least 16 maybe 15 and the impact of THAT would have been greater. As it stand, this is still a show about teens and kids as the main characters and as such is just...fantastic.                           

4 This episode seems a bit short. Either way, the story moves fast. John, Stephen, and Carol recover. Carol realizes, somehow that Kenny is missing. Kenny is taken on this rainy day to Bentham Hall. Once there, he, Ginge, and Lefty are put in a room, locked in, and then spun as the room shakes back and forth...and lights up. It transports them someplace else and they find themselves in a replica of the room or the whole room has moved. In the meantime, TIM tells John that Stephen cannot join Carol and John on the link table: the silencer band stop him using his powers. John deduces, again, that somehow it stops Stephen from being a fully active TP. TIM tells John and Carol that if they touch the band at the same time they might be able to remove it before it kills Stephen. He does a countdown for them and they remove it. Using powers, the other two also get Stephen to recall what happened last night and they see the Cyclops again. John and TIM go into Cyclops history. Stephen smiles, "That's a right fella to have controlling your mind." Stephen realizes though that he may have turned against them thanks to being possessed by the Cyclops. He also feels that the Cyclops might be in trouble somehow. The trio go to Bentham Hall and find the room Kenny was in. In the wall, in a secret compartment, which once housed the transport device that moved the whole room, is a time bomb. John realises it and they all jaunt out just before the entire house is destroyed. This sends the trio flying into the Lab from the blast (I guess). Jedikiah disposes of his disguise as a human being and he looks like a tin can robot, the kind that used to fight FLASH GORDON in the 1930s through the 40s and the type that featured in 1950s movies. He looked better as a very tall, chubby bearded villain. Look on the bright side, now the camera can't get so close as to see the hairs up Jedikiah's nostrils. Ginge tries to punch Jedikiah before the robot changed from his disguise and hurt his hand. Kenny is taken out and put in the brainwashing machine by Jedikiah. Watching over it all is a green seemingly naked Cyclops man. Kenny opens the door for Ginge and Lefty to get out of the room and he's already guessed that won't help them because they are in a spaceship. Ginge looks at the window and sees Earth below. The Cyclops contacts the others and tells them if they want to see Kenny again to jaunt to the coordinates he gives them. They realize they will probably be walking into a trap. TIM shows that the coordinates show outer space over Earth and a spaceship that looks damaged by a meteor strike. The Cyclops needs Kenny and others like him to power the spaceship to get home. He also seems to be coughing from something. And sick. Stephen tells Carol and John he's not going wtih them--it's none of his business. He's really just worried he'll be taken over again by the Cyclops and turn against them. TIM and John tell him that he has a duty to all mankind and humanity, not just the TP. Carol tells him it is difficult being a TP. They convince him to join them. Stephen, Carol, and John don the blue AE (Any Environment) Suits (for the first time in the series), ready to jaunt upward. It must be said that the DVD commentaries for this series (BIG FINISH and usually with Nick Briggs for some unexplained reason) are very very funny. Nick Young and Peter Vaughn Clarke have great senses of humor. In this scene they talk about how tight the AE suits were and how they had to have powder on their skin; this leads to Peter talking about his farts and how they didn't smell back then and don't now! Nick Young tells him that's what he thought. They also talk about how they did an appearance in the House of Lords. Peter also wishes he had that same face and that same skin he had back then. Truth be told Peter was a bit andrognous back then and perhaps that is the allure of Stephen somehow. Kenny, after brainwashing, is a bit loopy...well more than usual. Ginge apologizes to him for getting him and his friends into this. He also tells Kenny that he and his friends are not normal kids and he feels as if he's in a nightmare. He seems worried about Kenny. Ginge uses the word "HELL" for the second time, the first being in ep3. He wonders what Jedikiah wants with him and Lefty. Kenny says, "It's not you he wants, it's us." REVIEW: Well most of what I felt was in the above but again, it is a pacey episode with alot of fast scenes and intercuts between the replica room with the time bomb and the space ship room; between the Lab and the Cyclops. There is some nice location work in this again. Carol is subdued most of the time but she sometimes goes into that high pitched whining scared voice. Nick Young shines as John in this and Philip Gilbert using just his voice has already imbibed TIM with a full personality and a likable one at that. He's just great. John seems to know things before he should somehow but maybe that's just part of his powers. The AE suits are inspired bits of business, not just spacesuits and later stories will embellish them even more, making it so that the AE suits can blend into the background, almost like they were just wearing their regular clothing. Ginge and Lefty still aren't all but as the start to regain some sense of humanity, and make some sense, there's a feeling that Ginge, at least might be a good friend to the TP but his language is sometimes ununderstandable. Lefty mispronounces Geronimo. Kenny's speech pattern is a bit strange, too. The effects are adequate and the model of the spaceship not too bad but it does look like some household things like a toaster iron or an iron for clothes. Still, that doesn't spoil this ep or this story and there is almost no silliness aside from Ginge trying to punch Jedikiah.


It's loud, it's brash, it's bold, and it's doing things that earn it points but frankly, were done over ten years or more ago by Irwin Allen and done better and will be done better in a few years time by Gerry Anderson. Still, it gets points just for trying and trying stuff that DOCTOR WHO would never try, even today. And the alien mask looks better than anything in old WHO and even better than some things in New WHO. The body outfit looks pretty poor but again, it looks like  LOVE AND MONSTERS's alien body stocking and isn't too much worse than that.

