Overview of a shakey time quality wise

Chase - Posted on 03 January 2010

David was a good Doctor, no doubt about that. But his fall in his last story made me want to look back over what for me quality wise was both the best of DW and the worst:

David's first season or rather his first story started out fine: CHRISTMAS INVASION: what a way to start, a crashing TARDIS shown on screen crashing, a wacked out regeneration, a Christmas Tree attack, spending a whole story in your robe and doing your best Tom Baker impression: it all really came together and the sword fight was good as was the confrontation with Harriet Jones. Splendid  start and great scenes to next times...unfortunately the first thing we got after that as...

NEW EARTH: rubbish. The new TIME AND THE RANI. Rubbish. Almost all of it. Annoyingly sickening Rose/Doctor relationship. Silly ending. Silly villains. Some of it might even be funny. If you squint. Hard. David' is poor in this and he can't really do comedy well.

TOOTH AND CLAW: Better but still Rose/Doctor "love" stuff and so called teasey quesey relationship stuff makes me want to vomit. Good werewolf stuff but I like my werewolves to be tortured men rather than aliens out to WANT to eat you. Still, thre's something scary about both. Rather good scenes, scene for scene though. Rose needs to get a new wardrobe. Queen Victoria was annoying and self absorbed. The ending is curious. David's great in this.   

SCHOOL REUNION: At first glance, great but thinking about it: logic doesn't hold up but what's worse is that they make a gutsy Sarah Jane, a stupid pining away sad mess of a woman who never got a life...and still hasn't. Sad. Good villain in Mr Finch and good setting. Glad to see Mickey and K9 again, moreso than seeing Sarah and Rose argue over the DOctor. Glad they settled that, then. Good scenes between Sarah and Rose though and glad they became "friends."  Rose can be  a real jealous jerk (she does't even want Mickey on board the TARDIS the biatch) and they sort of tried to make Sarah the same way. David plays this just right.

THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE: David's perfect in this and the story is well done, well written and acted but it's so sad. A very good story though. Good sets and guest star, good monsters and good action. Mickey deserves to be a comp over Rose.

RISE OF THE CYBERMEN/AGE OF STEEL; the first ep was sort of...WRONG in every way. The second was right in every way. David is good, Rose is good, Mickey is brilliant. Love Jake. Rose and the Doc and Mickey interaction is great now and tense at at times. I cried at Mickey's leaving scene.

THE IDIOT'S LANTERN: nothing wrong with this. David is good again. The story is okay but it just does'nt really grab me much. Love Tommy though. He would make a good companion.

THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET/THE SATAN PIT: Rose and David are excellent. Good acting good tension, good monsters, good villain, good voices, great music, good action and tension throughout. Love the scenes between Rose and the Doc, their relationship is just working now.

LOVE AND MONSTERS: I salute it because it tried to do something different and almost succeeded. A bit lame in the end climax though but still...not terrible as everyone says.

FEAR HER: Not bad, not terrible, not fantastic but could have lost the whole Olympic storyline sub plot. A small story on a Twilight Zone scale and a TZ street. Creepy too.

ARMY OF GHOSTS/ DOOMSDAY: DOOMSDAY is perhaps the best DW story ever told. David is perfect, he's surrounded by good companions and the action and music is just spot on. The Dalek/Cyberman war thing is sound and the earth shaking conclusion to the battle is just that: it really matters. Rose's end scenes are just BRILLIANT and their acting just fantastic. Rose should now stay lost or in her dimension. Don't undo this great story and great sequence.

THE RUNAWAY BRIDE: Catherine is okay, love the TARDIS motorway chase, and the end scene and the rooftop scene. The rest of this and we are talking some 30 min is just rubbish. A hint of what is to come. David's acting throughout is good though. The rest: Awful.

SMITH AND JONES: Martha impresses right away but aside from a startling start: the Doc in bed in hosptal after passing her on the street..and an okay ending...the rest is hardly original. Still a good debut and an okay actioner just sort of thre. David's not very god in this, sorry.

THE SHAKESPEARE CODE; possibly the best DW to show non fans of the new series. Good story, good villains, a link to magic and things non fans can understand, the Doctor doing his thing, Martha/Doc love tension, Shakespeare, good guest stars and great music again. A good setting and a well designed look to the show. Brilliant.

GRIDLOCK: Despite some problems, brilliant. Martha's great. The predicament: a comp lost on a planet and unable to reconnect with the DOctor never's really been done and the scale is grand, the guest stars great and the action fairly well done. Some real humor here, for once. David's spot on again and just very very Doctorish. Love it.

DALEKS IN MANHATTAN/EVOLUTION OF THE DALEKS: Lots of problems but not as bad as I first thought but terrible ending, terrible second ep and hardly can be recommended. David's not very good in this but no one is really. It's rather contrived and forced and should not be. The Empire State, the Depression, NYC, all of it should provide a great actioner and story but...it just doesn't hold true.  The climax is poor and the human Dalek embarassing shlock.

