Crusade In Jeans, March Through Time EXCELLENT TIME TRAVEL MOVIE

Chase - Posted on 28 December 2009

CRUSADE IN JEANS is a perfect example of using history and timetravel and good storytelling without contrived superheroics (you know what I mean). I just finished watching it and it is sooo good it stays with you.

1212 : the Children's Crusade has to be one of the saddest, stupidest events in history. 1000s of children and teens taking off to Jerusalem, going the wrong way, following a shepard boy who meant well but who either was duped into or deluded about having heard from God. The faithfull were used by the faithless adults. It all ends badly for the kids, either dying from starvation, the cold, or being sold into slavery by the adults they trusted (priests!!!!) or killed by animals. Many were lost and never saw their homes again, some survived. Some returned home. It's a little known facet of history and I'm shocked that no one has put it on the screen before this.

Mix in a 15 year old from Holland (the movie is made in Holland I think) who's mom works at a time travel research facility. They have not had success with the monkies they are using but (and I Missed the first 8 minutes or so) the boy Dolph, a swimmer, goes back in time. He had to be at a spot to get home and somehow in a storm misses it. He also had to have pills to keep him alive and he has about 80 but not enough until he can be picked up...and probes are being sent. To add to the urgency (See RTD there can be some urgency in time travel stuff), the kid's mum is "put on administrative duties" or fired. She has to sneak in to the place to try to get her son back.

There are all sorts of ways time is twisted here but none of them very Earth shattering but cool anyway. A monk the trip is drawing pictures of Dolph's experiences and how he helps the children survive. Many things he does do helps; some things are mistakes or accidents. Like all kids he hesitates and some of the kids die thanks to this. Make no mistake MAJOR characters die here and it's pretty heart breaking. Others are seriously hurt. And the hero makes mistakes and isn't all powerful. THAT IS WHAT DRAMA IS ALL ABOUT.

In any case, the ins and outs of this well filmed, well made, well acted, well scripted, well scored movie are just...FANTASTIC. This is not to be missed. I just love it. I wish there was as sequel or a series. The fantastic location shooting adds to this movie and it seems to have been shot in five different countries. A bittersweet, tense, warm, human movie!       


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