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Evergreen Boswell swings a younger boy on a swing attached to a tree by rope. Two other boys watch, one quite older and with longer hair. Professor Cawston pulls up in a car and gets out. In the background is a trailer camp with one trailer and a few trucks and smoke coming out, laundry hanging on a rope and two dogs attached to the back of the trailer. Cawston inquires about her brother Tyso and with the other three boys, Evergreen runs off, yelling back to him, “He’s dying.”  


We hear a subdued and quite nice new arrangement of the theme song…which had different emphasis on different parts than usual…and it has Tyso’s face in the oval shapes…so he’s going to be one of the Tp…


1-Lost and Found


Cawston retrieves his bag from his car and goes into the trailer, telling Tyso’s mum that he is a medical doctor. Tyso is shirtless in bed and tossing, on his back, hearing voices in his head. (On commentary Nick Young says this is the Roger Price version of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY; PVC tells Nick later when they joke about Dean’s delivery as Tyso that Dean is a big boy now and they better be careful). It is Liz, John, and Stephen’s voice calling to him over and over things like “Concentrate, Break out, where are you, we’re here to help, link your mind to my mind.”  Tyso’s mum calls herself a gypsy woman and that her children are not like georgio brats or breds and they won’t talk out of turn. She blames the Professor for working him every day at university and filling his head with thoughts that he is special. When Cawston turns Tyso over onto his stomach, he sees wounds from a beating. Tyso’s mum tells Cawston it is his fault that Tyso was cheeky to his father and answered him back so he got what he deserved, they punish their children not like the bratty georgio breds or brats. Cawston gives Tyso a needle in his butt. This calms him down


In the Lab, the trio of TP lose Tyso’s signal. Stephen believes the boy is ready to break out but that John says he lapsed back into being normal. TIM claims with no strong telepathic trace, they cannot find out where Tyso is. The telepathy was too jumbled and too weak. Liz got a mental picture of being in a cabin of some kind and maybe a ship or a boat. She saw through Tyso’s eyes. John tells them it doesn’t matter, they will wait until he starts to break out again and then they will go to him fast. TIM thinks it is cause to celebrate a new Tomorrow Person and so he makes three glasses of something appear on the table. They drink it and toast to the New TP. Stephen realizes he saw through the boy’s eyes as well and there was a face there, one that he recognized as familiar. He can’t remember it clearly though.


Later or a new day? as Tyso in a blue long sleeve shirt comes to Cawston’s lab (a new one not the one in A RIFT IN TIME it seems) and is energetic. He tells Cawston that he’s had rows and beatings from his father before but that one just set him off. Cawston reminds Tyso that he was here with his school and tested all the kids but that Tyso’s was the only one among them that had special brain wave patterns. It was unique or almost unique as Stephen had the same wedge shaped pattern in the brain as Tyso has. Cawston tells him that he still tests thousands of school kids. Cawston believes anyone with the wedge shape pattern in the brain has special powers and abilities.  Tyso gets excited and asks like Superman or the bloke on tv show can bend forks (Uri Geller). Cawston tells him like Stephen, who came to him about year ago. He shows Tyso a film of Stephen with edited bits from A RIFT IN TIME and tells Tyso he can’t use Stephen in tests because Stephen disappeared, vanished into thin air right before his eyes.


Stephen recalls the face some more in the Lab. Liz gives him coffee. She has the first two periods free and then she has to get back but she will try to help him remember. Stephen says it is a man in his 30s and clean shaven.            


NOTES: on commentary PVC says he never auditioned, Nick makes mention of how colorful TIM’s balls are and that in this ep or story the voice of TIM, quality wise was not loud enough; Nick mentions the new jaunting belts---that they thought the show wasn’t coming back so they got rid of the ones with the big button on them and had to replace them with these checker board effect jaunting belts, which he says are cheaper but to me they look visually better. The Lab’s back projection screens---now there seems to be only one and before there might have been two---the images are not moving but still designs. Everyone feels the direction was tighter and Nick jokes about PVC liking it tighter. Nick thinks their roll back and mix stunt doing the jaunting is much better and people around them can move about while they are vanishing. Nick also mentions that Roger is fond of putting young boys in cages. Rehearsals were in Hampton Wick which is now a nursery school, Anne Curthoys, who played Tricia is on the commentary, Liz is not. Stan Woodward the director is now passed on.  Nick jokes about Cawston wanting Tyso to wear leather. Anne tells us she was friends with Trevor Bannister and is ex wife and that is how she got the part. Trevor plays Colonel Masters.       


Tyso gets into a cage to do the test Cawston wants to do. When Cawston does the same computer picking number test on Tyso, Tyso makes the dice roll the numbers asked including 5 and 4. He is successful five times in a row. Tyso thinks it is his gypsy magic but Cawston laughingly says no, he is like Stephen and that maybe Tyso will win him the Nobel prize.


In the Lab, in a bed, Stephen recalls the name: “Professor Cawston!”  He gets up and tells Liz who remembers the parapsychologist. TIM looks for the coordinates of Cawston so Stephen can go see him.


On the phone in his lab, Cawston talks to the Vice Chancellor of the school. They talk about the meeting of the finance committee next week or something. Cawston tells the Vice to bring along a certain Colonel Masters noting that the American military puts a lot of money into developing ESP research.  When he gets off the phone, Stephen appears in the room in a lite cream colored jacket with wool lining. When Cawston is amazed and turns on a recorder, Stephen turns it off, preferring if their conversation were not recorded.  Cawston asks if Stephen will help him and tells him about the meeting of members of the finance committee and the Vice Chancellor. He also tells him about someone from the Ministry of Defense. Stephen inadvertently mentions “us” and this leads Cawston to question about him about there being more of him. Stephen tells him, reluctantly, that there are two friends who are in London. Stephen asks if he’s been on a boat recently but Cawston tells him he’s not a good sailor. Stephen asks if Cawston will help him with a person who is becoming one of them. Cawston says he might but he might not since they are not willing to help him with his research. They would only convince the person who is breaking out into not cooperating with Cawston. Stephen says it is very important if he comes across anyone like him and gives him a telephone number…one that doesn’t exist as far as the phone company is concerned and which is untraceable. The conversation is both friendly and tense, with neither side knowing what the other is truly thinking. At times, Stephen won’t look directly at Cawston and sometimes they talk with the cage in between them. When Stephen leaves, Cawston ponders, “I wonder if Tyso is one of them.”   


Stephen returns to the Lab where Liz and John are. Stephen tells John that Cawston wasn’t really that helpful and Stephen didn’t expect him to be. Stephen didn’t want to say too much to him, he tells the other two. “He doesn’t know about us yet.”  John asks, “Yet?”  John ignores this and says that the next time this kid starts to break out, they will go him fast.


