The 11th Hour for the 11th Doctor.

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 04 April 2010


So now that the 11th Hour has Aired on British TV, the first points are in.

8.3 million: is the initial number of People who watched Who on the overnights.  That's the Overnight figures from the BBC for BBC1 and BBC HD, this does not include DVR recordings for those not able to watch live, or the Number of views on the iPlayer.  Though quite interestingly enough, the quality of Video for the Confidential on the BBC iPlayer was Higher than for the actual 11th Hour programme its self.

The Daily Mail that British newspaper which earlier in the week had one of thier Femail Writers bashing that Amy Pond was dressed Too Sexily, and since when did Doctor Who have sexily dressed femail assistants.  Bassicaly turned around and Said rather Two facedly " We told you it was going to be Brilliant"   By the way Femail is the section in the Daily Mail written by Women for Women.  Where one of their number had not even done the Slightest bit of research into the past of the Show, before declaring that Karen Gillan's character Amy Pond had too short a dress on.  And since when did this happen in Doctor Who.  Doctor Who assistants were one of the Boys... and so on.  The writer had forgotton to mention, or just wanted to try and make some sort of point, that this Tradition had started back in the Sixties towards the end of the First Doctor's reign.

Where meanwhile the British Guardian newspaper who had done such a good job of bringing us so much material, gave a rather Balanced review with just the facts.

Click on the newspaper names to get thier reviews and if you are waiting until it comes on BBC America on the April 17th, Wait otherwise your surprise WILL be spoiled.  But that said be prepaired for Fun, Moffet style, and as Ken Deep coined no INVENTED the phrase " In moffet We Trust!"

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Isn't the total 8.0 million? 7.7 on BBC one and 0.3 million on BBC HD.

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

DWNY a New York City based Doctor Who meet up group.

The2ndDoctor's picture is Where the figures came from.  As it seems the only thing that anyone Can Agree on is the 0.3 million for BBC HD.  It Will be another 10 days before we get the full official numbers. That's why I Said Intitial numbers.

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