MERLIN 2.5 and 2.6 spoilers?

Chase - Posted on 26 November 2009

These are the worst two episodes of MERLIN ever. Im not sure what they were thinking and maybe, just maybe as one 41 min episode it might have been okay or even slightly funny. As it stands, it's not. It's not the guest stars' faults because they are good. Sarah Parish, who may or may not be the woman from NANNY MCPHEE and WICKED is excellent as a woman who is really not a woman at all but a disgusting troll who on screen eats shits and maggot ridden bad fruit. And farts. It's not funny as it was in ALIENS OF LONDON/WORLD WAR 3 on DOCTOR WHO but crosses the line into true grossness. The story seems to be finding itself amusing when its really not, seems to be just passing the time, and repeats a great deal from season one and this season. On top of that, both Arthur (at first) AND Uther must be idiots not to see through the human disguise of the troll even when warned directly by Gaius and Merlin since so many other magic evil persons have tried the same thing and one quite recently in season two's opening. The show seems to have villains come to it ala GILLIGAN'S ISLAND and/or BEWITCHED but at least there it is funny. Here, the tone seems to be light but then there's gross shit eating and maggots and death. Morgana seems oblivious to all of this going on. Gwen is sidelined after such a good ep last time although she does see Arthur who is good hearted to the people here and tha'ts a nice character touch. At the same time, there are some good character things happening ("Despite apperances, Merlin is no idiot") here and it is a shame that such a lame plot has been formed around them. IN any event, it's still not as bad as some eps of other shows (think DOCTOR WHO) but it is the weakest in terms of originality, humor, and plot. It seems like a lazy episode too even though there are excellent production values and music as always.  

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