Chase - Posted on 16 December 2009


TRINTY is a strange show at least in ep1. There's some kind of mystery and a near murder it seems. Then it switches to an even raunchier version of GOSSIP GIRLS or something like it. The locales, as in most British shows over 35 minutes long (it's about 42), are stunning. A huge college. Also stunning are the young cast, beautiful to look at, especially Christian Cooke, who sports his bum quite a bit here and is naked throughout most of his time in this ep. There's also at least one really bawdy sex scene between...ewl...cousins, Cooke being one of them. There's a Christian girl who gets to lose her virginity with Cooke and she's there because her dad died and it's somehow linked to the school. There's a new second in command in the form of a short long  haired woman who is there as a token female lead according to the man who had to hire her (an older man who is played by a good actor), and there's a Feast of Fools. Frankly that review makes this sound better than it is. It's kind of sleepy and if not boring, it's just not treading new ground, just treading. It seems to have potential but the scenes to next time show a lot and it looks like more of the same and not at all that interesting. Perhaps I'll be wrong but if only to watch this for Cooke then I'm in. Also in this seems to be, I thnk, the actor who played Martha's brother, another looker. It's worth a try to see this but again, I'm not sure about any of it. I heard there are supernatural elements to it and aside from the girl seeing her dead father in an autopsy room...alive...there's almost none of that this ep...and that was either him still alive or a ghost and we don't find out this ep. Another show I just heard about is WATERLOO HIGH.  


This ep is less sexy and less predictable and much more entertaining, sometimes funny, sometimes bewildering, sometimes annoying and all the characters have a part. I'm sorry about Ross as he seemed to be the most interesting character but the mysterious voice on the vid screen of the evil Dr M and his Ygor like assistant has other plans for the mysterious project at the college which seemed to involved a rower who (Ross) went unstable. The prat from DEMONS (liked his character in Demons) is back playing his games. The club does something to David, the fat kid, to cover up for Ross's attack on him; Theo gets to show his true colors and comes up as one of the only admirable characters. There are others: Angela who wants to do right by the college and the man who admires her/once loved her. In this ep all three of them seem no match for the forces at the college: the rich Dandelion club and here, we have a gay couple destined for tragedy (as usual) and a couple of club jesters who have to pose or are forced to pose as a naked statue couple of gay lovers (Bryon and someone else, a Greek). The show keeps moving this time and it is outrageous but it also makes you feel for the characters such as Rose and Charlotte. The good forces have a plan that just might work; the bad forces are separated in their motives and the entire thing comes off as much more workable as a series and much more watchable. If the rest is like this it will keep me watching. And the cast is just magnficient.     


Frankly, the plot moves along and is drive now but I DO miss the raunchiness of the adult sex that went on in ep1. Still, Charlotte thinks its the right thing by sneaking into someone's coffin; a gay man admits he's gay and steal his lover's body and gets into it by taking out what was under the tattoo that was mentioned in the note his lover left Charlotte---why didn't he leave it to his lover? Didn't he want to get him into trouble maybe? Maybe not? In any event, the tattoo thing was seen coming from a mile away. Ther'es almost an anthology feel to this ep and maybe the next one. THe two stupid court jesters aren't funny, probably never were and need to be dropped from the show or changed somehow. The brother of Ross is annoying and trying to milk money out of his brother's death and he has some of the coldest lines in TV/movie history. Hope he meets some kind of sticky end or just stays out of the show. The hourglass is being worn around Maggie's neck and she's a nice person to boot. Theo and the awful Rosalind come to some kind of terms about their girlfriend boyfriend thing. And the power play between Dorian and Mr Meltavern comes to a head and is the least predictable thing in this story this time out. One just doesn't know who is going to top who in this episode or indeed the entire show. Frankly TV needs to be like this: unpredictable, outrageous, sexy, funny, and serious all at once. I really thought Ross's lover had had it when he hit his head on the rock and maybe he's still going to get the chop if next week is anything to go by. I thought that character was just a stpuid ANIMAL'S HOUSE kind of guy. Turns out he's not. We also get a bit of a showdown between Angela and Meltavern. Both good actors. I wish Angela's admirer would just go for it and / or become hero or not. Still, theere's more unpredictuable things to come on this show. 2 and 3 were definite improvements but still would like to see more naked bodies and sex as in that first ep       



