Chase - Posted on 22 December 2009

This isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I expected death death death and more death and Lucie Miller dying in a brave sticky and digusting way that meant nothing. Well, we dont get that. We do get a dismal Christmas story about dying in a hospital and not really dying and having those you love hang around as you're dying. It's just...

The British media might be nuts. They revel in this CD about reveling in Christmas time shows and soaps where secrets are revealed and people fight and argue and break up and leave each other and DIE. Yeah and they are proud of this happening around Christmas Time or evne on Christmas Day. There's something inherently wrong with that, PERIOD.  What happened to THE BOX OF DELIGHT and the Xmas stuff that is filled with cheer. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. I think it's disgusting that this idea of death on Christmas Day and evil minded stuff and fights is touted as the xmas day shows. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Now onto this audio: having heard the writer apologize for making my Christmas horrible and having read his apology as well about how dismal and awful this will be and having read Nick Brigg's "there will be tears" and having listening to the depressing PLAUGE OF THE DALEKS before this...this isn't too bad. The resolution is quite well written and not as depressing as it could have been. Yeah Lucie is in winter in a dressing gown outside on a park bench...doesn't make much sense at all but she parts from the Doctor and I for one am not that sad about it. I never really liked Lucie all that much. To me, she's just another in a long list of shouty, female Earth companions, who are almost cookie cutter companions...and that includes Charley and Izzy, too. Sure, she has or rather had some great moments and she got better and less LOUD and annoying but...she's hardly a new idea or a new type of character and her leaving is just...I felt like saying just like Sheridan (who just wants to stay on her job and loves her job obviously) "Just get over it and forgive the Doctor" but ultimately it makes Lucie a bit blinders on her eyes type of girl and one who just loves the DOctor...but not the real Doctor, her idolized version of him and this makes her...annoying again. She can't love the Doctor for him and who he really is and he in turn can't see past her faults and only looks at it as if he's the one hurt...what a pair of dolts.

I've made no secret of how dissapointing the Zygon Who Fell To Earth was and how I hated how the ending came about with Auntie Pat being a Zygon and all that and the real Pat having died. Here, some of that lame storyline is justified with the main thread about it is: LOVE. And the Doctor just about pulls it off and Paul McGann and the other actors all pull it off. THere's also some funny moments with a poor man who seems homeless but who got fired from his job as Santa for being too old...some very funny stuff but again, not enough of it. I must say the predictable DOESn'T HAPPEN so that's refreshing but again, it's just another in the long run of female/Doctor pairings. The companions need something new. Perhaps they won't do that. Perhaps they will go with Fitz, who at least is different. Or Benny. Who...uhm, isn't. I love Benny now that she's a mum and has some decency about her. But they really need a different thing going if this 8th Doctor stuff is going to survive.

Not a terrible audio but not one that is really for the CHristmas spirit but the story threads that are good didn't need to be set at Christmas but then again the funny stuff involved the Santa homeless guy...     


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