Next week? Colonel Masters and his young 20something pretty girl assistant Miss Tricia Conway arrive at the demonstration. Also present is the Vice Chancellor, two other men, and one lady. Masters has read Cawston’s work, and is interested in his papers about his belief that the next stage of human evolution is already living among us. They start the test on the long haired and blond Tyso, who goes into the cage to have the test done on him.  The computer is not used this time. Instead, Col Masters picks the numbers at random and one time, he even asks Tricia to give the numbers. Tyso makes the dice roll on 3 and 4 twice, then 5 and 4, then 4 and 2. Masters thinks it is most impressive and suggests, jokingly, that Cawston bring Tyso to Monte Carlo and then he’d no  longer have worries about research grants.


In the Lab, TIM relays a message from Prof. Cawston: he wants to see Stephen. We see an odd angle from below. Stephen gets up, “Right, I’m off.”  TIM and John stop him: it could be a trap. John tells them that Stephen has to go since he is the only TP that Cawston knows about. Stephen says that that is not necessarily the case and that he knows there are two more of them. Stephen sinks down in between John and Liz. On commentary, Nick Young asks, “Are you trying to appease me?”   


As Cawston sits, holding the dice, thinking, Liz comes in and acts like a Jamaican clean-phone lady using an accent that at times, turns Welsh-ish. She tells him she comes once a month to clean the phones. “Every phone is a haven for countless germs.”  He initially turns her down but then lets her. She tells him she will put the phone back  after cleaning it without getting her messy fingerprints on it. She makes the phone handle float in the air and then lower down. She starts to leave but Cawston asks her to do that again. She asks what and he tells her. She does it again, “Can’t every one do that, sir?”  He tells her she knows darn well they can’t. Liz says, “My friend Stephen can, sir.”  He smiles that she is one of them, one of Stephen’s friends from London. At first, he thought he made the ESP discovery of the century. Liz apologizes for doing it this way, they had to make sure this wasn’t a trap. Cawston is curious, naively not understanding about a trap. He just wants to know what they’ve done with young Tyso Boswell. He’s disappeared.


John, Liz, and Stephen (with wild, wind blown hair) appear on a hill over the caravan trailer. John instructs Stephen to wait until he and Liz go the trailer and then jaunt back to the Lab and wait there. Before he leaves, John pats him on the shoulder or back. John and Liz go to the trailer. In what’ s strange and effective use of the theme music, the first few strands are played over and over and over and it really works well. Tyso’s mum opens the door and at first, denies being Tyso’s mum, or that she even knows Tyso. She grabs what seems to be a ten pound note and John tempts her with another but first she has to answer some questions. She finally admits them into the trailer and that she is Tyso’s mum but only after John threatens to call the police. Outside a couple overhears some of this conversation. A part of the gypsy band or family? An aunt and uncle? She tells the pair of John and Liz to go or she will put a gypsy curse on them. John tells her that he and Liz have magic too and to prove it, they jaunt exchanging places (on commentary, Nick Young says he’s just changed sex!). John also points at and stares at her tea pot and makes it rise in the air. It is sort of obvious that Nick Young is looking at the wrong place, perhaps the monitor or prompter? It still works though. Ms. Boswell breaks down, realizing that they are what she called Chauvakhans. Liz tells her that Tyso is like them, one of them and that they need to teach him the old knowledge. Ms. Boswell cries realizing that Tyso is a Chauvakhan and that his father beat him so. She tells Liz and John that as gypsies they should love all their children but Tyso’s father has always hated Tyso. She tells them that Tyso’s father sold Tyso to a certain Colonel Masters.  


In the Lab, after the other two have told Stephen he says, “That’s crazy. You can’t sell people in this day and age, not in England.”  John pouts that from what he saw Tyso couldn’t be worse off. Liz takes offense at that and says a gypsy may not want to live in a stinkin’ old underground railroad rail way either. TIM takes offense at that, “Do you mind, Elisabeth, I keep the Lab spotless?”  Liz acknowledges this.


Cawston, in his office/lab, feeds a gerbil/hamster. Masters and Conway arrive and Masters thanks him for seeing them on such short notice. Conway says almost nothing but keeps staring at Cawston, unknown to him, reading his mind. Masters wants Cawston to come work for him. He will start in a month’s time.


In the Lab, John reads the Army List where several Col Masters are listed. Liz thinks they should go see Cawston and the others agree. Cawston sees Liz and Stephen appear but Stephen nods to John, who is behind Cawston. Cawston meets John. Cawston tells them that Masters offered him a job. They tell him that they know Masters has Tyso. Cawston figures that makes sense.


In the Weapons Research Unit’s bunker like room which has television security cameras (CCTVs), Masters and Conway enter. He asks her if she could read Cawston’s mind. She tells him yes and that there are other telepaths and that the Professor is holding out on them. She sees in her mind Liz and Stephen and that they can vanish. “They’re young. Colonel, they can disappear and reappear in another place.”  Masters calls them teleporters who would be worth having as if they are material commodities although he doesn’t use those words. They have a drink.


Masters, Cawston tells the TP, works for the Office of the Ministry of Defense telepath Research Project. When one of the TP uses the word Sap, Cawston asks what that means and Liz explains. It is a bit insulting, really, she says, homo sapiens. He asks if they see themselves as Homo Superior. John doesn’t know about superior but he says “we are undoubtedly the next stage of human evolution.”  Cawston reveals that in a months time he will start and then they see what has happened to Tyso, sure that Masters needs Tyso safe and sound and that he will look after Tyso and take good care of him. John tells Cawston that Cawston himself described the final stages of a break out and that Tyso only has two or three days. Cawston insists that Masters will look after the boy and then they can get to him in a month’s time. John says, “I don’t think you understand Professor. If we don’t get to Tyso in two or three days, he will die.”


REVIEW:  What can I say? SECRET WEAPON is arguably the best TP story ever. While it certainly is not representative of the series as a whole, it does bring up issues that were discussed briefly in the past and touched upon in the future and several stories later on rise to the level of this but never quite reach it totally, THE DIRTIEST BUSINESS comes to mind. More of this would have been warranted but instead we got A MAN FOR EMILY. Certainly there was plenty of room for sequels and in a small way DIRTIEST BUSINESS might be one. Later on in this story there is a subplot about a Russian device smuggled out that could control  human thoughts and control actions, monitoring the person the device is inside. TIM indicates there were more in Russia. The guest actors here ALL do a great job except maybe Tyso’s mum but she’s not terrible, certainly there were worse performances on the show. Trevor Bannister the jokester of ARE YOU BEING SERVED who is so funny there is here, a sinister, cold hearted and mean conniving man who doesn’t give a fig for children, teens, or anyone except possibly Miss Conway. Anne as Tricia is just the right mix of spy and telepath, strangeness and beauty, serving country. Cawston returns and he’s just great in this and for this ep, no one really seems to know if he will betray the TP or not but honestly Stephen’s original A RIFT IN TIME summation of  Cawston, “Oh, but he seems such a nice man,”  holds true here. Yet was he being nice as an act? I really didn’t know at first. I wasn’t sure if he would betray the TP. The story is almost perfect. If one can bring any criticism against it, it’s later on and only that two of the TP are out of action for most of the story and the story starts to get taken over by the guest actors and characters. There is also a lot of talk but what tension filled talk it is. More of that stuff later. This ep, the set up, is just well done; more mythos of breaking out, moving between Tp and normal; seeing through his eyes, etc. It STILL does not quite make sense that he hears the TP (in a later episode) when they are not calling to him (in THIS ep they are calling to  him) and that their calling to him (in this ep) seems to make things worse for his head. This is later addressed in ONE LAW.                                              



