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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 25 February 2010

To the release of the Fan Created book The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who, there have been a couple of Events anounced, See Below for details.   The Events give you the Chance to pose questions.  At the British event Simon Guerrier will be in attendance as he wrote the a forward for the book.  The Preface is writen by DWNY's own Barnaby Edwards.

The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who upcoming events

I-Con 29, March 26 -28, 2010,


Thursday, May 20, 2010, 7 p.m., US/NYC Book Launch event:

The Way Station, 683 Washington Ave, Prospect Heights, BK, 11238, USA.

(btw prospect and st marks, a/c to washington or 2/3 to BK Museum or q to 7th Ave)

Contact: Andy Heidel , , 917.279.5412


Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 7 p.m.:

British Science Fiction Association UK Launch

Upstairs Room, The Antelope Tavern, 22 Eaton Terrace, Belgravia, London, SW1W 8EZ.

Featuring a panel chaired by Tony Keen, and consisting of Melissa Beattie, Simon Guerrier and Colin Harvey.

Other contributors, Leslie McMurtry and Dr. Matt Hills will also be on hand

Contact: Tony Keen,


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Wow, your an awesome TimeLord! Thank you for this!

After all return from Gallifrey One next week I will be posting more details of these events, and those we will have throughout the year, i.e. San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con

Here are a few other items I'll post here as well:

Advance Reviews

“In a television show fandom that hoards its myths and canon tight to its chest, The
Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who is a welcome inhalation of air; examining
many of the very ‘set in stone’ beliefs that we hold true, while examining the etheric
connections between a television series and some of the greatest mythological traditions
of all time. A solid read.”

—Tony Lee, Writer of IDW Publishing’s Doctor Who Ongoing

“The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who offers fascinating perspectives on that
iconic time traveler of contemporary popular culture. The articles in this new collection
successfully join Doctor Who’s fan-based cultural history to well-accepted academic
scholarship on mythology. From Arthurian legend and Batman to medieval Scandinavian
Valkyries and modern wartime morality, the diversity of subjects and themes explored in
this collection offer compelling insights on the roles mythologies, both past and present,
play in contemporary consciousness. By addressing newcomers to the Doctor Who series
as well as those who have followed the Doctor’s multiple incarnations since the 1960s,
this volume is likely to become one of those classic works that raises the bar for future
study in this field.”

—Leslie A. Donovan, Tolkien Studies scholar and Associate Professor at the
University of New Mexico; author of “The Valkyrie Reflex in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The
Lord of the Rings: Galadriel, Shelob, Éowyn, and Arwen”

“A collection of excellent essays that is engaging for the serious fan and will deepen the
interest of the new viewer. Every generation has a method of storytelling to pass its
collected wisdom to the next. This book helps us connect the themes of a modern
television legend to the timeless myths of the past.”

—Ken Deep, Co-host of Doctor Who Podshock

“Doctor Who has evolved into a mythological system, with all the use of archetypes and
self-contradictory variation that implies. This collection addresses that fact, and both
examines the mythology of the show, and seeks to make connections to other
mythologies, both ancient and more recent, offering new perspectives on a familiar
—Tony Keen, British Science Fiction Association

“This book assembles essays which are both valuable 'eyewitness accounts' of Doctor
Who's mythic status in television culture at the close of the first decade of the twenty-first
century, and applications of methods used across disciplines to assess Doctor Who's debt
to legend, particularly the Nordic and classical traditions, as well as modern and
postmodern anxieties concerning gender and power. Its authors display awareness of the
importance of Doctor Who's longevity in shaping its multi-authored identity since 1963;
they are drawn from inside and outside academic life and so offer a rich diversity of
voices for the consideration for students, critics and historians of contemporary media.”

