RTD's Water Theme

Milamber - Posted on 23 January 2010

aka The Big Watery Agenda


Draining the Thames in The Runaway Bride
The throwing of the ruby in to a lake to stop the Vespaform in Unicorn and the Wasp
Donna staying behind by the pool in Midnight
The Doctor drowning in Turn Left
In Stolen Earth the Albino servant tells Donna: "You need sustenance. Take the water. It purifies."
The Cyber King emerging from the Thames in The Next Doctor
River Song
The Medusa Cascade
Jackson Lake
Adelaide Brooke
The Waters of Mars
Amy Pond


There's probably more but I'd have to rewatch all every episode.

Is it leading to something, like the return of the Sea Devils in Season 5, or just a series of coincidences?

Bullitt33's picture

The whole Ruby thing, spoiler alert, but that's how Billie Piper's final resolution at the end of The Ruby in the Smoke.

You could do another list and focus on references to "Darkness." Perhaps on "light" and/or "heat" as well.

But water is such a basic element references to it can be found in almost any series of stories. Pick virtualy any sci-fi or fantasy franchise.

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