Alex Rider-SCORPIA (book 5)

Chase - Posted on 21 November 2009



As a doctor is about to give Alex an injection...

 "Don't tell me you're afraid of a little prick?"

"I wouldnt exactly call you that."

In the last book, as Yassen, the Russian killer for hire, who worked for Herald Sayle in STORMBREAKER and for rock/pop star Damian Cray, another mad man monster in EAGLE STRIKE,  died, he told Alex that he loved his father who saved his life WHEN THEY BOTH WORKED TOGETHER AS ASSASSINS! Then he told Alex that to find the truth out he should go to Venice and find the Scorpion or Scorpia. Well, in this book, what is probably the fan favorite (not mine, I love it but I feel each successive book gets better and better than the last one), a lot happens. Alex goes to Venice with his friend Tom (in the US version; in the UK version and the better version and the original version, Alex goes with a school trip that also includes his friend Tom Harris, a very good character). Once there, Alex chases a speedboat; gets to go to a party dressed as a slave boy, comes face to face with a white tiger, has to swim out of a drowning death trap, go barefooted on a train, parachute down a hill onto a building roof, and avoid...and failing to, a black and white pigmented killer named Nile while sneaking into an enemy factory!

And that's just the first quarter of the book. The plot, which I won't totally reveal, is logical and solid and keeps one reading to find out just how Scorpia intends to carry out its client's wishes to kill thousands of children in the UK...unless unacceptable demands are carried out against the US by The UK. Captured twice, Alex pushes the spider like lady Julia Rothman for more info about her father, whom he's told worked for the evil organization as a killer. Before the end of this adventure, Alex will know the truth. But he will be pitted against the people at MI6 and used against the one who had the most heart for him, Mrs. Jones, the peppermint eating dark haired woman (and I can't help but think of Sophie Akeonedo from the movie version of STORMBREAKER). Smithers, who was played by Stephen Fry in the well cast movie) also appears. He's Ale'x's Q and much funnier and fatter.

Will Alex train to kill? Will he kill Mrs. Jones?

As usual there's a great big climatic fight. This one dealing with a hot air balloon, injections that will be trigged by a device that will many, and Alex right at the center of it all. A daring escape, a fight against an assassin so good that he can kill in a blink, and a plot tight enough to make you want to read to the very end in one sitting.

This is the best book since Book 4 but just wait till you read Book 6! ANd then 7. Book 8 just came out this week, too. A great series with action that makes sense, plots that just grab you and characters that make you want to like them as well as villains who are well drawn out!       

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