2-Not Quite A Sleeping Beauty


After a very short recap, Cawston tells Stephen he thinks the plan is a good one. The hostel/sanctuary they plan to put Stephen in undercover is run by Father Martin O’Conner and is at 780 Owen’s Road, Shepard’s Bush. When Cawston inquires, Stephen tells him it is not his real phone number and he wouldn’t give his real phone number in a million years. Liz is using psycho hypnosis to make it appear that the priest knows Stephen for months. Stephen is wearing what looks like a wintry (this episode was in Feb 1975) sweater with black snowflakes on a white-ish background.


Masters and Tricia Conway are invited to meet one Stephen O’Callahan. When Cawston gives Colonel Masters the faked background on Stephen, Masters wonders about how all  the test subjects have unusual backgrounds, Stephen being a boy in a hostel for homeless boys. Cawston hadn’t noticed the correlation. Stephen acts stropy and corrects them when they call it an orphanage. Stephen gets into the cage to be tested.  All the while, Tricia is glaring, staring at Stephen. Masters asks Stephen to give him double sixes and Stephen does. Cawston asks if Miss Conway wants to give numbers but Masters tells him no. Masters gives Stephen the numbers four and four but Stephen’s dice rolls to 4 and 3 and Stephen says, “Well, it doesn’t work every time.”   We hear a quick bit of TP theme ending and a cut to …


The Lab: John asks Liz how she got in to see Father O ‘Connor and she says, “Clean phone.”  He hopes that she didn’t also demonstrate levitation. She asks why not, since the man believes in miracles. Stephen telepaths in and tells them he thinks he’s hooked them…


In the bunker Weapons Establishment Research Center, Tricia tells Masters that she was able to penetrate Stephen’s mind but he is a much stronger telepath than she is and knows more than he is saying and is also up to something with Cawston, something she found out when she read Cawston’s mind but she doesn’t know what yet. She also says that Stephen is deliberately trying to make it seem as if he is a less strong telepath, covering it all up. He also felt her in his mind and put up barriers.


In the Lab, Stephen is on his back on a bed reading what looks like an essay paper. John is checking instruments and notices Stephen and tells him that the Colonel can’t kidnap him if he’s not at the school. Stephen agrees and moves to jaunt off (NOT going to the jaunting pad this time) but John tells him to take the jaunting belt off, they do not want one of those falling into the hands of the military. Stephen moans that it’s such a long way off  to jaunt and Liz agrees. John tells her that the mental exercise will do him good. He smiles, the smug ba#%#$.


At the hostel, Father O’Conner is confused and puzzled and worried. He tells Masters and Conway that Stephen is a shy boy and does not stand out in a crowd (that must be the implanted info as he’s neither of those things!). His records show that Stephen has been with them for several months and this is in accord with the priest’s memory (thanks to Liz) but that he feels he doesn’t know Stephen at all. Masters informs O’Conner that he has clearance from child welfare and the documents are all in order and O’Conner agrees. Records will show that Stephen enlisted in the army as a junior leader. Masters more than implies that his responsibility to the boy is over but O’Conner tells him that for one of God’s children, his responsibility is never over. Masters tells him in the legal sense. O’Conner feels as if the boy’s future has been decided for him and Masters tells him that in a way all of their futures are decided for them. It is true that he has not had time to consult Stephen but they can do so now. Masters tells him that his generation had their futures decided for them and fought for their country. When O’Conner protests that that was in different circumstances, that it was a time of war and that there is no war now, Masters disagrees. Masters states that there is a war in a way: democracy’s fate hangs on a balance of power that exists now. O’Conner wonders if a democracy that needs its survival hinged on one 15 year old boy is worth defending.  Masters tells him to bring the boy to him and what he has to say is for his ears alone. The Priest moves out of the room to fetch Stephen, giving Masters looks. Before he leaves, he informs them that he will tell Stephen that he doesn’t have to go with them if he doesn’t want to. When he goes, Masters closes the door and talks to Tricia Conway. She tells him the priest’s mind is confused, like a maze and that he’s known the boy for months yet he doesn’t know him. Masters wonders if Tricia is on form today. She tells him that there is nothing wrong with her ability to read minds but there is something wrong with the priest’s mind. Masters says, “Well, the man’s a fool anyway.”  Tricia overhears Stephen’s call to John and Liz as he tells them that O’Conner has come for him and let him know that Masters and Tricia are here for him. Stephen calls as John and Liz do a jigsaw puzzle in the lab. Colonel Masters tells Tricia to hit Stephen with the mental tranquilizer as soon as they are in the car. Before leaving Stephen with them, the priest tells him that he must make up his own mind but that he will support him. When the priest leaves, Masters asks Stephen to come work with them.


Stephen asks if they believe he is a mind reader and states that they believe all the stuff of Cawston’s. Masters believes it and that it can have applications to protect the free world. Stephen asks if they think he’s some kind of superman and Masters does and tells him that this will all be a secret. Stephen asks what will be in it for him and Masters tells him the honor of serving his country. Stephen asks if he will get money. Masters tells him if he’d like. Stephen asks about spy bashing but Masters tells him it is not that, laughing. When Masters mentions intelligence, Stephen asks, “What James Bond and all that?”  He asks if he will be trained to be a spy. He agrees because in six months time he is out of school and then it will be a job in a blacking factory in Hammersmiths. Masters calls O’Conner back into the room and tells him of Stephen’s decision. O’Conner shows concern for Stephen but Stephen tells him that it is what he wants: it’s better than staying here all the time or working in a factory. O’Conner gives Masters a look as they leave.


Stephen telepaths that the girl is giving him strange looks all the time. John jokes that it is his ugly face (WHAT?!). From the car, Stephen telepaths that they are giving him an injection. He didn’t seem to expect it but when Liz worries, John tells her it was to be expected.  


Later in Cawston’s lab: Tricia Conway is hurrying him out, telling him that the car is waiting. Cawston tries to stall and checks paper from his Data Dynamics computer. He looks around and then leaves. When the pair shut the door, Liz appears and can’t find the Professor and telepaths this to John. John telepaths to her that is 6pm, he must have gone home.


In the bunker establishment, Masters watches a sleeping Cawston on a monitor screen which shows the Professor lying in a bed in a small module room. He laughs.