IN soaps and ultimately that is what this is, in soaps, we have to expect the oppposite rules that happen in other shows and in this there's a rule that most of the time, the bad guys have to win. That said, there are many unexpected things that happen in this ep. Dorian and Charlotte's relationship seems to be closer and further at the same time and we see a small smidgeon of humanity in Dorian while his awful cousin Rosalind gets more and more evil and amoral and silly, trying to win an election that Charlotte is running against her in. I hate Raj and that stupid roommate of his. I wish they'd kill them off. They are just dumb dumb dumb. The intrigue picks up as the gay boy lover of Ross tears apart the office of Dr. Maltavern.  I must admit I don't get the connection to the puppets of the scientist and what that has to do with the boys they experimented on: tokens of his past affections? The election stuff is annoying and funny at the same time and Charlott'e's last speech is hilarious and her demostration ends well for her and fun for  us. Rosalind gets some comeupance but she's just mean mean mean and a cheater and liar and hypocrite, all the things she accuses Charlotte and Theo of being. Can't say I think much of THeo for staying with her. Ultimately a good ep but this show is still VERY strange.   But unpredictable and well made.

5's starting to get annoying that the bad guys always come out on top. Yes, there are some funny bits with the car fetish Hunter and the meet the parents with Rosalind and Theo's parents but on the whole a bit of a let down. We also get Maggie's five  year boyfriend and he's a bit of a twat to be honest but he can punch a college boy with the best of em. The lone gay guy lover is still missing after he tried to wreck, no he DID wreck Dr. M's office. M is a real bas$%^% and that continues here. Dorian and he make up. Oh and last ep, Dorians father appeared. He's even worse. What secrets does Rosalind have? Also Cooper appears briefly. IT's all going a bit south but this ep is not all that bad just not as good as the last one. Still, it's hard to top that one. Ther'es less Raj and his roomate and tha'ts always good. Angela's plans for Hunter come to nothing and Charlotte finds out that her dad was a bully in the same fraternity that she hates and he was cheating on her mum...with Angela. ! There's a nice slip and slide bit but it's all a bit inconsequential if nice. Dorian finds the missing vial so important to the strange/science experiment that Ross may have died for. A strange show.    


In the unfunny, ungrand tradition of the pair of dolts from MALLRATS and  other boring Kevin Smith vehicles, Raj and Angus play act apart from the rest of the plot. True, they discover Ross's body but then we're reminded how much more interesting and integral to the plot Ross was than these two idiots. I actually had to fast foward through some of their stuff in this episode, they are that bad and that annoying. Truly poor and I left this ep hoping they would be killed off or just vanish altogether. That said, their moments in ep7 are just the opposite: very, very funny but Angus is such a horrible person, dumb, stupid and disloyal. That said, the rest of this ep furthers all the relationships, especially Dorian and Charlotte, who have real chemistry, despite their different backgrounds. Theo and Rosalind continue to have problems and so do Maltavern and his aide, the "hobbit" scientist when a detective arrives to sort out the Ross body problem, take the body with a warrant and find to what really happened to the boy and what Meltavern and his aide are really up to mcuh to the Warden Angela's hopes. Needless to say I was expecting an unexpected twist if that makes any sense but...the expected happens so that is unexpected...when logic falls back on itself...this ep is very good either way and furthers the character arcs and developments...except for the Raj and Angus garbage. Oh, and Ross's lover Jorty finds that revenge doesn't really he goes about it all the wrong way and ends up as the next experiment...I think. It's a really weird show. and a strange ep but the actors are (aside frm Raj and Angus) very good and pitching in. And, oh yeah, Charlotte and Dorian go on a a tent..and she pushes him to tell her more about himself, his real self, something he resists but comes around. He's not just a shallow person but he has a background and he likes comic books...who would have known? He's becoming a real person and not just a bully...or is he?   On a rather less important note: Raj draws something on Angus's face meant to be undercover from the police, who aren't interested in them as suspects anyway in a direct steal from the movie TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. In that movie (which is very good) the gag worked well and was hilarious. Here, it's almost a sure sign that it will work and is a foul proof gag: only here, it falls short and is badly handled. It's not a sure sign. It just doesn't work here at all because of who does it to whom and where it's done and who doesn't see it (no one else). It sucked here. This ep, fortunately, has other things going on that work rather well.  


