Randomizer and Firefox

Administrator - Posted on 05 June 2009

Something I just noticed is when using Firefox as your web browser, the Randomizer (the block on the left that randomly shows different images from our galleries) does not change with each page refresh. It works fine in Safari.

I am guessing it may have to do with how Firefox caches pages (page elements). 

Are you using Firefox? Is the Randomizer changing it's image with each page refresh for you? Are you encountering the same problem with another browser?

I find it odd that I hadn't noticed it before today, therefore it could be as a result of some of the optimization going behind the scenes here on the website that is affecting Firefox but not Safari. Perhaps some testing is in order here.

Louis Trapani's picture

OK. After some tests I see that the Randomizer will change in Firefox if you are sitting on a page for while before refreshing the page (i.e. going to another page or submitting a form/posting).

By turning off caching of the blocks on the site-side, it will fix the issue with Firefox, but then we loose the benefit of speed of caching here. Since it not a real biggie and is perhaps limited to just Firefox, I am going to turn caching of the blocks back on here from the server.

It will still work, just not with every refresh on Firefox (at least the Mac version of Firefox, I haven't tested others yet).


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