Chase - Posted on 24 December 2009

MISSION TO MAGNUS makes me wish we also had THE ULTIMATE EVIL script turned into an audio story. They are very similiar but MISSION is not typical mid 1980s DOCTOR WHO; for one thing--- it's good. Like really good. Nick Briggs on the commentary states how unknown it was for him or BF to have pre teens working on a story and frankly it's nice to see a ten year old character. I always felt--and I'm probably in the minority here--there should be more children and teens in DW. In any event, there isn't, thus Colin's interplay with Vyon is fresh and new as is Peri's. It almost wants to echo their relationships wiht the twins in THE TWIN DILEMMA but doesn't. The music is very 80s but never mind don't let that detract you from this or from it or whatever. There are also a male vs female thing with the females having won already via mind games and mind control. They seem to say they are peaceful but they're really not; they are really just as bad as the men, moreso. The script is not very female friendly and these seem to be fairly cruel, even wanting to kill the said ten year old psuedo companion to the Doctor. I was sure that the idea that the children were affected by the sun was a mind game ruse on the female's parts but it wasn't. They have allied themselves with Sil...

Ahh, yes, Sil. I'm known for hating the character as played/seen on TV. I don't even like the actor who plays him and think he's terrible in the part. BUT here, both really really work. Nabil does a great job as Sil and the story and the tone and inflection just really really work. Here, Sil is actually funny, especially during the second half where he is almost an ally...of everyone as he continually sides with the winning side. Sil...like his other allies, the Ice Warriors, works really well in this audio and I suspect would again if used. I would welcome a return here. As a side note, the writer of this, Philip Martin does not have a voice for audio so the less we hear from him, the better. I wouldn't mind one more script though to see what happens. The Ice Warriors: my opinion of them has totally changed over the years and I enjoy almost anything they are in. Almost. This counts as one of their enjoyable outings. That cliffhanger of them detonating a nuclear bomb to destroy Magnus, attacking the Doctor, Peri and Vyon is just...amazing. Well done.

Part two has some good comedy and mostly from Sil. ALthough once the ICe Warriors get a few good lines if dialog. Something like, "I...I am Sil. Your ally."  "Ahh, yes. At any time: fire to kill!"  Who would have thought that both Sil and the Ice Warriors would work and work together and work together on audio?!! Not I. This was thoroughly entertaining. Nick Briggs does a great job bringing most of their voices to life...all the ones he does are great and the others ones by one other person I think it one other person, are also good. 

Of course Colin is amazing in this and his Doctor is one of contradiction and sarcasm and fun. He almost forgets to stop the detonaton device and has to be reminded by the ten year old. He picks up a force stick to stop the Ice Warriors, he makes speeches, and he moves planets. He's amazing in this and Colin does it all with ease. He states he's playing the Doctor as he was back then but honestly, the more relaxed nower 6th Doctor comes through and I didn't mind at all. Colin is in top form here and the script is too. Of course there are some outdated ideas about women's roles and male vs female but for some reason they seem as relevant now as they did then. I mean do women make as much money as men, even now? They should, you know. Despite the outdated female vs male thing (in fact, FLASH GORDON in the 1930s and 40s had this going on as well as LOST IN SPACE-THE COLONISTS and Will Robinson's ideas about girls), this is enjoyable.

The climax: I don't think that the females would have given in to the marrying thing so quickly but maybe their minds saw something they liked about it? That was the implication.

Nicola Bryant does a great job here, too. Her Peri is sarcastic without being annoying or predictable and how she gets out of the Ice Warriors killing her is very good. She interacts with almost every character and does so in grand tradition. She also is a good back up for the Doctor and is very loyal here. Peri shines 

All in all a 10/10. 


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