An even better episode than 6. Angus and Raj are really getting rejected and that makes for some funny moments until Angus is so stupid he betrays Raj but in the long run I think they make out (no, not like that). In any event, THIS is how the show needs to handle these two idiots if at all. The rest: an envoy from the mysterious Project that the Americans send is seemingly psychopathic and wants to interrogate Charlotte Arc, directly threatening her. Now, neither Maltavern, his aide, or the audience know what she has to do with the Project and we learn very little about what she may know (nothing really it seems) or why the killer/would be kidnapper wants her just that he's following orders. It turns out Meltavern isn't just a villain bad guy and that he really was Richard Arc's (Charlotte's father and killed mysteriously and part of the project) friend. He made Rich a promise: Rich will leave the project and remain quite if Meltavern AND the project protected his family. I't is NOT something Meltavern will go against or break. And he's not someone to come up against it seems even if he's old and his aide is a stupid hobbit who's fooled by the envoy. Meltavern also has a sonic cannon device at his hands to use against someone...he's willing to kill to protect Charlotte and I found that very very surprising, he's even going to go up against the project's heads. At the same time, Dorian and Charlotte come closer and closer after last ep. At the same time, Rosalind, to get back at Dorian for something, resigns, leaving Charlotte the head and open to abolish the Dandelion club.  Only she will crush Dorian. Can she do it? Will she? Angela and her colleague want her to and the colleague may talk her into doing it? If she does do it, or announces she will, will Dorian hate her or still love her?  It seems that the show is saying people can change but not too much and change on their own terms even if it means they will do what they have to do as their old selves. Dorian may really love Charlotte but can he let Charlotte abolish the club? Can she let it go and keep the club active and still love Dorian? Or love him and allow him be part of the club? Does she trust him to stay "nice" if he is still part of the club? This ep asks a lot  of those type of questions. ANd it's interesting and good, to boot. And what is happening to Jorty?      


Surprises that aren't surprises in a double bluff really. Strange show. Strange things happen and I wonder why Rosalind didn't tell Theo WHY she wanted to run off to America and/or why her uncle (Dorian's horrid father btw) was forcing her to marry someone else she didn't know and move to China. In fact, she told him nothing. Linus, the horrid troll like scientist is threatened by Dorian's father, too, and he's the real villain behind all of this, the right hand man of the American mystery program. I think I've figured out who the faceless woman who contacts him and Maltavern all the time is. Charlotte sees what she thought once was a ghost and she's kidnapped and directly threatened by Linus. There's a death and Jonty is ready to be released on the world. Rosalind gets in the limo and finds other Rosalind's ready to be married off, too. Is she an experiment, too? Maddy turns out to be the best friend any one could want. There are EMO glances between Charlotte and Dorian. Oh yeah, one of the funniest things this ep is Raj and Angus making's very public and very funny and full of some foul imagery and language. Another funny thing is Angus's short song ode to his friend, "Small brown guy". There is also a bit of gore as someone, NO! two someone's get shot. Dorian protects someone and this time it is for a good reason. Even if he thinks Romeo and Juliet end happily. Charlotte gets out by her own accord...almost, right into the hands of someone else. Angela makes good her promise to try with Greg but to be honest, the masked man who saves someone I thought could have been someone else, anyone else but the signposted person it really is. In any event, it's the end of the season for this show, possibly the end of the show itself and it's been a strange, ride, an acquired taste from that disjointed first, raunchy ep. The rest is not sexy enough but it is conspiracy enough, a mix of X FILES and CONSPIRACY THEORY with FRANKENSTEIN and GOSSIP GIRLS and TOM BROWN'S SCHOOL DAYS. It's strange. I hope there are more and I hope they stay true to the flavor of this and keep the same cast. They're brilliant.      

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