Adverts in The Closing Moments of Doctor Who

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 26 April 2010

In the closing moments of Saturday's Doctor Who episode "The TIme of Angels" as the Doctor was giving his, "The one thing you never put in a trap" speech.  An advert for the next programme, featuring a cartoon of Graham Norton apeared distracting many from the action on screen, and anoying them enough to complain. The BBC promptly apolgised after in thier own words said "thousands of complaints" had been recieved.

Next Jukebox Jury

This though was not the first time adverts for following shows had blended in at the closing moments of Doctor Who. In 2005 it was Graham Norton who also came up. This is not a new problem as the screen grab from the closing moments of episode 1 of Daleks back in 1963 shows the BBC have been often guilty of this, blending in of adverts for the next programme.

So it goes to show this problem in Doctor Who history goes back almost to the start of the programme it's self.  Thanks goes to @stuart_manning on twitter for finding this gem of a telesnap, and here's the link to the original posting of his,

After nearly 50 years they still haven't learned? Why does this not surprise me.

This must be photoshop.  To my knowledge in 1963 they didn't have the technology available to do temporary onscreen graphics that looked that good.  Just look at any sports broadcasts from the 60s and 70s and you find super basic characters, only letters and numbers, all typewriter font.  There were no logos, or underlining.

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The logo used in the picture above is the logo they used at the time, but it was also used until 1969. The ident (identification logo) the BBC used during that time was this:

BBC Ident 1963 -1969


It could have easily been used during that time or a re-run of the story at a later time. It does match the type and style of what was used during the era. Any time after that we begin to see the seperate station idents (BBC 1, BBC 2, etc...).


What I really think it is, is the picture is correct but it had been 'cleaned up' to be more presentable.

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