Lab: Liz worries but John tells her she has to see things in the long term. It is what the have always feared: that the military will try to use them as a secret weapon, that military branch will have special projects  to use their powers. Liz protests, “Then why give them Stephen on a plate?”  “We’re not giving them Stephen on a plate, we’re taking Tyso off their plate,” John says. He asks her, “Do you really think they’ll be able to hold onto Stephen when he comes round?”  Liz says, “No, no of course not,”  and Liz apologizes, “I’m sorry John, I seem to be blaming you for all sorts of things.” 


Cawston’s vision is blurry when he first awakes in the white module room and he sees strange lights on the ceiling. Two men in white coats and with white hats like in a hospital come in with Masters, who also wears a medical smock. Masters tells Cawston he’s been asleep for the journey to the Research Center, a security precaution. They can’t have everyone knowing the location. The drug comaline or cobalin is used and it is safe enough, Cawston reasons but leaves a lasting dryness. In a few weeks they will not have to put him to sleep when they are sure he’s not a security risk. Cawston jokes that their employees must take a lot of time to sleep on the job. Masters, coldly, jokes that it gives their chief accountant less sleepless nights. Cawston is to take charge of the research into ESP, his research at the university and the lab are going to be short lived according to Masters. The government tries to discourage private sectors from developing the same things they are working on.  Cawston states/asks that isn’t that a bit short sighted. Masters tells him that the government didn’t go around during WW2 trying to encourage citizens to build their own atomic bombs. He also states that what they have here in ESP makes nuclear war fit for a museum retirement. Cawston isn’t blind to the potential of ESP but feels that mankind’s greatest leap forward should be considered for peaceful purposes as well. Masters agrees if it was just his decision but every major and a few minor countries are doing research into these powers so the decision is not theirs alone. Cawston suggests that all of them may be defeated by the people who have these special powers and they may refuse to help the world governments. Masters tells him that some do already help them and others may have to be persuaded. Masters helps him put a smock on and  a mask. He is still unsteady as he stands up and has to be helped to leave the room.


Masters takes Cawston to a blue light room that is the ICU, intensive care unit of life support systems…that are keeping Stephen and Tyso alive. The two boys are wearing only tight shorts and are unconscious held under the drug synaptril and laying in horizontal clear rectangular boxes, attached to machinery by wires that keep their bodily functions going. Cawston is alarmed: synaptril uses the synaptic gaps in the brain, possibly blocking them from sending messages back and forth, which paralyzes its functions.  The life support systems do the bodily functions for the two boys. Cawston says, alarmed, that to the best of his knowledge this drug has never been used on human beings. When he says this, Masters’ face shows that it has and he knows it. They do this to stop Stephen and Tyso from vanishing. Cawston asks what he means. About five months ago, there was a 19 year old female soldier who vanished just after her Theta Brain Wave pattern was detected. She vanished right before Masters’ eyes and was never heard from or seen again. Cawston asks if she was black and asks how they will stop the telepaths from jaunting…stopping himself at the word and changing it to teleporting when the boys wake up. That is what Masters wants Cawston to work on. He has to find a way to get them off synaptril and keep them here. Cawston is sarcastic, asking if there is anything else he’d like him to do like turn lead into gold or find the answer to eternal youth. Masters tells him he has everything he needs but time: on human beings synaptril has a decaying effect on the brain tissue. Cawston has four or five days with Stephen and two to three days with Tyso.


In the bunker, as Tricia pours tea, she tells the returning Masters  that she thinks it is monstrous turning boys into living corpses. Masters tells her that there is no room for sentiment. Worried, she supposes not. She tells him that when she read the mind of Cawston earlier, she saw a black girl was one of the ESP people. Masters tells her that Cawston will tell him everything. She smiles, “I hope he does, for his sake.”  He’s going to allow Cawston to return to his office for some apparatus he needs. When Tricia asks if he can trust him, Masters says, “No.”  He will send her with him and she will plant some devices including a TD941 from Chitties or something like that. Tricia tells him the quartermaster will not like allowing that out but that the man is convinced  she’s a witch so he will give her what she wants, afraid of her. Masters wonders what he would make of his teleporting kids. He hopes they will agree to work for him and then he hopes to give the KGB and the CIA a run for their money.


Cawston’s office and lab: the same two actors who played the medics are now dressed as soldiers or military men. They wheel the Prof in. Tricia comes in with them. She makes them leave once they set him up. He’s still unconscious, having been drugged again for the return trip. Tricia calls Masters on a huge portable walkie talkie like thing: a radio phone. She put a listening bug in the phone’s mouth piece and a mini camera under the lamp. She puts the TD94, which is in a UFO book, on the book shelf. The title might say UFO Sightings Verified. They test the camera and bug and Masters links them into a tape machine in his office at the bunker (a reel to reel it seems). Tricia wipes the lens.


In the Lab, TIM (in one of his first lines in this entire episode) gets an emergency phone call from Cawston, who asks if this is 1752 double O4. TIM’s hands free chat has a strange beep each time someone finishes talking. Cawston tells John and Liz the situation. Stephen and Tyso are alive but just. TIM tells them that synaptril causes total paralysis of the brain. Cawston tells them he has to go back there and will be drugged but they have to wake up Tyso and Stephen and find a way to rescue them or they will die or be vegetables or both. John suggests a homing device that will be on Cawston and using the tracking satellite, they will trace him to Stephen. Cawston agrees but has to leave. Liz tells him to stay there and takes a device and jaunts into his room…while Masters and Tricia watch.


As Liz and Cawston talk, Tricia gasps, “Colonel, look!”


“Good God, where did she come from?”


“She just appeared from thin air like I saw when I read his mind, the black girl!”


“That, Tricia, is a genuine teleporter.”




“We’ve got to catch her. We’ve got to get her now!”


NOTES: Liz Adare, it is joked by Briggs is not here on commentary because she was appalled by  comments…mostly from Nick. PVC thinking of Father Ted when he asked if the priest will be played by a boozy looking fellow…he’s not. When John tells Stephen not to blow Masters’ and Conway’s minds during the test, Nick Young comments, “Don’t do any blowing at all.”  The Lab screen has what looks like GREEN LANTERN’S ring design on it with blinders or something. It’s not moving images again. Simon Bannister, who works as a stage manager and has worked with PVC, is Trevor’s son. Cawston’s lab office has volt meters…a lot of them and he probably doesn’t need any of them and they were probably lying around the studio. They look good though. The hamster is gone later on in the episode, maybe having been moved to the Research Center? Of course, Nick makes boy jokes when we see Tyso and Stephen just about naked. He says stuff like, “And you don’t have to go to Thailand” and  “Boys Are Us” and “This is somebody’s idea of a fantasy,”  and “Boys on Demand”. He also says he had a relationship with a girl PA he fancied, Sue Pembrook. Before Briggs can stop him mentioning the name.  Anne Curthoys who plays Tricia states, “It’s very boring, isn’t it.”  Nick Young, joking (?), comments about Anne turning down becoming a regular on the TP (not sure how that would have turned out with two strong female leads but maybe if she stayed on the Trig as she did but…?) to do a soap called ROOMS. Nick Young asks her how many ROOMS have been put on DVD. Nick is bleeped out a few times later on and one of the words he says is definitely pissed. The Australian versions of the DVDs do not have the bleeps. Nick Young also thinks that zoom in and stuff like it, covers bad acting. I cannot agree. I think zooms are effective. He mentions that an actor, without revealing the name, that is still acting having that done on him all the time and I can’t help but wonder if he meant either Tom Baker or Colin Baker or Peter Davison. He does not mention the name. Tricia makes tea. There is still nice direction and tight shots. The zoom in and outs are effective.    


