Chase - Posted on 07 June 2009

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Wow. That was tedious. At least now Tom is in full villain mode and doing a great job. For some reason his performance reminds me of Bela Lugosi's Dracula, maybe because he's seen menacing a female for most of the episode. Lalla just about holds her own against the Gaztak pirates who by ep4 or even this ep, get really annoying. Other writers and fans have compared them favorably to the scavengers in CREATURE FROM THE PIT but in that story, the Scavengers were not so prominently featured. The pirates, here, are and not really to the story's success, if there can be such a thing for this story. At least there is some action going on in this episode and in the the 4th. The music, as mentioned before, is very over the top now with the cliffhanger music saying, "DIE DIE Die" or something and Tom mugging it terribly...which just doesn't fit as it used to. There's one or two Tom-isms but the whole double thing is just...boring. Tom's performance as the Doctor when he's in the cell with Meglos...for some reason reminds me of Richard Basehart in VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. It was well known that Basehart grew weary of the show and yet grew to feel out the show to the very, bitter end...and that, even remaining professional, at times, he'd be somewhat...feeling good from liquid but who knows if that is true...perhaps Tom was doing the same. The Doctor comes off as a killer in a way and also ...he laughs uncontrollably when he tells Meglos that he, Meg, and the planet will be blown up. And why can't K9 just shoot the black man guard in stead of distracting him so that one of the Savants (Detrick?) can hit him over the head with a rock? Lexa's death scene...I thought it was one of those better moments but my memory cheated. Here it just seems like what it is: a tagged on scene to stretch things out. Even so the running time on ep4 is just like 19 minutes or so.

And was it just the copy I was watching or does Tom's hair look gray on some scenes? It is usually during the CSO stuff on Zultha Thura but Tom's hair at times looks gray and not as curly as it used to be. 

The most interesting thing is that the theme music at the end of ep4 USED to be a somewhat different version. It was slowed down or something or speeded up. I can't recall. The video version seems "fixed" to the correct theme and it sounds like all the others. Or maybe  I just can't tell the difference anymore. It used to be very telling, the different version. Franklly, I think some of the reshowings also fixed that and I"m sure the DVD will fix it so that we get robbed of that little bit of strangeness. It sounded pretty good that way.

What else? Yeah---this was boring. Really boring. I can't imagine anyone but the most avid DW fan sticking around for this and then coming back next week. Sure, there were some long dull stretches in DW before but one could always count on something to enjoy, action, sets, music, a fast pace, an intersting idea or, it just seems to drag on to the end. I must say that Meglos's true form is rather disturbing when we see it crawl  off the Earthling.

Other than the different sounding new new theme song for ep4...the best thing about ths is the ended.



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