THE LAZURUS EXPERIMENT: David's pretty good I think. The story: A UNIT one. It's not terrible. Mark Gatiss should stick to writing and not acting. He's not terrible but not good either. A creepy monster and a good climax for once. David's okay in this. The tension with Martha's mum feels stale and forced as does the whole Saxon thing.

42: despite flaws (door knob on outside of spacdeship to recall the shuttle?) and logic lapses, I like this story. Martha's keen here, the guest stars are good, and David's very good. The Doc's in distress alot here. The idea is not a new one, in fact, it's a very old one but it is visually arresting. Good story.

HUMAN NATURE/FAMILY OF BLOOD: So sad but so so well done. THIS is possibly the best DW story. But by its very nature, it shows that DW is not ...well, the Doc is not the Doc for most of this and THAT is when it's totally good, when he's vulnerable and not some godlike man/alien superhero. STories that set the Doc up to be that sort of fall flat or work by mistake. What is ironic is that at the end, the Doc turns into that very superhero and it almost sinks the entire story. IF He could do all of that to the aliens, lives on Earth would have been saved. David and just everyone is just excellent. Almost all the guest stars (except of that guy from Robin Hood, he made some curious acting choices as a school teen who turned into the Brother of Mine) are excellent. The past is the past and set up well. Joan and Timmy are great characters. Truly a masterpiece that entrances you. Great music too and a great cliffhanger.

BLINK: can DW be bad? Naw. Not at this height. Truly scary but could have been scarier if the ANgels actually killed you. For some, in fact for two victims here, going back in time gave them a fuller life. The music is brilliant, the build up slow and atmospheric for once and the climax just fantastic. Loved it. All of it. Guest stars are brilliant here, especially Sally and her boyfriend. Great. Only don't bring back the angels, they were more one shot villains and should stay that way. DOUGH!

UTOPIA: pretty good set up, David is really annoying in this. He seems agitated or rather the Doc does at Martha, at Jack, at almost everyone. Davi'd acting is ot bad per say here but the sript is shakey at best and unoriginal to be honest. The execution is great. Yana becoming the Master is just awesome and amazing: he just ozzes villainry after such a nice old man here. He should stay the Master forever DOUGH! He doesn't. As soon as he changes into Jon Simm, the entire thing goes down in flames. And leads into what is arguably the worst DW story of all time...

SOUND OF DRUMS/LAST OF THE TIME LORDS: with a few exceptions, every scene, every line of dialog is almost totally wrong for this story. The anti climax, the return from what happened, the end of humanity, so totally wrong for DW and wrong tone wise, depressing morbid garabage. Simm is totally miscast and so over the top it's embarassing. ALmost nothing works in this. Nothing. THe Master is not menacing and the world in danger has been gone too far too much as a plot device. David does okay in acting but the script and dialog and demeaning situations for the DOctor is just too poor. ANd then we get Peter Pan rip offs and the Doc as god. Truly miserable story.

TIME CRASH: the low for David's acting. A low of Peter Davison and just terribly looking up its own...next.

VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED: not bad, not good, falls in between someplace. Klyie's most boring. The other characters are more interesting. A Posiden Adventure rip off really. And it seemed to go on forever. Some good characters and a few good set pieces. Did we really need the ship heading into the Palace? Still, not as bad as NEXT DOCTOR or RUNAWAY BRIDE. But kinda I dunno cheap in the script as expensive as it is in the set design. Some more godlike powers from the Doctor. David's sort of up and down. "Im' the Docto ran dI can..." speech is sort of powerful and embarassing. 

PARTNERS IN CRIME; Poor. Bad. NOt funny. David's awful, Tate tries hard, maybe too hard. The monsters aren't. The villian is ill conceived, the ending ridiclous and more earth in danger. The Tomorrow People show did this a long time ago and better, using a fad for a cover for aliens. A bad start to a good season. Oh and I don't give a hoot that Rose appears.

THE FIRES OF POMPEII: that's more like it. A good looking cast, a great setting and sets, GREAT MUSIC, and an angsty situation. Some great scenes (like almost all of them) and Donna goes through all the comp motions but adds warmth and levity and emotion to them that Martha and Rose and to be fair most of the othrs culdn't do. A most underrated story. David is good in this. Excellent in many scenes. Tate is brilliant.

PLANET OF THE OOD: good revolution story and again Tennant and Tate do a great acting job. The red eye thing is explained well and it is good to see the Ood freed, if rather easily. Good setting, good effects and good action. Rather nice story but strange ending. ANd some claim if the Doc wasn't there this story would still have happened. That's fair but I still like it.