REVIEW:  I can’t agree that this is very boring. It certainly is talky but what it talks about, preaches about (thanks to Roger being so heavy handed at times) is relevant, even today. War is bad. Yeah, it is and the TP, as the next step of human evolution, still have something to say about it, even if they are not the ones given all the best lines about it. Their very presence and the fact that they cannot kill against even evil doers in our own governments is highly entertaining. This episode, possibly more than the other three, instills the ideas and concepts and sets up the rest of it. I must say it does seem to go on for a long time but again, I don’t find it boring at all. PVC, getting slightly older, still looks great. Ditto the other young actors including Anne, Liz, and Nick. TIM is hardly heard at all in this episode and in one brief scene. Just what do John and Liz do in the lab? Jigsaws and checking instruments (for what?). In any event, this is very adult heady stuff and the two main guest male actors debate about it endlessly but again, I find it interesting and I also found it interesting that in this ep, Cawston seemed to be on his own…do the TP trust him still? Should they?  I kind of  felt they should but if they didn’t, he was in a jam since his new cold, mean bosses knew he was holding out on them, didn’t trust him, and had him drugged every time he left and came and went to the facility.  The acting is spot on all round this time. I wish more was made of Liz blaming John for things. Like what? Not sure but the friction between them always made good sequences. This is the show at its best and again, if any level of complaint can be made it’s that the regulars are not focused on at all and the guests have more air time than the regulars.          



3-Whose Side Are You On, Professor


Cawston tells Liz that Masters thinks he might learn something from dissecting the brains of Tyso and Stephen. Liz gives him a ring, in truth a homing device which will enable them to track him to the place the military are keeping Tyso and Stephen. Masters, watching on the video monitor, tells Trish that the homing device is causing interference—it is on the same frequency as the video bug. He will let them leave the ring on Cawston for now but when the put him to sleep, they will leave it and leave two men armed with synaptril guns to capture the black girl when she returns.


Liz tells Cawston she had doubts about him in the past but thanks him now. She tells him maybe after all this is over, the Tp can make it up to him somehow. Cawston tells her, “I’m afraid the trouble you’re in is all my fault anyway.”   Masters calls Cawston so Liz jaunts out.


Later in a very colorful Lab, TIM asks Liz and John (who appear to be playing an old fashioned---for our time---computer game on an old TV which has rocket ears or something; the also appear to be using their mind rather than controls to move the goalie) if they want coffee. Liz is not really into the game and John notices that. He says she doesn’t have her heart in it. She’s worried. John thinks it is time to go look. They jaunt in and Tricia is amazed that there is another one. Masters just says, “More grist to the mill.”  John as a signal detector  and uses it to locate the ring, which is hidden in a cabinet. Liz says, “To think I nearly got to trust him.”  John thinks it might not be an indication that the Professor is guilty. He may not have known it was taken off. The detector buzzes again and John finds the video bug, which apparently is also in the UFO book.  BUT what’s under the lamp? He pulls the book out. Masters tells Tricia they can’t have them walking away with an expensive and secret piece of hardware so he opens a red switch, which seemed to be further up the tv monitor console before but now opens to reveal a big red button. He will activate a self destruct. Tricia worries they might get hurt. He counters that it will fizz a bit and then explode, anyone holding it if they have some common sense will drop it and leave the area. Liz gets worried when the thing starts to make an alarm sound. John isn’t worried and wants to bring it back to the Lab. What a jerk. Masters gets upset when it appears John will not drop it, “Put it down, you fool!”  He orders Trish to tell the men to move in and she calls Unit 2 on her huge radio.  Liz implores him to let it down and when he doesn’t listen, she grabs it and flings it out the window. It explodes and blasts at them from outside and they fall, debris coming over them.  Liz and John stand and jaunt just before the two men with synaptril guns come running in. They took a long time.  


Cawston wakes up and near a table with water and a UFO book with a similar device in it as to the exploding one. He is in the white module room again. Masters comes in (have the doors moved to another place from last time?). Masters asks Cawston how often he refers to the books on his shelf. Cawston tells him quite frequently so Masters reveals it is a bug. When Cawston protests, that this not a police state  with secret police spying and that there are laws against this sort of thing, Masters asks if he has a guilty secret. Cawston gets edgy and realizes his ring is missing. Masters tells him he knows why. Cawston gets mad and tells him he can’t be kept here. Masters smiles, “Oh dear, oh dear.”  Cawston tells him he can’t do what he likes with him. Masters tells him he has the authority to do anything with him as he sees fit. For now, Masters calms down and states, Cawston will appear to be working for them on their inquires into ESP to protect the security of the country—which Cawston, Masters says, should be concerned about. Cawston tells him his only concern right now is for the lives of those two boys. Masters asks him if he will cooperate or do they have to enter the realm of unpleasantness. Cawston takes the later and Masters leaves the room. The ceiling lowers and the chair Cawston is laying on spins.


Later…Cawston tells Tricia and Masters what they want to know. He tells them the TP calls themselves the Tomorrow People and he doesn’t believe they are from another planet or anything like that, “…as least I don’t think they are.”  Masters asks why they only come to him. He explains they wanted to rescue Tyso. They wanted to use him to rescue Tyso. Masters asks, “Are they using you now?”  Cawston’s answer upsets Masters a bit, “How would I know? How would you know? You can’t even begin to guess at their powers. For all you know they could be in this very room now, watching us.” 


In the Lab, John and Liz discuss recent events. Someone was listening in on their conversation when the Prof called them. Liz tells them that if that is so and if Cawston is an unwilling participant then he’s in need of their help as much as Tyso and Stephen. Was the Prof just putting on an act? John wonders if the sincerity Liz mentioned about Cawston was just an act on Cawston’s part. Liz wonders why he would do this and John counters that perhaps Cawston wants to experiment on Stephen and Tyso himself. Liz is sure that is not so. John reminds her that before this, she thought Cawston might have been setting a trap for Stephen. Liz thinks about it and tells him that that was before she got to know him, really know him.


