A Thousand Tiny WIngs

Chase - Posted on 18 February 2010

This was certainly very very good and much better than I expected. Klein is a complicated villain/companion with depth in her evil minded ness and it makes for great listening, her relationship to the Doctor and the performances are very well done. I also like the setting, one that is rarely used in anything, certainly not DW> That said, the routine invasion/plague/take over your planet/buried spaceship in the ground/mix to the historical stuff is rather...routine. It's surprising in some ways and the DOc was wrong about Jonah, wasn't he? THere's a number of links to the New Adventures, both subtle (keepers watching over an alien artefact over time) and not subtle (Ace and I love Klein's quote about having heard her already if she were here). Not bad but maybe I'm just too tired of DW overall already. You know, the alien invasion stuff, the appear, find a reason to stay and not evacuate in TARDIS, cure others in TARDIS, and the rather staid alien stuff as well as the plots that seem plodding after so many advengtures on tv, comics, novels, etc. This gets a 7/10 but it certainly was not boring but uhm, also, how do birds fly and build spaceships?

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