BBC Breakfast with Steven Moffat (19 March 2010)

Administrator - Posted on 19 March 2010

Steven Moffat on BBC's Breakfast show from the 19th of March 2010. The Executive Producer and Lead Writer talks about the new series and the regeneration of the Doctor, Matt Smith, and more.

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At 6:26 in the clip Steven Moffat states that the new show will begin April the 3rd.


PS to Administator:

I was looking for the clip myself, you just found it first.

Troy, it is all good. We are not competing on the videos. If you post it first, I am just as appreciative. 

As for the date, yeah, the funny thing is that I thought April 3rd was already announced, but I guess not. Everyone had been using it as the date, so I guess at some point I thought it was officially set for then. 

Just a couple weeks away now… hard to believe. I got a date with the Doctor and nothing to wear.


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The date (as far as thee BBC is concerned) has never been officially released - in fact in the BBC's press office it is still lsited as unplaced. All we've really heard is Easter.

We've heard about the date for a while but this is the first OFFICIAL date we've had.

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At long last BBC has officially announced the air-time for the new episode of "Doctor Who" We've pretty much known it was going to be on Saturday, April 3rd but now we have the time of 6:20 - 7:25 for it's airing.


Here is a link to the BBC's press offices announcement for the show:

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