Circular Time: SPOILERS!!!

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Idiom - Posted on 31 January 2010

Well, actually no spoilers from me, but there may be if anybody replies to this.

What I really wanted to say was that despite the hype, I'd never really got into Circular Time before. I'd tried a few times and always got stuck on epsiode one about the planet of the bird people. Anyway, I finally broke through the barrier and although I still think part one is average at best, part two grows steadily stronger, part three was excellent and part four sublime.

I liked the way that the focus of part three is not about universe-shattering events but rather a gentle look at some time out for the Doctor and Nyssa and how the consequences of actions can sometimes take a long time to catch up with us.

Part four - this must be the first Big Finish play that has actually really moved me.

So if like me this play has defeated you before, go back and I'd recommend that you give it another go.

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