NOTHING AT THE END OF THE LANE Hartnell unmade script

Chase - Posted on 02 December 2009


The above site has a large book with 7 scripts of two unmade Hartnell stories. The first six is an Alexander the Great historical. The other one is an odd story about an alien in a seeming paradise who falls in love with Barbara but she is not in love with him. Despite this, if she does not, he might die and the others do not know it, not even Barbara knows it. As the TARDIS leaves, something terrible or wonderful might happen but who knows?

The Alexander story is a strange one. In both stories, the travellers have some contrived reason they have to stay: the TARDIS needs fuel and it might take years. Susan thinks in one of the tales that they have arrived in heaven because she heard harp music. The Doctor tells her that he knows the way to heaven and that if they are there, ther'es nothing to feel scared about...they will be safe in His hands! He also at times talks as if he were an old man ready to retire! Ian calls the Doctor sir. And oddly enough, the foursome sit in chairs with machines on their heads to travel in the ship. Written early on in the show's first season, the writer was not as familiar as we are with the conventions of the show, The Doc or the TARDIS. This big book is covered like an old Hartnell novel and is quite intersting. The show had been given an edict not to use historical figures any longer since they supposedly got complaints about depicting history wrong.  

The site has also published a book about the reconstructions and the search for the missing eps. Both books are quite good.        

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