Showing my Appreciation for Russell T. Davies

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Dalzo - Posted on 12 January 2010

So, the dust has settled and RTD has come and gone. He brought back Doctor Who to us in style, not only choosing great Doctor's but also bringing to our screens fantastic episodes for the last five years!

Now, I know there are a lot of embittered fans out there who for the last year or so (could be longer, seems like forever) who appear to have taken great pleasure out of criticising and tearing to shreds our favourite television programme. They seem to have forgotten that the classic series had many a stinker but for these people, a few bad episodes and suddenly RTD was a disaster for Doctor Who... These people (specifically Chase) seem to think that by throwing in the odd "IMO" would disguise or excuse their rudeness and totally destructive critiques. For Chase and for the other forum members who write in such a similar vein I would like to tell you a little story.

Last weekend I stayed with a very good friend of mine. He is a fairly recent convert to Doctor Who and like me, had one or two little nitpicks about RTD's last two episodes. We loved the last twenty minutes (totally sentimental... but we like a bit of senitmentality from time to time) but we thought the rest of the story a bit of a mess, The Timelords returning a bit of an anticlimax. We did love all the Cribbins/Tennant scenes though. Ultimately, it could have been better but it was still an enjoyable story.

I then spoke to one of his daughters. She is 9 years old, very bright, great at school and a Doctor Who fan for 3 years. I had a discussion with her about Doctor Who, she loves picking up on bad bits of acting and knows the names of all the episodes. As she is 9 she forms part of Doctor Who's TARGET AUDIENCE... What did she think of these last two episodes? When I asked her she smiled and said that they were absolutely brilliant. She, funnily enough wasn't so much into the last twenty minutes but loved The Master, Wilf and, of course the Tenth Doctor "He was a very good Doctor" she said. She wasn't sure about Matt Smith yet but was looking forward to seeing what he will be like. She loved these episodes and couldn't name many episodes she didn't love. Ask her what episode she wanted to watch and she responds "any". As far I am concerned this is proof enough that RTD has brought this show back without making a bad step. Us old school Doctor Who fans will always find things that don't correlate with classic Who, or freighter sized plot holes (on a quick aside, I don't mind plotholes in Doctor Who... In something like Carnivale or The Sopranos it would bother me but Doctor Who is about escaping from real life and going on impossible adventures, it doesn't matter if the story isn't water tight) but if the target audience, those 8-12 year olds love it then RTD has only done right by our show!!!

Thankyou thankyou thankyou Russell T Davies for bringing back Doctor Who, bringing us Christopher Eccleston and David Tenant and all their amazing companions and monsters! I am extremely grateful to you and you know what... You didn't do a thing wrong... NOT ONE THING!!!

Now, let's brace ourselves for Steven Moffatt and Matt Smith!!!

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Hear, Hear  you put into much better words the sentiment i was trying to convey last night in the forums. i had to vent, but you did a much better job.


West Hubbard

CIA-Cultdom In Audio

ps. i still want to address this on the show sunday at noon est at , our call number is 30659, or just search for CIA

Be Seeing You
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As you probably suspected, it was reading your post as well as the discussion with my friends daughter that inspired me to write my post. The funny thing is, it is not the two episodes that spoilt my enjoyment of RTD's final two episodes but the vitriol with which some people reviewed them. I am all for free speech and voicing ones criticisms with an episode but the manner in which certain people do it actually ruined my enjoyment (to a certain degree, I hasten to add) of what should have been a momentous finale. Okay, the episodes don't rate as my favourite episodes of all time but there was enough good things in them to make them highly enjoyable.

It is depressing to read reviews which just go out of their way, not to review an episode in a balanced and MATURE way, but to review an episode as if by a spoilt child who is throwing a temper tantrum just because an episode wasn't exactly how they like it. I am reminded of that Fawlty Towers episode with the spoilt child who doesn't like his chips because they are the wrong shape! Don't get me wrong, people SHOULD be critical if they have problems with an episode... I just wish they did it as a mature adult as opposed to doing it like that spoilt child who doesn't like the shape of his chips...

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Yes, I agree. There are those on the forums who seem to have done nothing but complain about every single offering (including trailers and a 60 second scene with Matt Smith) for the last 18 months. I wonder why they torture themselves unless of course their postings are designed with the sole intention of provoking others. It is so childish to scream and rant and provoke others and then try to explain it away with a simple: well, it's because I care so much about it.

I am certain that a lot of older members no longer contribute because of this. Opinions are fine but those interested in constantly bitter, negative and unconstructive diatribes and personal attacks should go found their own websites and see who follows. Well, that's my opinion anyway.

They should bloody well grow up.

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Exactly, there's a difference behind plain immature negative ranting and mature criticism. Alot of people seem to not know the difference between the two.

~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast

Here's a BAFTA video interview with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner about bringing back Doctor Who. The perfect way to honour them for their hard work!

The Regeneration of Doctor Who

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 The Regeneration of Doctor Who


Good interview with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner by BAFTA. Thanks for posting the link, Milamber.


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It's nice to hear DW fans acting like fans. Sure, the last few seasons haven't been perfect, but it has been a great ride! I can't wait for Spring!


- C!

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

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