Chase - Posted on 18 February 2010

This was certainly very listen-able but like most DW or maybe just how I feel about all DW right now: it's rather routine. Doc and female companion stumble into a war/rebellion, get involved, find out things are not what they seem (think ENLIGHTENMENT "Wer'e on a ....) but even that's routine, and then get it all straightened out with some death along the way and some robots along the way. It's all very good at the first disk and the period parts are rather well done and played out. The actors are good and the story is pure DW and I like it. I'd give it a 7/10 for now. It's just that by the end, I wasn't really caring any more, there's no real difference between this and thousands of other DW stories in the tv show, comics, novels, annuals, etc etc. Colin and Nicola and the guests all do a great job though. The sound effects and music are prtty good too.

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