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starman_80204 - Posted on 16 January 2010

After hearing all the bashing of the new show, I thought I would share something I posted on another board.  I'm not slamming fandom, just the diehards that dont realize some of us want new plots and character development.  The great part about this show is the thought that things and people can change, but the adventure and fun continues...


Because you demanded it.

The fan created. Doctor Who Series 5

We at the BBC have listened to the fans on the forums.

It is our great delight to give you exactly what you want.

Beginning this year we have a ton of new (really old) ideas to send you fanboys into Doctor Who heaven.

First off we are reshooting every old show. Yup, you heard it right. No more new ideas, fresh characters or unique
spins on the character of the Doctor.
This year we will have a new cast to perform the old shows exactly like they were 46 years ago. And don't think that
just because we have new actors in the roles that they will add any of their new takes to the characters. Nonono..
We are forcing them perform exactly like the original cast! Nothing new here!

And that ain't all! All those updated CGI effects and on location shoots? Heck those are gone. We are going back
to the cardboard walls and rubber suits. Yup like you wanted.

And guess what!!! No more fancy schmancy HD Color. We are going back to Black and White non letterbox with sound
popping and the action stuttering.

And yet more....each week we will have a red button feature for you fans to daily/weekly/monthly/yearly rate and
rerate the episodes and actors. For the die hard fans, we will even stream a ticker on the bottom of the screen
with updated counts ....WOOOOOWWWW!!!

But there is more....
Because you demand it, each episode will begin and end with the theme music from each incarnation of the show!
And not shortened either! We are going to include the fanboy favorite "Middle Eight"!!!!! WOW! Because we realize
why would you want a few more seconds of new material each week, when you can hear the same music each week over
the credits!!!

Yes sirree...We at the BBC know that the fans know what is best for the series.


(written with love...and sarcasm)

CIAshock's picture

you put into perspective all the acid throwing of the last while here on the forums. good job


West HUbbard

CIA-Cultdom in Audio

Be Seeing You

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