The Last Voyage

Chase - Posted on 03 March 2010

No, not the exciting 1950s movie where a REAL ship is sunk as two people run for their lives on the deck...

...a less exciting DW audio with David Tennant narrating. I expected to hate this but didn't. One of the last ones...I could not finish. Possibly the one with zombies. The one with the living tree thing was okay, not great. Most of the ones with Donna have been good.

I never realizes how annoying David's voice can really be. He usually does great female voices but here, he just cracks, plays them as totally helpless female voices and a bit over the top as female. In other audios he doesn't do that. Sugar sounds like...I dunno...a male American trying to do a female British voice and it distracts from how good the character is written. He can't do a teenage boy either. His voice also shows how much his Doctor is really conceited above and beyond the rest. I do hope they stop that aspect of the Doctor and stop bringing it to light so much and push it down in the next incarnation but I doubt they will. It's annoying. It's about time he stops being so full of himself.

The story: nothing new. Really. It is like someone took some old TWILIGHT ZONES and mixed with Stephen King (he steals from ZONE and OUTER LIMITS and old movies and really most places)'s THE LANGOLIERS (which in and of itself is awful) AND the OUTER LIMITS-the Bellero Shield. And the whole thing is SLOW SLOW SLOW. Yes, it builds and does so marvelously but we get the ideas already so we don't have to be hit over the head with them over and over and over. Everyone's gone, we get that. It picks up toward the cliffhanger and has a good one to be honest. The second disk is frustrating in goes no where. I mean literally it does go someplace and it is a neat idea that the vehicle does not move at all but the universe moves around it...but again, I"m pretty sure this idea is not a new one from literary sci fi and probably goes back to THE TIME MACHINE. Anyway, the monsters...I kept expecting to find out more about them or find out they are not a real menace but are trying to communicate or maybe that the victims are still alive...alas, the victims are dead...which gives this ...or are they? Maybe they are somepalce else as something else? But whatever, that gives this a danger feeling. I kept expecting SOME twist or something different but the Doc just solves the problem and it's over. I must admit by the end I was not really paying that much attention. Again, I'm probably DW od-ed but this was rather routine stuff to be honest and not as bad as some of the other audios or book audios or whatever. It wasn't very inspiring though and wasn't very exciting at times. David and his Doc, sad to say, need a huge rest.

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