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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 07 April 2010

Some Doctor Who news that's not about the New Series.

Arts for hearts is a special auction is being organised to raise funds for research by Great Ormond Street Hospital into organ transplantation. Featuring artwork from illustrators of children works to sketches from Doctor Who designers and artists, the auction takes place during National Transplant Week, 5th-12th June 2010.
The research being carried out by the hospital is into how, in organ transplantation, these organs do not survive for as long as those that haven't been transplanted.
Works up for auction include the sketch made by model-maker Mike Tucker for the 1997 Doctor Who Night "TARDIS" background (pictured here), and other Doctor Who contributors such as Colin Howard, Lee Binding, Adrian Salmon and Peter McKinstry.
For more information on the auction, visit the Art For Hearts site.   (with thanks to Ian Stacey)

This is a very worth while cause so please if you can do your bit, it's a Win Win situation, you can get hold of some very rare and nice bits of Doctor Who memorbelia and Artwork and the Worlds most well known Childrens hospital gets the Extra Funding it so Desperately needs.

Thanks to the Gallifrey newsbase for bringing this worthwhile cause to my attention.

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