Steven Moffat: WTF are you talking about????

Chase - Posted on 25 January 2010

Steve Moffat has some very strange ideas about The Doctor. For one, the Doctor doesn't have to fit into his television landscape, maybe for new viewers he has to and maybe that is what Moffat meant but really the Doctor should be making new landscapes, not traversing old. The Doctor does say indubitably and things like that althoug Moffat says he doesn't. Moffat also states that Tom Baker's Doctor was always wanting to go to funfairs and ride steam engines?! Can we have some examples with quotes and episode titles? Then Moffat says that William Hartnell's Doctor does not talk down to people, does not lecture them, and is relaxed with them. Has Moffat seen THE SENSORITES, DALEK INVASION EARTH (ep ep2, 3, and 6) and almost all of season 1? True, the First Doctor did get more relaxed and sincere and direct as time went on and had those moments earlier on, too but not as much as his yelling, insulting, etc. I fully agree with Moffat about the fake science in Doctor Who, you do need it but I do have some concerns about all the earlier stuff I quoted about his misconceptions about the Doctors. I NEVER counted the series by Doctor. I mean Tom's Doctor was in season 11 and frankly, the whole season naming thing is a little silly. I think a fundamental fault with the ideas the new show has put forth of the last season or so, is that of "the Doctor doesn't know how to be impressed." I think he should be and although DW can have anything happen and have almost any tone, I believe it is best when the Doctor is more surprised and childlike innocent about what's happening than we are. He has to be amazed and have that sense of wonder. I always thought it was overused whenever the Doctor would say something like, "Oh that, that's the messer of the planet Cropteck and hes..." and he goes on to say he's already seen or heard of this or that...that's boring. I want to see him encountering things for the first time, most of the time. And react to it with startling amazement, wonder, fear...The new show seems to make him want to use that "sense of wonder" and is great life to lure in young girls! I fully agree that two companions really work far better than one but again, all of DW has room for one, two, or three or more companions. I do hope he puts in two or three some of the time but I also think DW works best when the companions stick around for longer than they have in this new show (two years at least, and hopefully three or four). And oh my, one last thing about this new season that is upcoming: Smith states his Doctor is going to be "less tolerant than other Doctors." Haven't we just seen that for the past five years? Not to mention the fact that most of the others weren't that tolerant either. When are we ever going to have a carefree, "nice" Doctor, or, better yet, a Doctor that has been enlightened and is more like, I dunno, Caine from KUNG FU. NOW that would be different. But sadly, I believe that it will be new Doctor, same old same old. Mean spirited Doctor who snaps at others, irritable, showoffy, conceited, and...who knows what else that I won't agree with? Oh and Moffat likes the PETER CUSHING MOVIE Tardis better? Is he really a fan of the TV SHOW? I just hope he doesn't do the interior like the Peter Cushing movies did!

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The Deadly Assassin features a steam engine. 

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

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Ummm, yeah. The Doc wasn't very happy about it either nor did he want to ride it.


More Moffat nonsense: The Doc should always be the center of attention in almost every scene he's in. And...oh heck, Moffat's saying so many goofy things per issue of DWM I can't keep up!  

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