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Administrator - Posted on 13 May 2009

This is simply a message to test the forums which uses the default forum module which is part of the core of this CMS. I should write more here to simply fill up the space better.

The forum feature is pretty basic here... not even smiley faces here... Perhaps we can add that later via 3rd party modules.

I will get a WYSIWYG editor going as well, as long as it is compatible with this theme.

Well, that is it for this test.

This is just me replying to my own message to see what the comment thread looks like. There is a module that can be installed that will make this look more like a traditional forum, though it may take some doing in setting it up, I need to read up further on it.

Louis Trapani's picture

This is Louis replying to a reply.

I know Dave is going to hate the new forum. "Too narrow" he is going to say. I think it is approx 550 pixels.. This theme is a fixed width one only. Sorry.

I had to disable the WYSIWYG editor module for the time being because it caused a conflict with another module. There may be a solution, but I haven't tried it yet.


Louis Trapani's picture

There is also a way to make the forum look more like a traditional forum with the avatars on the left side, etc. It may be a complicated module to install, I need to look into further.


daveac's picture

My first post in new forums.

So thanks for all the hard work Louis!

Cheers, daveac

Merlin_McCarley's picture

Humm, this will take a touch of getting used to.

If it is too narrow, there may be a makeshift solution that could be implemented that would free up about 150 more pixels that could be used for the forum. We will see how it goes though.

daveac's picture

Louis says this is a 'fixed width' theme - It's a pity the fixed with couldn't be more like 1280 than 1024

But it's more to do with each successive reply getting narrower than might make long threads a problem

Cheers, daveac

Louis Trapani's picture

The fixed width of this theme which we adapted for our use on the site has its pros and cons like so much else with the new site. The pros is that as the webmaster or administator or designer or whatever... website creator - there! You have a better idea of what the site might look like across the board. Though we never know for sure because of all the different browsers and platforms out there in use. I have been using the new site mostly using Safari and Firefox on the Mac myself. Just between those two, it looks different between the two.

For those that use their web browser in a full screen mode, the fixed width will seem to be a waste of real estate. I don't use the browser that way myself as I feel the browser is wasting too much of my monitor real estate. It seems more of a common practice on Windows to do it that way, and the times when I had to use Windows for whatever reason, i found myself doing it as well.

Although I have tweaked the theme a bit, I did not create it myself. I wish I had the time to learn and do that myself. The fixed width is a condition of the theme itself.

I guess the way around it all was if the theme provided an option to go either way, giving visitors here a choice between the two.

Who knows, we may go with another theme in the future that will do this or simply not be a fixed width theme. I initially tested out about a half a dozen themes as possible candidates for the new site. Of those, I don't think many were fixed widths outisde of this one (if any at all). But they had other issues that were of greater concern. Perhaps if and when those issues are addressed, we can revisit them.

Another solution is down the road we may offer alternative themes, which you can choose to use via your individual account settings.


daveac's picture

Hi Louis - is it possible the allow the 'replies' to a post to be the same width as the first post - or do tthey have to 'shrink' each time?

And if I ask any more awkward questions I'll have to hit that Donate button :-)

Cheers, daveac

Louis Trapani's picture

I think if we go to a "Flat" instead of "Threaded" system for replies here, they will be of equal width.


tarashnat's picture

I would be curious to see what the extreme case of nested replies would look like.

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

DWNY a New York City based Doctor Who meet up group.

A column of one letters going down vertically? Smile

Mr Smith's picture

Hi there. Well this is very exciting, my first post on the new site. Just letting you know I was Shockeye07 but have changed to Mr Smith (new site, new name) sadly not John Smith, complete with new picture. Looking forward to exploring the new site. Good work fellas.

The WYSIWYG editor has been installed since the original message in this test thread. To access it, if it does not automatically appear, click on the "Input format" disclosure triangle and choose the Rich Editor option.

It even has Tongue out smiley faces, although, not a huge collection (I will see about adding more at some point).

What I have noticed is this built-in forum software doesn't offer the ability to automatically quote the previous message. Egads! How can that be? Sigh.


Louis Trapani's picture

I just moved this thread to Website Feedback instead of Doctor Who Chatter. When it was created, it was simply to test the forum out and at the time, not all the different forums had been created yet, so it was placed in Doctor Who Chatter, but obviously this has nothing to do with Doctor Who.


Prof. Chronotis's picture

In the world of, erm, the archaic print media we've known for decades (centuries!) that there's a comfort zone for the back-and-forth motion of the human eyeball, and the new layout of this site fits it perfectly.  So I think it's perfect.  Except, as daveac pointed out, that long threads will get vanishingly narrow...

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