ALEX RIDER-book 6--Ark Angel

Chase - Posted on 26 November 2009

Good God. How much logical action can you pack into one book? Well, let's see, it all makes sense and it is all very exciting and dangerous more than a James Bond DVD collection, an entire season of Doctor Who, and well, anything involving kids who are spies in tongue in cheek fashion. This is NOT tongue in cheek at all and very dark and serious. Alex Rider finds himself in hospital after being seriously shot in the last book's last pages...and right smack in the middle of a botched kidnapping attempt...botched thanks to him and the use of an MRI machine...then held hostage, questioned, and left in a burning building. His escape from this burning building is one of the most memorable images from the books yet!

But that's just the start. There's murder at a soccer game, a near assassinatin of Alex at same soccer game, a dangerous car race, insects that can kill, disguised murders and villains, a daring underwater trap and a shark, a daring above the surface windsurfing sea chase, and a bunch of exicting scenes on an island with a crazy insane billionaire brandishing a machine gun ready to kill his own son! If tha'ts not enough, there's also a rocket lift off, and Alex goes into space and in a space station with zero gravity or so, he has to fight a knife wielding henchman. Only one of them can return to Earth...unless that one can escape the exploding shuttle!

This book is the most underrated Alex Rider book of all 8. It's just loaded with action, character development and intrigue. Don't miss it!


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