This One Goes to Eleven. On Tap for and Shedding Light on Some Changes for Doctor Who.

Administrator - Posted on 07 January 2010

Now that the end time has come for David Tennant as the Doctor, or rather, The End of Time, there is a new Doctor in the house, or rather TARDIS… Welcome, Matt Smith.

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor

It is not only a change of Doctors, but with Steven Moffat taking the helm of the series as the new executive producer and lead writer, it is a whole new era for Doctor Who. Expect changes across the board to reflect it. 

We have already seen the new logo(s) for the series, the new Doctor debuted in the most recent special, The End of Time, Part 2. Doctor Who Monthly magazine is sporting an updated look, and we expect the same with the BBC Doctor Who website soon as well.

They have already released a couple desktop 'wallpaper' images with the new Doctor (as pictured above) (get them here: BBC - Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor - Character Guide).

This spring, the Doctor returns to our screens with a refreshed TARDIS and a new companion in the form of Karen Gillan playing Amy Pond. Expect new faces and situations.

Not everything is changing though. Murray Gold will still be involved with supplying the musical magic. We also will see some of the Doctor's past returning as well. Unless you blinked during the 2010 series preview video, you would had seen the 'weeping angels' are back (and Moffat had announced they were returning last month in a radio interview), of course we will see our favourite exterminators again, and perhaps another race dating back to the Jon Pertwee era.

Doctor Who Magazine has announced the writers for this upcoming 2010 series of Doctor Who. They include Steven Moffat obviously as lead writer he has written six episodes, Chris Chibnall has two episodes (a 2 part story), Mark Gatiss, Toby Whithouse, and Gareth Roberts all return with one episode each, Richard Curtis as previously reported will be writing an episode as will Simon Nye.

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