Masters tells Cawston that is it in the country’s best interests if the TP help them in the defense effort and that they could be a terrific secret weapon. When he goes on to talk about this, Cawston, more himself now, explain that if he keeps talking like that he hasn’t a chance hell getting the TP to cooperate with him. Masters tells him that when he made the phone call that was when they were listening in and he tried to trace the number but nothing came of it, his TP friends are very intelligent. Cawston tells him that the TP must have written him off by now, they must blame him for this entire thing. Masters asks how far the can communicate telepathically. Cawston guesses that they can do that as far as they can teleport and that is quite some distance. Masters moves to his safe within which is the only known antidote to synaptril. He wants to wake up one of the Prof’s friends to send a message to the Tp.


In ICU, Masters makes Tricia wake up Tyso with the antidote. There is along pan up Tyso’s feet, legs, crotch, stomach, chest and face. An extreme close up is on his face and mouth. There are electrode stickers attached to his chest and other places. Tyso calls to his mother in Romany, something Cawston recognizes.  Cawston tells him to think of  Elizabeth. Find her in his mind.


In the Lab, Liz thinks something strange is happening. She wakes John up from a bed, he is fully dressed. The two link on the link table, not really connecting on both ends as there is only two of them. They call Tyso and he hears them and tells Cawston. Tricia also hears Liz answer Tyso. Masters relays the info as to where they are and Cawston relays it to Tyso who mind telepaths it to Liz and John. They are at the Experimental Weapons Establishment in Halton in Surrey. Tricia can feel Liz in his mind. Liz asks if the boy she’s hearing is Tyso and he tells her she is and asks for help. In a hurry, Masters has Tyso put back under synpatril. He calls the Captain and tells him that the guards will be armed with synaptril guns, really injectors which work like high powered water pistols and can shoot across several meters and work within one hundredth of a second. He orders the captain to tell his men they are to be used on anyone who appears out of thin air. The Captain asks, “Out of thin air, sir?”  “Out of thin air,”  Masters repeats.


In the Lab again, Liz wants to go but John tells her if anything is a trap, it’s that. There appears to be an orange light in the Lab now or it’s brighter than usual. Tim gives them on a lab screen details of the Weapons Establishment layout, creating a map that also adorns Master’s safe, which is under it.


John and Liz are soon appearing outside the gate looking in on the upper ground level, which looks pedestrian. John wishes places like that didn’t exist. Liz says dozens of white lab coated scientists are given millions of pounds by honest decent people who don’t really know what the money is being used for..and it’s being used for those scientists to find ways to kill those honest decent people. 


Inside, what seems to be the underground bunker, Tricia puts hands to head and tells Cawston and Masters that they are out there, The TP. She can feel them. Masters tells Cawston it was time he knew: Miss Conway is telepathic. She’s not in the same league as “your” Tomorrow People, he tells Cawston, but she is partly telepathic. Cawston is angry. “I thought so. A telepath helping them to catch your own kind.”  Masters tells him at least she is not so obsessed with her powers to neglect her duty to her country. He asks what about her duty to humanity. Cawston hopes they won’t come and tells the two the TP will not come. The kids have been trained under survival conditions (they have?). He tells Masters to imagine living your whole life among a race of monkeys, your very survival depending on them not finding out that you are a human being, a superior creature. Masters asks if  that is what the TP think of non TP, a race of monkeys. Cawston nods, “NO, they don’t think of us like that but nevertheless that’s what we are compared to them.”           


Liz and John jaunt in as Tricia gets the feeling that they are about to do just that. John stuns Masters. Tricia tries to stun Liz but Liz hits her hand and uses her other hand to touch Tricia’s neck and Tricia passes out onto the couch, her hands hanging over the fallen synaptril gun. John claims the Prof looks as if he’s on the side of the angels after all. He tells them Tricia is telepathic. Liz tells him quite a few people are but that doesn’t mean they will act like the TP. Cawston asks what that means and John tells him that they can’t kill or even do anything that will harm others and that is an instinct even if they might get killed themselves. Cawston realizes that nature would put that limit on creatures with their abilities. Cawston shows Liz and John the screens of the monitors that show Tyso and Stephen and the ICU. He also tells them the antidote is in Masters’s safe. John moves to it, concentrates and feels inside the lock with his mind. He finds the pattern and moves the tumblers, a gray white cloudish energy appears over the safe lock. It moves and opens. John takes out the antidote just as Tricia reaches down for the synaptril gun. Before Cawston can successfully warn, “Elizabeth!”  Tricia shoots Liz and Liz falls. Tricia moves to shoot John but Cawston blocks her from him. She warns him but shoots Cawston down, too. John jaunts but right before he does, Tricia shoots him, too. Masters comes round and Tricia explains what has happened. He sees and makes note of the black girl they saw. He tells Trish they have to get her to the ICU.


John appears in the lab on the yellow fancy design circle of the jaunting pad and despite TIM’s calls, passes out. In the next episode, TIM will have a semi half cup shape above the pad and a few tubes coming out of it. Not sure if it is here though.


Masters claims that safe was supposed to be impregnable.  He wakes up Cawston and tells him he has a bone to pick with him. Masters tells him what happened. He’s sure that John is brave and he doesn’t doubt his courage   but he doubts John will be able to return because Trish is fairly sure she hit him with synaptril (a dart? A blast?). They don’t know where he is or how to help him from where they are: soon is brain will be completely paralyzed and his systems will shut down. Cawston tells him they have to save him but Masters doesn’t think Cawston knows where the Lab is or if he did, that he will risk telling him. Cawston suggests they let Liz go with an antidote but Masters says, “Oh no. I now have a genuine teleporter. She stays.”  When Cawston asks not even to save John’s life, Masters claims that is the fortunes of war and adds, “My dear Professor.”    TIM tries to wake up John. Cawston tells Masters that the TP would rather die than be used as a military weapon, the idea is utterly alien to them. They’d rather die.

Masters tells Cawston that gives him an idea.


Tim  calls to John but finds John’s mind closed off to him now. He tries to call Liz.


Masters wakes up Liz and implores her not to jaunt. As he does so, TIM calls Liz for help from John. She is about to leave when Tricia tells Masters that Liz is about to teleport away. Liz tells him that that is nonsense. Masters tells Liz that Trish is telepathic. He tells her that Stephen and Tyso are in danger and not to jaunt. Liz calls to TIM to get other help for John. TIM tells her that John is very close to death and doesn’t have very long, a few minutes at best. Masters tells her to cooperate with a little test for them or he will switch off the machines that are keeping Stephen and Tyso alive. Liz telepaths to TIM to get other help for John.”   She asks Masters what he wants her to do. He wants her to get dressed and come with them. “You don’t have to, of course but if you don’t…” 


Liz looks at him and the camera zooms in on her, “You’ll murder them…”


NOTES: the new stun guns here have red nozzles on them and look like toy ray guns. Masters and Trish in the blue light room ICU room have what looks like flight logos on their “lab” gowns. Trish has a hat on that looks like a nurse in the ICU. On commentary, PVC feels this is boring as hell but perhaps that is because he’s not in it much.


