Ep.171 Audible Thanksgiving Promo

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_M_ - Posted on 24 November 2009

FWIW, the Audible free Thanksgiving promo offer (without need of a credit card) that was mentioned in the current Ep.171 does not appear to include Doctor Who related titles. I was very :( about that...
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It was to my understanding that the offer was good for any title.

OK, going to the offer's URL, I see they have assembled a list of titles for the offer. I had not been made aware that the Thanksgiving offer would be limited to selected titles. I apologize for the confusion. We had recommended Doctor Who: The Hornet's Nest on episode 171 with this offer because we under the impression that it was good for any title available from audible.com. Unfortunately I see it is not included in the selected list for the offer.

You still can get any free audiobook (including Doctor Who titles) with a free Audible.com trial by using the http://www.audiblepodcast.com/podshock link


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I just had a listen of the current AFTER(171)SHOCK episode and it was good to hear the aforementioned lack of any DW audio books as part of the Thanksgiving promo options. Appreciate the mention of this if for no other reason by this time accept to state the correction... Props to you for that Louis :)

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