Doctor Who: The End of Time Photo with Tennant and Cribbins

Administrator - Posted on 25 November 2009

Den of Geek publishes this image from Doctor Who: The End of Time:

Doctor Who: The End of Time

The Den of Geek website has published this photo from Doctor Who: The End of Time which depicts Bernard Cribbins (Wilf) and David Tennant (The Doctor). For details on the book the Doctor is holding, see the article here: Doctor Who: brand new picture from The End Of Time - Den of Geek

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We knew that Bernard Cribbins was going to back in "Doctor Who" during tha christmas specials, but I can't help but wonder why we didn't see him in the preview clip. Maybe he comes in later in the story.

Reguardless, Den of Geeks (the website that had this photo) made a point about the book David Tennant is holding. Are they right or are they making somrthing out of nothing.

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They may be reaching further into the whole book thing right now, but you never know how things play out. Just like "Torchwood" was planted (heavily) in the series before the launch of the spin-off and "Vote Saxon" signs were posted everywhere leading up to the 2007 series finale, you can't take anything for granted.


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The BBC press office has info about the Christmas special on their website. Here is a link to it:


In the press releases is has the following people listed as guest stars (in white to avoid spoilers):


John Simm

Bernard Cribbins

Catherine Tate

Timothy Dalton

David Harewood

and June Whitfield.

This confirms the rumor that Ex-007 actor Timothy Dalton will be in the show.


However, the airdate is curiously missing from the press release - but I think we can guess when it's airing (Christmas - (Duh!))


If you can't get enough Catherine Tate, she has her own special as well. Here's a link to info about that show: 

Enjoy! Smile

R They kidding me? How awful does that sound? Well, I thought the same about WATERS OF MARS and I actually liked that. But this has John Sim so maybe I'll hate it just for that alone!

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We have dates for the two parts of the christmas special. However the dates are provided by digital spy quoting a source from the BBC.

According to the source - part one will air on Christmas day (December 25th 2009) at 7:30 PM - sandwiched between two episodes of "Eastenders". Part two will air the following week on New Year's Day (January 1, 2010) and it too will air at 7:30 with another episode of "Eastenders" as the lead-in followed by "Gavin and Stacey".

Since they are not directly from the BBC, I consider these times semi-official. I will consider it official when the BBC gives a date.


Here's a link to the digital spy story:



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The BBC press office now has dates and times for the Broadcast of the two parts of "The End of Time"


Part one will air on December 25th at 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Part two will air on January 1st at 6:40 PM - 7:55 PM.


here is a link to the updated story on the BBC press office web page:



In the US we wuill get part one on Satuday December 26th at 9:00 PM (EST).


The BBC America website doesn't have an airdate for the second part yet but I hope they follow suit with BBC 1 and air it the following week. The story gives a hint that it probably will be, by saying "The final two specials, Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part One and Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part Two, will premiere over the holiday season starting December 26 on BBC AMERICA."

Here is the page with the airdate of part one on the BBC America web page:


Just a reminder!

In the US "The Waters of Mars" will air on BBC America on December 19th at 9:00 PM (EST).

If you haven't seen this episode in the US - now is your chance!


Here is the BBC America web page for that episode:

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