REVIEW: Another tightly written, well acted episode, despite there being no Stephen really. Yes, there is far too much Cawston/Masters/Trish but it’s actually quite riveting and well done. There is also a bit more action and movement here than in the other two episodes and it all gets a bit tense and perhaps as realistic as the TP show can get. There will be more of that in the next ep. It would be nice if we knew the bunker was actually underground or not…I mean there might be some windows but it is hard to tell and the curved ceiling doesn’t look anything like what we see from the outside. There’s some CSO (badly) work as John and Liz appear outside the factory where the Weapon’s Establishment is. Trevor is just marvelous even if he sometimes gets away with looking at he camera…and he does get away with it. He’s just great as this slimeball who is seemingly caring to protect democracy any way he can. Ann is rather good as the telepathic, somewhat conflicted Tricia. Col Masters is probably the  greatest villain this show has had and he’s human! In addition, Cawston is, arguably, a good ally, possibly the best, besides Chris.  There should be a question mark on the title of the ep but I don’t think I saw one on my copy.       



4-A Present From Russia


Another shortened and sounding great Theme. Also as Nick notes, the TP logo at the start is either colored yellow or not colored at all. The theme is also a quieter version. Tim has called Chris in to help John. Chris notes that John is not breathing and has no pulse. TIM tells Chris he will fill him in on the details later. Chris asks, “You allright, old son?”  He gives John the antidote.


Liz is levitating a phone for Masters and Tricia. She tells them it is her weakest talent and they can only do it from a few feet away.  Trish feels Liz is still holding out on her, there’s a permanent barrier in her mind. Tricia cannot get through it. Liz asks her if she would like someone knowing all her private thoughts. Masters orders Liz to open her mind up to Tricia even though she claims it would be like plugging a battery operated toy into the electric main for the city. When Liz does this, it upsets and confuses Tricia, even hurts her. As Trish is confused and not able to listen, Liz calls TIM, who tells her that Chris has helped and John is fine.


We come back to the Lab (this time almost black and white lit; Chris and John are wearing white long sleeve shirts and neck collars) and Chris is finishing a sentence, something about overwhelming or kidnapping and he claims he was only joking. WTF? He thinks the real criminal is Colonel Masters. TIM explains that Masters is an officer of the secret intelligence branch of the services responsible for the more unusual military intelligence work. Chris jokes that they are getting their call out papers. John reiterates that they have to get Stephen, Elizabeth, and this kid Tyso out of his clutches. Chris ponders, “You and me against not just an army but THE army.”  He is game. It is not going to be easy. John thinks the one saving grace is that they don’t know about the Lab. Chris thinks either way it is going to be hot from now on for “you lot.”  John thinks things cannot get much hotter than they are right now.


Masters is mad and yells at Liz not to do anything like that again. Liz says, “Then don’t ask me to.”  He doesn’t like to use threats but he feels they have to stay ahead of Britain’s potential enemies in ESP research and use. Liz tries to assure him that if there are Tomorrow People in China or Russia, they feel the same way: they won’t help the military madmen. Masters tells her those are totalitarian countries, they won’t have any choice. He calls it a balance of power but she calls his game a balance of terror. He continues to see them as a weapon to end war. Liz tells him that they thought the same thing about dynamite, the airplane, the machine gun, poison gas, and the atom bomb. She goes on to explain they thought the longbow  was going to end war at Agincourt. “Well, there have been a few wars since Agincourt, haven’t there, Colonel?” 


Masters counters with the fact that this is not Agincourt but here and now and that the lives of her two friends are at stake: Stephen and Tyso.


In the Lab, now colorful again, Chris tells John that the TP have one special judo trick and they keep using it over and over. He tells John that he plans to go jaunting, barging in and blazing stun guns and Chris with a matter transporter. John tells Chris he’s grateful for what Chris has already done, he doesn’t have to come.  NOTE: what a F’in jerk, John is. How can he think that of Chris. Chris doesn’t mean that. Chris means that the enemy will know what the TP are planning: they’ve seen the jaunting and this time they will be ready for it. Chris thinks that is like a bull charging a gate. This time they will need a bit of subtlety. When John asks Chris to go on, Chris starts but thinks John won’t approve. John says, “Try me.”  Chris tells him whenever you want anything done go to the top. John tells him that these military men are all tarred to the same brush. Over Masters must be a general and over him a field marshall. Their boss must be the military of defense and his boss Parliament. Parliament’s boss is the Prime Minister.


In an excellent scene, John and Chris wait in an antique car (Nick Young’s own) which has a license plate NIK 1. John tells Chris to be careful as this car is a valuable collector’s piece. While he waiting for  John to come out of the Hilton, Chris jokes that he offered to a yank for a 50 quid deposit. They waited for the PM’s car to pass and they start to follow it. John tells Chris to hold it steady and that jaunting into a car is bad enough but jaunting between two moving ones is darned near impossible. Chris offers to stop but John tells him no. He jaunts into the PM’s car, puts a belt which has a matter transporter attachment on it around the Prime Minister’s waist (“This is what every PM is wearing these days.”)  and jaunts out…with the Prime Minister. During this outdoor location shoot, we see a cathedral, Big Ben, and other places, including along the Thames River (I think).   The driver stops and the security car following, also stops.


Trish ask Liz what happens when the TP jaunt. Liz tells her and asks Masters what he thought happened. Masters thinks he was not sure: perhaps they turned invisible and walked out of the room. He thinks about the possibilities. He tells her that one minute she could be here and the next, 5 thousand miles away in the Kremlin. Liz quietly says, “Yes but I could think of no reason to go there.”  Masters seems excited, “Oh, I could think of a million reasons to go there. The KGB won’t know what hit them.”  Liz says, “Yes they won’t know what hit them because nothing is going to hit them.”    He asks her how long it would take to jaunt. Liz says a few fractions of a second for argument’s sake.


In the Lab TIM tells John that Chris is going to meet them here. The Prime Minister asks about them and knows that this technology is superior. John asks if he knows about the Ministry of Defense’s Colonel Masters or the program in Halton. The PM tells him they don’t tell him much but when John asks him about ESP he mentions it is mumbo jumbo. John tells him it is not as far fetched as he might think. The PM assumes that John put on this display of power to impress him and that this Col. Masters will have to be made to sit up and take notice but that he has to get back to affairs of state.  John tells him that this Col Masters has three of his friends and is holding them against their will. The PM offers that perhaps John wants to do a swap. He moves to take something out of his pocket and Chris is in the Lab and jumps out with a ray gun, “Hold it!”  When the PM asks what kind of gun that is, Chris snaps, “Yeah  a Martin Death Ray.”   John tells him  it is not a death ray or a Martian one. John asks the PM’s forgiveness for their being jumpy and asks what it is. The PM gives him a card which has a number on it for them to phone in case of kidnapping. Chris jokes that they may not want him back and Chris seems rather mean here. The PM states that the one person that can help get him back is the one person who will gain from his death.


