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Louis Trapani - Posted on 24 March 2010

Last month while Doctor Who: Podshock was in Los Angeles, CA at Gallifrey 21 for our annual live on stage there, the tables were turned on us a bit when Chris McKeon interviewed us (Ken Deep, James Naughton, and myself) for the Examiner.com.

See that article here: GallifreyOne 2010 interviews: Doctor Who Podshock - Ken Deep, Louis Trapani, James Naughton

Here is the video of the interview. Be sure to check out the article though for other interviews from Gallifrey 21.


I didn't realize how tired I was looking there until I saw the video. Oh, I will blame it on the poor lighting in the room. Yeah, that works.

Chris McKeon is no stranger to Doctor Who. It was just last year we were interviewing him in regard to his book, Time's Champion (see Doctor Who: Podshock 144). Little did I know at the time, he would turn the tables so to speak on us and would be interviewing us this year.

We also have plenty of interviews we conducted over the course of Gallifrey 21 which we will be publishing gradually, some of which include video interviews. Stay tuned…

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