—Matthew Kilburn, Oxford Doctor Who Society

Anthony S. Burdge, an Independent Scholar, was first introduced to fantastical, mythological worlds by his parents who claim to have read The Hobbit to him while in utero. Since childhood Anthony has traversed the roads of Middle-earth, studying the history and literature that inspired its creator J.R.R. Tolkien. As a voracious reading appetite was created via Tolkien and related tales, Anthony vividly recalls the days of Doctor Who on PBS and WLIW. In particular is the glowing ring of Eldrad upon the hand of a possessed Sarah Jane Smith ("The Hand of Fear,"Wink and the Sherlock Holmes-ian 4th Doctor in "The Talons of Wang Chiang." Anthony is co-chair, with his wife Jessica Burke, of The Northeast Tolkien Society and a proud member of Doctor Who New York.

Jessica Burke was born in 1974 in Brooklyn, New York. Planning on attending a doctoral program next year, Ms. Burke is a self-professed Geek with studies ranging from anthropology, myth, and folklore, to Anglo-Saxon, Arthurian, and Medieval literature, to Abrahamic and Pagan theology, to vampyres, faeries, monsters, and much in-between. Influenced by the works of J.R.R Tolkien, Ms. Burke first experienced the realm of Middle-earth after a quest to the N.Y. Public Library, at the age of five, where she discovered a recording of Professor Tolkien reading “Riddles in the Dark” from The Hobbit. As her childhood opened into a world of dragons, Ms. Burke fondly recalls being terrified of the Daleks and fascinated with Tom Baker’s scarf, yet confesses that her first in-depth journey with the Doctor didn’t come until the airing of Russell Davies’ re-envisioned series in 2005.

Kristine Larsen has inhabited the space-time of Connecticut since her birth in 1963. An aficionado from an early age of equal parts world mythology and religions, science fiction and fantasy, and scientific literature, Dr. Larsen was first drawn to Doctor Who in graduate school. Her long career in astronomy education and outreach draws heavily upon her diverse intellectual interests, including numerous publications and presentations on the intersection between science and science fiction/fantasy. She is currently Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Central Connecticut State University"


Barnaby Edwards was born in London, and now resides in New York City. He’s been a fan of Doctor Who ever since Julian Glover ripped off his face revealing the one-eyed Scaroth underneath at the cliffhanger to episode 1 of City of Death. This led to devouring every Target book and DWM he could lay his hands on! Today he runs a fan group in Manhattan – Doctor Who New York, and runs Doctor Who events there under the banner of Who York. His favorite story is Nightmare of Eden, and someday he’ll finish his own contribution to Doctor Who non-fiction writing. Someday!

Simon Guerrier is the author of the Doctor Who novels The Time Travellers, featuring the 1st Doctor, and The Pirate Loop and The Slitheen Excursion, featuring the 10th Doctor. He’s written numerous Doctor Who short stories and audio plays for Big Finish Productions as well as an episode of the new Blake’s 7 and novels for Primeval and Being Human. Simon is currently working on a short film and his own, original novel. He lives in London with a bright wife and a dim cat.

C.B. Harvey is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author, journalist and academic specializing in transmedial storytelling. His gothic short story The Stinker won the first SFX Pulp Idol award in 2006. Colin’s fiction work includes contributions to two BBC-licensed Doctor Who short stories for Big Finish, the magazine Steampunk Tales and the second episode in the Highlander audio series, published by Big Finish under license from MGM. His academic work includes material on Battlestar Galactica and a book about Grand Theft Auto. He teaches creative writing at London South Bank University and is currently writing a fantasy novel.

Matt Hills is Reader in Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University. A lifelong fan of Doctor Who, he's been a professional academic as well for the past decade or so, and has recently written the first scholarly book devoted to BBC Wales' re-invention of the show, entitled Triumph of a Time Lord: Regenerating Doctor Who in the 21st Century (I.B. Tauris, 2010). Being in Cardiff offers opportunities to watch location filming, and Matt has seen the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors in action. Sadly, though, he was in a University Committee Meeting whilst Cybermen stalked the city centre, and so missed out on that. Worst. Meeting. Ever.

-- Anthony S Burdge Myth Ink Books Editor/Publisher

Editor The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who
The Mythological Dimensions of Neil Gaiman
The Friendly Horror and Other W

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