Chase - Posted on 15 November 2009

The original THE PRISONER 17 part series is worth a serious look once or twice. There really is NO series like it ever and never will be. It really is a mix of spy, politics, social statement, and intrigue as well as fairy tale and allegory. It says a lot about the crowd vs the individual, being yourself vs joining in, standing up for individuality or giving in, which is right? Which is wrong? it goes for society and for the loner, taking sides at one and then the other. It means something but you have find out means for you. ANd it has that mystery man Patrick Magohan and that other character THE VILLAGE itself...what a real life setting for a such a strange mystical, brainwashy show. and there's science used. ANd dreams. And fairy tales. 

The new AMC THE PRISONER has almost nothing to it. A good cast, a colorful cinematography, a nice backdrop country to film in, and ...that's it really. It's frankly flat and boring, just like the new V series. It can't really compete with the source material. Robbed of the excellent VILLAGE and not having Patrick (did he pass away?) involved nor the same brilliant clever writing, winking at the watchers and the watched, this show has nothing to win us over. It's frankly dull and meaningless, just the opposite of the original. Go rent it now.

When will the entertainment industry learn? They tried to redo ADDAMS FAMILY with limited success, GET SMART four times, FOUR! with almost no success, THE MUNSTERS a few times, at terrible BEWITCHED movie, a so so first half of a 1997 LOST IN SPACE movie and an awful second half, a pretty off the track LOST IN SPACE pilot for the WB, an oddball TIME TUNNEL pilot, a never aired DARK SHADOWS WB pilot, and a totally way too different THE TOMORROW PEOPLE series in 1991. Only DOCTOR WHO came back to accolades and quality. Please never remake LAND OF THE GIANTS, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA or SPACE: 1999. I don't want to see those butchered, updated, modernized, etc. They stand as they are.    

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