MERLIN 2.4 (spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 25 November 2009

Last season's LANCELOT ep was a really good one and yeah he returns here. Morgana gets more and more ...wimpy with each passing episode and ...while her loyalty to Gwen is still strong and admirable, I could last season's Morgana wanting to go with Arthur to save Gwen, too. I mean if Merlin went along...there's plenty of mirth here between Arthur and Merlin as Arthur confesses his love for Gwen...and keeps it hidden or tries to. Merlin sees through it. Meanwhile, Gwen is captured by some gross guy with a band of gross guys. There's a big giant rat monster that's pretty cool looking and some more of them in a cave in an impressive series of scenes. I don't know about Lancelot becoming...tired of himself and of life. I mean a guy that is that good looking and has that sort of skill with a just doesn't really fly. He must have a home place, a home life, or someone who might want to, well, DO him! His fighting for money/gold just doesn't seem to fly but the rest of the ep is pretty good, too. I felt the climatic escape wasn't climatic enough and needed something more. I kept thinking the ep can't be over yet, can it? Hands up, who doesn't hate Uther? What a dolt. Impressive triangle of love/ maybe love and some good acting. Of course, stilted plot requires Lancelot leave but wouldn't it have been more surprising and interesting if he stayed?  Merlin does quite a bit of magic here but...not enough to really be impressive in the ep although Colin Morgan is ALWAYS good. A good ep, possibly a 7/10 or a 6/10  

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