SONTARAN STRATGEM/ THE POISON SKY:Earth in danger again but this time it works. David does a good job, Martha and Donna do a Nyssa/Tegan act and LUke is slimy as a human villain; the Sontarans are short again, YAY and they seem really malicious and evil and bloodthirsty here. Well done action, a great  plan to use the cars as weapons and to use an ally on Earth. Just good all around. Everyone does a great acting job here. The effects are top notch too. Tense and dramatic.

THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER: not really very good. David is over the top and too melodramatic, Jenny is not a likable character and too bad she didn't die or rengenrate properly. Sad subplot as Martha saves an alien only to have him die just so she can rejoin tahe Doc and DOnna. Not very entertaining and not very good. Not very entertaining.

THE UNICORN AND THE WASPUnderated, funny, mysterious and well done all around. A strange story to be true but well scripted and with nods rather than rip offs of things. David holds his own in comedy scenes...for once and Donna/Tate feels right at home. Great lines, too. Entertaining.

SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY/FOREST OF THE DEAD:i Like this story I really do but on closer look it is really quite disapointing. We have the makings of a great one but part two falls down a lot. It's pretty dark and depressing and the whole RIver Song thing feels wrong after awhile. It went on too long. Donn'a's world is depressing. Her not finding her lover was just...wrong. Not sure about the entire climax either but still, it's not terrible. If this is what Moffat is going to give us a steady diet of...I'll pass...NOT VERY fulfuilling but David's acting is convincing.

MIDNIGHT: Perhaps RTD's best script after DOOMSDAY. Very TWlight Zone and very well done. Tense and wide eye opening. Also very negative and dark. Makes you fear people more than the monster/alien. WHy do the aliens almost always have to be evil though? David goes a great job. Everything falls into place to tell a good story but a very negative message.

TURN LEFT: Dark and depressing. Not a story you want to watch over and over. It is well written and well acted. Everything falls into place  but it is a very negative message.  Rose should have stayed lost.

STOLEN EARTH/JOURNEY'S END: Poor. Only Davros was well done and some of the music. All else fails. IN the so called climax Tate and Tennant are so unbelievably bad...only the WIlf and Doc scene in the rain was any good. Avoid at all costs, it's just a  waste of time. Not as bad as LAST OF THE TIME LoRdS though but almost. More Earth in danger stuff, big stuff, planets being moved with almost no consquence. Poor science, poor poor poor. A waste of a good cast.

THE NEXT DOCTOR: nice opening Xmas scene but from there on out it's just poor. David Morresy has a few good  scenes but at the end and the beginning. Everything in bvetween lacks menace, lacks plot, lacks any sense of anything, emotinally or action wise. This is just DW by the numbers and is so poor...David is poor in this too. Tennant is poor in this, too. 

PLANET OF THE DEAD; David's acting varies here, at times he's so poor and the dialog is so smucky. This almost is terrible but on second viewing it gets a bit better. It's not terrible but not really developed or original. Malcom is a terrible chracter. DON"T ever bring him back. Not funny at all and some real logical problems in this story mostly about the ship and the big red button and forcefield. This, too feels like DW by the numbers...and the lack of a solid comp throughout really hurts this story...

WATERS OF MARS: tense, atmospheric, a dark Doctor who now knows, IMO, how to save the day, time be damned...an overmelodramtic answer done by Adelaid almost ruins this story...did she really have to kill herself? An improvement over the past five stories or so. David did a good job here, too.

END OF TIME: a load of old rubbish. WIlf is a good comp and many of his scenes hold up but not all of them. the setting, the plot, the villain, the villian's schemes, the effects, the sets, the Time Lords, the master: all it poorly done. The tone is wrong with  whining Doctor throughout, vicisous Time Lords, a cheap trick to bring them back when since the 9th Doctor's first story we though they were all dead! Dalton is over the top and there are long boring scenes during what should be action scenes. Pace is wrong, "action" is wrong, the Earht is in danger again, and nothing happens really...just so poor, it can't decide what it wants to do: just like the Doc: kill Rassy, Kill the Master, oh bugger, shoot the machinery. And then we get like five tagged on fan fiction--the bad ones---drabbles--no, wait drabbles have more explanatoin for any of this than we got---to the end. The Doc takes forever to regenerate and he's still whining. ANd Matt Smith's first scenes do not inspire confidence. He is rubbish in this. David did some good acting but mst of it is poorly written lines. WOW. Can't decide what he wants to say so let him say it all, WIlf you had to go do it, but it's an honor for me to save u. Goodbye RTD you should have gone a long time ago.

DREAMLAND: i only watched the first half of this but it moved, had action, and at least characters you could enjoyu and care about, a fast pace, and a plot thus far. It moved. TOo bad this wasn't David's last story.         




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