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stjohnny - Posted on 25 January 2010

I know the Big Three are going to be at Gally this year, and with almost exactly one month to go, it'll be interesting to know what other Podshock fans will be attending.

I, for one, will be there in all my curly haired splendour, which burns the question of do i go dressed as the 4th Doctor (the most popular) or the 8th (my personal fave)?

I might even try both, if i can find the outfits.

Will also be interesting to know how long people are going for. I'll be there Thurs night till Sunday late afternoonish, but may have to miss either Friday or Saturday morning due to an appointment in San Diego, schedule pending!

Look out for me



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I am all booked up for the Con. I'm going to be at a work related conference in San Jose Sunday - Thursday, so I don't get in until Friday Morning and will stay through until Monday morning.


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I will be there. All the way from Australia.

I will be arriving at LA airport at 3.05pm (after leaving Sydney at 9.05pm, the same day, after a 13 hour flight... lol TIME TRAVEL) Should get to the hotel around 5pm latest. I hope.
I also hope they let me in the country, I'd hate to be stuck in the airport for 4 days before my connecting flight to London, I'm sure they will... but I worry too much sometimes, it is my first time overseas, and all the stories I've heard about American airports. -_-

Meeting a Livejournal friend around 8pm for dinner, then going to the Podshock meet up at 10pm.

That's all my plans so far, a lot is pending the final schelude, and also what my friends who are going with me are doing, meeting up with various friends, as well as cosplay stuff too.

What I'll be wearing, so peoples can find me and say hi.

- Red UNIT beret
- Journey's End Donna Noble coat (Hand made)
- Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade armband
- Also possibly carrying around my Adipose plushie 'Oliver Addy "Oh Nom Nom Nom" Harkness-Noble'

Or alternatively, listen out for 1 or the only 4 possible Australian accents in the building, and also watch out for the little fangirl bouncing off the walls from the pure excitement, and relying on said excitement to get her through all the potential jet lag.

I fly out Monday evening, at 6pm (I think) on another 13 hour flight to London, to begin my 6 month working hoilday. So I might be able to see a little of LA on the Monday, or just sleep off the weekend.

~Hysterical Woman #1088~
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I only just found this out today as I have a relative flying to the USA but apparently you need to fill out some form online before you're allowed to fly to the USA, this only became compulsory about two weeks ago.


One thing I did notice today is that there are also a lot of scammers out there trying to steal your information and personal details by making websites that pretend to be the genuine US site

The genuine US government website should end in .GOV and be on a secure HTTPS link .. I believe this would be the correct website.




Not too sure if this applies so other countries, i guess it does.

Great to hear you;re moving to London Sam, it's my playground :D you can pick my brains about anything you want to know!

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I will be there with bells on, and hopefully pants if I remember. Last year was a blast, and I'm bringing a big group with me this year so it should be even more fun! The meet-up is going to be my first stop. I can't wait to meet the lot of you!


- Cheers

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

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