Carol, Stephen, and John prepare to jaunt up but TIM tells them one of them should stay behind and he thinks it should be Carol. If all of them are killed, what will happen to the other children that may break out into TP? John tells him that he managed and so will they. Carol tells TIM that this is not really Stephen's fight and he should stay behind but Stephen feels it is his fight as much as anyone else's. TIM jaunts Stephen and John up to the spaceship. But not Carol. This could be because she's a girl and her line will be needed to keep the TP going.

Good thing, too, because Stephen and John jaunt onto a pad that is surrounded by a forcefield. As Ginge, Lefty, and Kenny are still trapped in the room, TIM jaunts Carol up and she finds herself chasing and being chased by the Robot. She stuns it and it crashes into some valuable and needed equipment, injuring itself so much that it goes mad and also damanges vital parts of the ship, shoots a hole into the room that holds Rash (YES Rash allright!!!!?) the Cyclops and that starts draining the ergon atmosphere in his chamber...that it needs to breath. In addition, the Robot Jedikiah later shoots a needed engine and starts shaking the ship all over the place.

Kenny, even with the silencer band on, knows the others are here.

As they converse with the Cyclops, they learn a great deal. His ship was caught in a meteor storm and damaged. He had a crew of telepaths who breathed oxygen and they were vital and willing members of his crew. He is not telepathic himself. Some races will be telepaths and some will not. TIM later tells the TP that Earth can still go either way. The telepaths on board the ship died from something in hyper space (not sure we ever learn what that is but maybe it has something to do with the next story and the next villain in hyper space). He needed telepaths to power his cyclatron engine drive. He wanted the TP to do this and they would have been returned home. They also learn that the history of the Cyclops as relayed by humans over ages has been slanted and outright lies: the Cyclops claims that Odyesseus's men were treated with fairness and the cyclops tried to be friends with them but was slain. Each time aliens come to Earth to try to make contact, they are killed which is why so few races come  to Earth any more. Rash's people have sent ambassadors but they are usually killed. Carol claims that the TP are ambassadors of a kind. Rash warns them that their own Earth people will kill them if they find out what they are. John claims he'd like to read the galactic accounts of these past encounters. Rash tells him they are not for humankind to read. Rash, to prove he is of good will, lets Kenny's silencer band come off.

Several things happen at once: Jedikiah menaces Ginge, Lefty, and Kenny. Ginge protects Kenny. Lefty claims they are their friends now. Kenny calls Ginge and Lefty Sap, short for home sapien or that which was already. Ginge cannot figure out the word, "Homo s..."  Lefty tells him not to dawdle and to come on. 

John and TIM find out that a Sophristrian lady (or something, it's hard to hear or shuttle or something) is on her/its way toward the planet/galaxy that Rash lives in. If John can get enough jaunting belts around Rash, he can jaunt him to that ship before this one blows up even though using all that power could vaporize the ship anyway! In addition, John had to return to the lab once already so that he could get a gun that can repair the hole that will keep the ergon inside the chamber so that the Cyclops Rash will not suffocate. Stephen uses the gun to repair the hole and then the resourceful long haired boy also somehow fixes the teleport device in the room to send Kenny, Lefty, and Ginge to Earth. This works as does the jaunt of the huge, naked Rash (how a jaunt belt can send a non telepath is beyond me...but maybe it was a matter teleporter). Roger Price, the creator, writer, of the show later claimed he just made the powers of teleporting/jaunting to get his characters from place to place for stories but jaunting and being super human is one of the great premises of this great show.

The ship does explode; Carol and Stephen not abandoning John until he jaunts off it. After the ship vaporizes, Jedikiah, the robot floats in space, damaged but not destroyed.

Everyone is saved now. Kenny, Ginge, and Lefty return to the Lab, all soaked, having been dropped in what Ginge calls a bleeding bog or something. It's hard to understand him. Everyone laughs. Ha ha.

REVIEW: Like I said, this is a big and bold and does stuff it might not have had the resources to do. The "robot" Jedikiah (this background is sketchy at best and later is turned around on its a...ear...he only looked like a robot, he's really a shape changer...or was that a bionic robot/android? No one seems clear in any given story...or a robot that can shape change or a shaper changer that can look like a robot?) is flimsey at best. The sets and lighting are rather good and hide how cheap it all really is. Camera work is generally good, better than really old DW. The smoke, lights that strobe, smoke, mist, and shaking camera tilts to give the image that the ship is shaking and the pathetic explosion all kind of work together to give this a rousing climax. We also get many of the show's future ideas: the TP may or may not be the prelude to a great breakout, one must stay behind, Jedikiah, aliens that visit Earth out of need or to hide, telepaths that must or want to help aliens with their powers, spaceships out of control, and traps. A good ending and fast paced if a little...over reaching.  We also get an almost direct ga reference with the homo s...scene...and frankly it's very, very funny as Ginge tries to grasp what this means, Sap and homo sapien and whatever, the first of many gay innendo and/or references.                

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