Going Once, Going Twice… Doctor Who Up For Auction!

Administrator - Posted on 05 February 2010

CybermanHere's your chance to own a piece of history or future as it may be in Doctor Who: The Auction at Bonhams. While this is not the first time we have seen Doctor Who props and costumes being auctioned at Bonhams, this has to one of the largest we have seen.

MalusEverything from a Cyberman (left) seen in The Five Doctors to the bus in Planet of the Dead are up for grabs. The auction items are mostly costumes (wardrobe and alien costumes with masks) and related props, be it the 10th Doctor's formal wear from Voyage of the Damned to the Magma beast from The Caves of Androzani. Even the Malus (right) is up for grabs from The Awakening and a Doctor Who auction wouldn't be complete without a Dalek or two. All authentic BBC items used on screen from the long running series.

It is a shame that all of these items are not going into a museum as a collection for all to enjoy. We can only hope that they will find homes that will take care of each piece. Viewings for interested bidders will take place between Sunday 21 February and Wednesday 24 February 2010.

The auction of this incredible Doctor Who memorabilia archive from the BBC is at 2pm on Wednesday, the 24th of February 2010 by Bonhams, Knightsbridge.

For more information visit the Doctor Who: The Auction page on the Bonhams website. Also see the Doctor Who: The Auction Online Catalogue

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The papers The Guardian and The Mirror have similar stories. The one from the mirror has a slideshow to go with the story.

Here is a link to the story on the Mirror website:

"Doctor Who" Props and Costumes go under the hammer to Raise Dosh for BBC

be sure to check out the slideshow on this site.

The Guardian has a story too. And here is the link:

Doctor Who costumes to go under the hammer


The BBC Doctor Who website also has a gallery of the photos from the actual episodes with containing the actual items being auctioned: 

A collection of fantastic costumes, props & monsters. 

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