Jon Pertwee, Sylvester McCoy, John Nathan-Turner, and Gallifreyan Embassy on 1987 WLIW Pledge Drive

Administrator - Posted on 06 May 2010

In honour of Sylvester McCoy returning to New York this month and the 25th anniversary of the Gallifreyan Embassy, we present you with this cut-down video of a WLIW pledge drive break from August 1987. At the time, like today, we had a new Doctor, the 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, he along with the late Jon Pertwee and John Nathan-Turner, the then producer of Doctor Who are included in a pre-recorded interview segment in this 5th break of WLIW's Doctor Who marathon of The War Games. Eric Luskin of NJN conducts the interview.

Seen in this video among the Gallifreyan Embassy members volunteering is Ken Deep, and Louis Trapani of Doctor Who: Podshock, along with Tim Grogan, Beth Treckman, Pete "Bug" ReinertPJ, "The Anti-Doctor", Monique, and others.

This pledge break ran over 19 minutes. It had to be cut down to fit the 10 minute restriction of YouTube. What was cut was mostly the premiums (thank you gifts) products being showcased on camera and the on-air talent repeating their message to encourage phone calls. The interview is segment remains uncut. 

Louis Trapani's picture

About 8 minutes into this video it looks like I suddenly realize I am on live TV and begin to quickly "look busy" as if the boss just walked in. LOL.

It's hard to believe this was so long ago and it is hard to believe how much has changed since then.


Mine were of WTTW 11 in Chicago and Marty Robinson. 1978-to the mid 1990's. I moved to Indianapolis and they had DW. When I subscribed to the PBS station, they dropped it too. All well that ends well.  Here is one that I remember

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