Fox Torches Torchwood

Administrator - Posted on 21 April 2010

TorchwoodAccording to an article in The Hollywood Reporter today, it reports that BBC Worldwide has in a statement said, "BBC Worldwide Productions and the FOX Broadcasting Company have mutually agreed not to progress together with a 13-episode serialized 'Torchwood' format. We are currently in discussion with several interested networks."

Have no fear (or have fear depending on your point of view), the US version of Torchwood is not dead in the water yet. According to Jane Tranter (Executive VP of Programing and Production at BBC Worldwide), "It's very much ongoing and very much alive," reported in the article.

It also stated that she said there shouldn't be any concern about a US version of Doctor Who, "It may well be confusing to have a British Doctor and an American Doctor at the same time. There is only one Doctor, so I don't see that happening."


archer's picture

I hope that if Torchwood comes to the US that they stay true to the orriganal series. i also hope that they dont make a american version of doctor who.

cheers archer

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