Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part One Preview Video

Administrator - Posted on 20 November 2009

Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part One - this year's Christmas special starring David Tennant as the 10th Doctor will be coming to BBC America on Saturday, December 26th at 9pm Eastern / 8pm Central. See a preview below:

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The Ood are, by far, my favorite new Who creatures! This is looking great so far! I can't wait for Christmas.



"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

I like the Ood too but this..was poor no matter how you look at it. David's Doc really REALLY needs a comp with him. Without one he seems very very self indulgent and in a way, here, he act like he did in TOOTH AND CLAW, way too over the top with the nervous "funny" stuff that isn't funny and that writing was poor.    

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Considering how deathly serious "The Waters of Mars" ended, I was a bit taken back by this clip, which is, presumably, the beginning of "The End of Time-Part 1." It seemed too loose, almost too comical. The transition between the special and this clip was jarring. Also the Doctor's attitude seemed a shade out of character, wearing a hat and talking about getting married. It did not sit well. I suppose, it loosely fits with his new "character" we saw at the end of "Waters of Mars," but I am inclined to agree with Chase on this one. Maybe they wanted to keep it light due to the context of the airing. It did, however, seem to get interesting at the end. Let the wait for Christmas begin.

"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)
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It's not actually from the beginning of the episode, but at a point in the story a fair way in.

I read an article where it say that the pre-title sequence to End of Time part one was too plot filled and spoilerly to show it on Children in Need night.

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Yeah, we had mentioned that in Doctor Who: Podshock 170 that the Children in Need preview clip may not be from the beginning of End of Time, but perhaps somewhere in the middle.


This also seems set to have a It's A Wonderful Life type scenario with the Doctor being taken on a tour of his own life via the Ood and that movie just cannot be done better than it was. I fear we'll see this Tenth Doc going through things that he's alreadygone through like meeting Rose for the first time, battling the Master, and maybe even going back through is Galifrey time. I find it oh yawn enabling.  IF that's the case  

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It is returning... and he is returning... and they are returning... but too late...

What is "it", who is "he", and who are "they"???

Is "it" the darkness?  Is "he" The Master? Are "they" the Time Lords?


Can't wait to find out!!!!!


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Featuring Wilfred Mott!!! Bernard Cribbins FTW!



"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

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