Will End of Time Break Waters of Mars Record for BBC America?

Administrator - Posted on 26 December 2009

The End of Time comes to BBC America tonight, well part 1 of it at least. Will it top the best figures BBC America received last week with the airing The Waters of Mars special? Time will tell. 1.1 million viewers turned into BBC America (of those that can receive it of course) to see The Waters of Mars making it the highest rated show ever on BBC America.

Tonight at 9pm (EST), Doctor Who returns to the cable/satellite channel with The End of Time, Part 1. Here's a taste of the episode below.

According to the TimesOnline.co.uk, Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part 1 had failed to win its time slot last night (Christmas Day) in the UK. It brought in 10m viewers which is down from 11.4m which last year's Christmas special (The Next Doctor) had brought in. 

Winning the time slot was the Royal Family, which had 10.2m viewers.

10 mill is still alot of people. For the show's producers to really get the message that their show needs to get better and improve, the ratings have to slunk down to about 4 or 3 mill. I wish thi was the case with this drivel. IT really stinks compared to almost any of the past seasons.  What might happen is that people will see this crap and think DWwill be crap like this frm now on...and maybe they will be corret...an tune out. Then poor Matt Smith will come along and maybe those ratings will be down. HOw long can the public tolerate bad scripts?    

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