Doctor Who Exhibition Announced for Newcastle

Comedy Whirlwind - Posted on 06 January 2010

Out of this world Dr Who exhibits are to come down to earth on Tyneside.

The region is bracing itself to be swamped with fans of the Doctor as a massive exhibition of the family show is to be staged in Newcastle.

The event is being held at the Centre for Life and won’t open until May.

However, news of the event is already spreading like wildfire on Doctor Who websites, online forums and across fan clubs. The exhibition hopes to attract thousands of people, young and old, and many have already snapped up their tickets.

Opening on May 22, the interactive display will feature memorabilia including the Time Lord’s biggest enemies, the Daleks and Cybermen.

There will also be Autons, Absorbaloff, Ood and Judoon appearing alongside a wide range of other genuine props and costumes from the hit TV show.

The exhibition marks a significant change for the centre, which is celebrating its 10th birthday this year.

Previous exhibitions have all been led by science and the environment and the team is excited by this new step.

Life’s science communications director Ian Simmons said: “Doctor Who is fantastic fun for the whole family so we’re delighted to be able to announce this new exhibition, which we hope will bring in a whole new audience.

“This celebration of Doctor Who over the years is also the perfect 10 year celebratory event for us at the centre.” The programme became a big hit again in 2005 when Christopher Eccleston became the ninth Doctor.

He was replaced after just one series by David Tennant, who went on to be listed as the most popular Time Lord by the fans.

More than 10 million viewers tuned in for the Christmas and New Year specials, called The End of Time, which saw him regenerate into the new Doctor.

At 26, Matt Smith is the youngest actor to take on the role.

Tickets for the Doctor Who exhibition can be bought via the website,, or by calling 08444 815 880. Lines are open 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

Visitors are being advised the exhibition features sound effects and strobe lighting. School tours are also available, but must be pre-booked directly from the Centre for Life on 0191 243 8223.

Tickets cost £6.25 for children and £9 for adults. Family tickets are available at £25.25. Life passport holders have unlimited access to the exhibition

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