Let's put Pertwee on the Map

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Idiom - Posted on 09 March 2010

The Third Doctor is so under-represented in terms of postings in the forums. So, here are some questions which will hopefully get some more of you posting here:

1. Best Pertwee story?

2. Best Pertwee villain/monster?

3. Best scene/memory from a Pertwee story?

4. Worst Pertwee story (just for the balance)

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Double posting sorry

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OK, I'll start. maybe a cliche but the perfect Pertwee story for me is the Daemons. Why oh why is this not already on DVD. Why haven't we ever had a revisit to the inhabitants of Daemos on the series? Delgado at his best.

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1. Best Pertwee story? Impossible Question!!  Daemons / Inferno / Autons

2. Best Pertwee villain/monster? No Question - THE MASTER - and you will obey him.  Runner up: Autons /  Nestenes.

3. Best scene/memory from a Pertwee story? - The incidental music that follows the Master everywhere!

4. Worst Pertwee story (just for the balance) - Monsters of Peladon I suppose.

Mr. Magister

1. Best Pertwee story? The Sea Devils

2. Best Pertwee villain/monster? The Master

3. Best scene/memory from a Pertwee story? Pigbin Josh! And The Master watching The Clangers on TV.

4. Worst Pertwee story (just for the balance) Probably The Ambasadors of Death

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1. Best Pertwee story?

Tough call here - I'll go with 'Inferno' followed by 'The Time Warrior' and 'Terror of the Autons'


2. Best Pertwee villain/monster?

I'll break this down into two

Villian - The Master

Monster - Bok from the 'Dæmons'. (I know he didn't do that much but I just liked him better).


3. Best scene/memory from a Pertwee story?

Jo's leaving to marry Professor Clifford Jones and the Doctor's handling the news in 'The Green Death'.


4. Worst Pertwee story

'The Claws of Axos' (too confusing and complicated, awful looking monster, all the stereotypes in the story)

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1. Best Pertwee story? Death to the Daleks

2. Best Pertwee villain/monster? Draconians (alien rather than monster) - Excellent make-up

3. Best scene/memory from a Pertwee story? - Three way tie for scenes that stick in my mind  since childhood (i.e. terrified a 6 year old)
                i. The Sea Devils emeging from the sea with their guns raised
                ii. Spiders on People's backs allowing them to shoot lightning from their hands 
                iii. Bok being shot apart then reforming

4. Worst Pertwee story - The Time Monster.

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Yes Best Villain was always going to be the Master. Of course.

But also Draconians (yeah Whoovie) and I also have a soft spot for the Ogrons (they were always the best of the Daleks' lapdogs in my opinion).

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