In the bunker, Liz quietly tells Masters, “I won’t spy for you.”  He just wants a little test. Liz is jaunt into Russia to the Moscow In Tourist Square in Tobasko (or Kabaska?) Square and pick up a doll and get the receipt. Tricia tells Masters not to trust her, Liz’s mind is closed to her. Liz asks her if she want  her to open it up again. Masters calls Sergeant Adamswell to take Liz and get her a tourist visa and clothes. She tells him she needs 15 minutes to set the coordinates. When they leave, Trish and Masters discuss Liz and the test. An agent at the souvenir shop  in Russia has been trying to smuggle the doll out of Russia. It has something in it.


In the Lab, the PM is returning from someplace (commentary says the loo) but also has a cup of tea. He is startled when John tells him he made the call but the PM didn’t hear him doing it. John says he has his ways. Okay what call? Who did John call? This is never really followed up. It is now the PM tells him that the arrangements for his return has to be made by the one man who has the most to gain from his death.  John tells him to get one thing straight, they are not going to kill him. Chris snaps at John for telling him that. John tells Chris that perhaps the PM should know they are in capable of killing even to protect themselves. Chris puts the gun down angry in a way. The PM asks who they are…he believes they are far ahead of anything in Russia and America and wonders who they work for. John tells him that their intentions are not to work for anyone but to do their best for the world as a whole. The older man asks if they are from outer space. John tells him no but they are in contact with races from other planets and from space and use their help and assistance and advice from time to time but that they the TP are born on Earth. They call themselves the Tomorrow People. They are the next step of human evolution. The PM asks, “Can you can’t kill?”  Chris interrupts and when John tries to stop him, Chris tells him he wants to say his piece, this is probably the last chance he’ll ever get (it is: this is Chris’s last ep). Chris tells the PM he must stop his military thugs from persecuting “these Tomorrow People”, they can do marvelous things and they have marvelous powers but not for war, “They are the best hope the world has for peace.”  The PM asks if Chris is one of them and he tells him he’s not, “I could kill you, but they can’t.”   This is a really well done scene and a statement of the series as a whole. The PM tells them he is beginning to see.   


Liz jaunts in and asks what the PM is doing here. John tells her but now that she is here…she interrupts telling him she has to get back otherwise the Colonel will switch off the machines that are keeping Stephen and Tyso alive. John opens up the nesting dolls to Liz’s annoyance and she wants them back to leave but John finds a small tube inside the last one. John introduces the PM to the voice: TIM. TIM analyzes it with a long ray of white from his bubble and finds out it is a crude hypnotronic implant device and that implanted in a skull it can monitor the thoughts and control the actions of the person. “That’s horrific,” the PM says. Liz says, “Heaven help mankind.”  He tells them Masters tricked her and told her there would be no espionage involved. John tells TIM to destroy it but TIM tells him that destroying this one will not destroy all the others like it in Russia. The PM wants to see it. He crushes it under his heel, believing the world is better off without such things.


Liz gets back to Masters and tells her it took only 13 minutes and asks if it is cold there, making idol chit chat as she takes off the jacket. Masters finds no device in the nesting dolls and asks if she went there. He questions her about it more and he tells her she knows full well what is wrong. Liz stalls some more but she tells him it no longer exists. He asks what happened to it and she says, “Wouldn’t you be surprise if you knew.”  Masters calls long haired Corporal Bailey from the monitoring screens as Bailey is in the ICU. He instructs Bailey to turn off the life support systems as he counts down. He wants to know what happened. The phone rings and Trish answers it and insists Masters take it: it is the GOC. The call tells Masters he is to let them all go and tells Liz that in every contest there has to be a winner and a loser—her friends have put pressure to bear in high places. “Our democracy is threatened and I believe it is the duty of everyone to defend it.”  He tells her that some day they might come round to see his way of thinking. Liz thanks him for letting her go.


Liz calls John telepathically (mouth not moving) and he tells her to make sure Professor Cawston is released, too. The PM shakes hands with John and Chris and is glad to have met John and is glad that they have come out on top. Chris will get him back using the matter transporter.


Stephen wakes up and has a necklace on. We see his bare chest (and they make note of this on commentary; PVC saying it is still looking like that…puny and somewhat growing inwards!). It doesn’t’ really look puny. Liz gives him a blue robe of some kind. He thinks Liz was quick. Tyso is in the final stages of breaking out but they have to get him back to the lab and he will be all right. Liz, Cawston, Stephen, and John vanish out of the lab but Tyso is left behind. In the lab, the foursome appear and Cawston meets both Tim and Chris. They realize Tyso is not with them. The process is not complete. John wants to go back and Cawston would like to go with him. John  agrees and Chris gives Cawston his matter transporter. When John appears he goes to Tyso and holds his head as the boy continues to hear voices in his head and see faces in his head. Cawston runs to Tricia Conway who is there also and having a kind of fit herself, hearing things. John tells Cawston that he’s actually seeing a TP break out, something unique. Cawston says, “Not just any TP, one that I found.”    Tricia asks, “You mean you knew he was a TP?”   Cawston says, “Yes, Miss Conway, I did.”  Cawston takes Tyso back to the Lab. Tricia tells him she heard two voices that time. John tells her he meant for her to. “because…I want you to know about us, to think about us. Because somewhere in our childhood, you too were a potential Tomorrow Person but unlike Tyso, unlike us, you didn’t follow it through. But it’s not too late…it’s not too late…”  Tricia just stares.                       


NOTE:  a powerful ending and one that adds another layer: viewers were always led to believe the break out process required no “follow through” and that it just happened. Yet this seems to imply that someone’s mind frame somehow allows it to happen or someone who is telepathic has to be a certain type….possibly one who thinks of peace and not war and military applications and kidnapping and that sort of stuff. Or one has to be “brave or something.”  Apparently, Ann was asked to join the show and if she had, I wonder what would have happened. Would there have been a power struggle between John and Tricia? How would Liz fit in? Trish seems somewhat older than any TP before. Perhaps it would have happened in the story after this or after REVENGE OF JEDIKIAH. Either way it would have made the show more interesting had they done that. Instead, Ann chose to join a series called ROOMS where she plays the woman renting out rooms. On commentary, Nick Young asks her how many eps of ROOMS is on dvd? The Tyso break out is a nice one yet…it ends with Tyso just getting up and returning to the lab with Cawston and he seemed fine just standing up…wtf? In any event, a good story, possibly the best TP story, a bit too talky and preachy but still a fascinating study of war vs peace and the pawns and games played…on a children’s show. With good acting all around from the guests. If done today I’d imagine a lot more action would be put into place. That wouldn’t be a bad thing but as it stands, this is a strong entry in the series. But one could only want more Stephen anyway…he had so little to do in the second half of this and Tyso hardly started when he’s put on ice so to speak.            




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